Saturday, April 15, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 15April2017. Have YOU payed your astral taxes?? J I am using my usual morning Basics Modified spread, and the deck today is again the *Rosetta Tarot: Papyrus Edition* by M. M. Meleen. It’s a new deck, and I need to “work it” for a while to cement our rapport, therefore it is being put on rapid rotation on my list, so if you follow this blog, you’ll see it again, soon. Today the draw is: Sulfur = X Fortune; Mercury = III the Empress, and Salt = the Princess of Wands. Overall, in “mock tableau” fashion, I like this reading already; it feels very reflective of my true “location” today. And while I like the entire reading, I am particularly drawn to my Sulphur card today, X Fortune. So let’s take a quick look at the whole spread and then circle back to X. With my animus in the Land of Chance, I always feel slightly at risk. I never have mundane luck; I don’t win lotteries, I don’t win drawings at events for prizes, all the way from a car to a teddy bear; I have just NEVER had, or counted upon, haphazard luck that way in my life; I am 99% wrong every single time I am asked to pick a team in a sporting event. I can only thank the Divine One on bended knee, with sincere tears of gratitude on my cheek, for NOT giving me the addiction of Gambling along with the others in my destination packet (Earth; 2nd Class: Seat 22A; Row 9.) However, perhaps more indicative of me than many other things, when I look at X Fortune, I never see myself on the way down or at the bottom, but always rising or at the top, a kind of natural optimism and an assumption that “Of Course! I will come out of this alright! Did you think differently? Silly person!” Set knows I have been at the bottom-of-the-barrel at a few crossroads in my life: my experiments led me there, dead-ends. 
But I never (ALMOST never; there was one exception,) feel ultimately trapped and WITHOUT Hope, my old buddy #XVII. (The one exception: at the end of a 3-year run on decadence and abandonment on Key West, I had reached a dead-end that was “almost” without sortie. I found one, however, one dawn at the edge of the ocean in a conversation with “Poseidon,” the spirit of the Waters. I left Key West that afternoon, never to return.) Thus you can see that I “naturally” see X as a sort of ally in my “walk through the valley of death,” as we can call this terrestrial existence. Let’s move on, for now. My Mercury, my anima, is wearing III the Empress today, and I couldn’t be happier! She has left that brooding mansion of the Moon to descend to Earth and assume her most glorious “performance,” at least in terms of stage bling. I love this woman; she is almost everything I didn’t experience in a mother growing up. My mother was a Queen of Swords, so this woman was an alien to her, someone who bathed in the weakness of her femininity. Oddly enough, earth’s riches had been very kind to her, as she was a petroleum heiress. Strange, eh? No doubt that will be an important lesson for her when she comes back around, dirt poor and a mother of 10. What I know of letting my anima go here I have learned form an assortment of big-hearted and loving women, from the crones, women & maids in my family all the way to a whore in Marseille who befriended me one rainy, cold and penniless night. I have a great deal of respect for women (I was about to say “other women”!) who can assume their responsibilities in life with individuality, strength, dignity and a sense of humor. I try to encourage my anima in that direction as much as possible, to wean her away from her early training as a high-riding bitch. Gliding along reveals that today’s energy is being provided courtesy of the Empress of the Salamanders, the Princess of Wands. I have a good friend who is a borderline Wand princess, though she carries a lot of Cup energy; I could never face that kind of female free spirit sexual energy in my personal life; I am from a different generation, and at 65 I am deeply grateful to have this beautiful young woman as a beloved friend, but I imagine that NO man of my generation could really withstand these new forms of womanhood. I find them brilliant and beautiful, but highly charged, and full of too much uncertainty. Nevertheless, My! What beautiful young women they are! Full of themselves and their world, charging into the fray; “. . . she is a proud 
nonconformist who craves recognition and is insatiable in her desires; she is instinctual and impulsive, generous yet irrational and consuming. She has a magnetic draw and erotic charisma.” (“The Book of Seshet: Guide to the Rosetta Tarot” by M. M. Meleen, Atu House, Barre, 2011.) Now let’s circle back around to X Fortune. I feel very identified with this card this morning; this Arcanum from the Tarot de Marseille is my business logo. It’s odd that a man who has never had much chance (none) going for him in his life would be so drawn to the Wheel . . . but, AHH! There is a side to the Wheel I haven’t yet spoken to you about and which you deserve to know. It is true, I have had no “material” chance myself; however, I was born into a middle-class family with an upper-class income, grace of my mother, and so my life WAS different from the kids growing up around me in Suburbia, U.S.A. My mother’s family was even richer than she, by powers of 10; that family was also entirely composed of crones and children when I came along. In effect, my father had been a necessity. (I must add in justice, they stayed married for 64 years until my mother’s death 3 years ago. So . . . .) One of those crones was my “Aunt Anna,” actually a 2X great-aunt, who was exceedingly rich and whose fetish I was; she had waited 60 years for me. (Very bad family luck for males!) And it is thus that I actually came to be raised by three women: my mother, the Queen of Swords; my maternal grandmother, a true 5 of Disks, incarnating Worry, and “Aunt Anna,” the crone-empress of my early life, as well as my XVII Star. It was by grace of her that I was able to educate and distance myself from those early forms of “the Stepford Wives Syndrome.” Not for me the cubicle all day, the martini at 5, and dinner with the little woman, who had brought me my pipe & slippers as I came through the door. LOL that really does amuse me. My life has been a LOT of things, bet NEVER that.  I think I’ve gaggled on long enough about Fortune for now, so let’s wrap it up. Luck’s looking up, the anima is settling in nicely for her reign, and our wild, wild “daughter” is out there providing us with both amused confusion and energy. SO mote it be! I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a shot of our own brands of Fortune today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!   


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