Saturday, April 22, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 23April2017. The deck I’m using today is the *Tarot de Marseille: A. Jodorowsky and P. Camoin,” a celebrated restauration by Alexander Jodorowsky. The spread is my usual Basics Modified (Sulfur, Mercury & Salt), composed of 2 MA and 1 Court card or Ace. In turn, they signify the Querent’s Male ‘current’ that day, active and creative/intelligent; the Female ‘current,” passive and emotional/intuitive; finally there is Salt, which is the representative of the Energy that is best used to activate and harmonize the two Major Arcana ‘currents,’ to be the Catalyst. My draw this morning is thus: Sulfur = XV the Devil; Mercury = VII the Chariot, and Salt = the King of Cups. Visually, it is a stunning spread; as well as highly intriguing due to the characters’ regards. The Devil is facing straight out at me, the Charioteer is looking askance at the Devil, and the King of Cups is ignoring both of them and gazing toward the future with an anxious expression. (We already know he’s uncomfortable sitting on the throne; perhaps he is looking at the horologe on the wall and counting the minutes until he can leave the Louvre and get his hot & agitated self over to his mistress’s apartments, those of Diane de Poitiers. Grin, I look to put a context to the tableau if it is possible; it can sometimes reveal hidden connections or paths of thought.) I have a dynamo of a reading here! The energy available “on tap” with the MA cards is so BIG and vibrant; I can certainly understand why the King of Cups is rather disinterested in the whole affair – “Why am I here? You two could give me energy enough to spare, and still be full to the brim. 
However, it seems protocol dictates that I must be here; so, don’t mind me if my mind dwells elsewhere.” I rather empathize with the guy; the Duat knows that I spent enough time in my professional life observing “protocol.”  Nevertheless, he could at least pretend a bit better, LOL. But I am putting the pudgy cart before the racing horse(s), so let’s backtrack. XV the Devil is my Sulfur today (LOL,) and I DO hope we are ALL past seeing him as a sort of Evil catch-all. He isn’t; he is the power, vibrancy and urgency of the material world and it is ours to use, wisely or not. Becoming enslaved to one’s own desires is as close as it gets to the medieval concept of “Satan,” whose true name is Lucifer, the Light Bringer. (I cannot allow myself to digress upon the crimes over the centuries of a large clerical state in, but independent of, Rome; you would soon see the equivalent of slavering madness on this page, Grin. Actually, you wouldn’t; I’ve progressed to TOTAL indifference. Unless they start selling off the jewelry . . . J.) At her most highly vexed with me in my much younger days, my mother would get this horrified, stagey look on her face and state, “You are the son of THE DEVIL!” It was extremely hard to refrain from smiling. Mother was given, in devotion, to her public of one, herself. LOL, it makes for amusing memories. The point being that I have NEVER envisioned Lucifer as the ‘jefe’ of The Damnation Gang. And here is a tidbit I’ve never shared: Dante bored the heaven out of me; I much preferred Milton. My point to this WHOLE ramble is that this is an exceeding GOOD card to me; it means my 3D Magus is on duty today. As we gloat a bit in our demi-illusory power, we see my Anima approaching in VII, the Chariot. The obvious and primary reference is to the uniting of the natures of man, harnessing their power together and succeeding in triumphal Action. There are, of course, many 
ornaments hanging on this tree; a lover? An oeuvre transmitted? A talented artist? “Conquest?” It can even signify that there is an “awareness of the Cosmos” in the Querent. She seems concerned that the Animus may tarry too long having fun with his bag o’ tricks, and she is fretting, wanting to MOVE. I won’t be long, I assure her and myself; the bag o’ tricks has long lost any county carnival-like charm it had for me. I admit it freely; I abused a great deal of power over the years in my pursuit of God, calm in my soul, and the need to express what I was keeping so firmly imprisoned. I have since found both Moderation (XIV Temperance) and myself far closer to my realization than I had known. My ego had a strong and flourishing root system when I decided to uproot it, and it was a long and laborious battle – I’m still cleaning up and finding deserters in hidden nooks & crevices. Hoping for life yet again, for a system of control over the “inexpressible,” they ran and hid, hoping for a new root system to nourish. “Nah, uh-uh, boys, no more. Now, git!” And if I see them now, more often than not it is their slack gray buttocks fleeing before the Light in the lantern. (Odd image, I know; what can I say?) I have already frothed a bit at the mouth about His Maj there, and I have a good understanding of him, but no sympathy (as opposed to empathy.) I, too, am there; paying now for the non-stop party I gave for around 40 years. I knew the bill would come due; I am surprised to have lived long enough to pay it! Ha! but I had signed the chits all along. I knew. So, when I see a man complaining of his sort when he has no grounds to complain . . . well, it makes me angry. Grow a pair, pal. (Lack of respect has always been one of my hats. Grin.)  This IS actually an exciting draw for me today; I can only regret that being a Sunday somewhat restricts the opportunities for interaction. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL an opportunity of growth through interaction today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!   

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