Thursday, April 20, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 21April2017. The deck today is *The Tarot of Saqqara* by Donald G. Beaman. This is a favorite deck of mine; however, don’t be misled, it is not an Egyptian Tarot deck, it is a deck in the Egyptian-style, which means that it has the system of a RWS deck with Egyptian art and concepts. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful deck because I find unusual insights in its cards for myself. It’s a glossy, high-end production so there is nothing to complain about on that side of things. My draw for today is: Sulphur = IX the Hermit; Mercury = I the Magus, and Salt = the Ace of Cups. Once again! my Animus/Anima are playing the role reversal game, with this draw (not unfamiliar) turned about and my male Animus is present in IX, the Hermit, a place my Anima usually wants to go, and she is in I the Magus, where the Animus feels as if he is the proprietor. GrinJ.  It’s all for the better, I suppose; I might as well let them “play in the fields of the Lord,” as I intend that for them anyway, ultimately. If I am ever to join them together to complete my soul & Journey, leading them into it bit by bit isn’t the worst idea to come along. Let’s take a look at the choo-choo train today, a single boxcar of sacred cows at a time. IX the Hermit, my Sulphur for today, my Male current, active and ready to run forward, instead finds himself in an oft-remembered previous role of contemplation, study, ‘stillness’. This isn’t the moment “in his cycle” when he rejoins society – I feel that in my bones; he is still solitary at this point, amassing knowledge, meditating, finding ever-truer portals to the Light. ALWAYS SIMPLER, one more simple than the previous, 
as I divest myself layer by layer of all of the veils that I have woven between myself and the Light (or that have been woven and cast between us.) “So, turn off the exterior engine, Mark, but keep the inner one alive and turning.”  From there I glide over (ever so unobtrusively, Ha!J) to where my Anima has taken shelter today and she’s already gone from her tent! She is wasting no time getting out there, putting on the leopardskin priest’s robe and greeting the rising sun herself. The minx! J Actually, more power to her; there are SO many areas I need to “force grow” my anima, and taking the lead is one of them. It isn’t her fault, she’s not timid or a coward; I simply & efficiently suppressed her for many, many years, until I awoke to the need for her first separate, then blended existence, at full power, 100% ready to roll. I was taught that behavior from my earliest days; women were dangerous & not to be trusted. I needn’t elaborate. Now, however, thanks to life and the Light, I have learned her value and she flies free, or at least I profoundly hope that she does; she is making all of the appropriate noises as if she is, so I must trust her “word.” (No, I’m not schizophrenic; just aware, now, of what a wonderful & separate entity my female side is, and how much of “me”, the conscious me, comes from her. Being a transvestite showgirl in Patagonia at least taught me that . . . LOLOL.) So, today, she is trying on the accessories of the Magus, and is finding that they are One-size-fits-all, literally. I hope she gets a thrill out of it – it has a lot of bling & flash, but in the end, it is work, simply work, yet on a higher level altogether. If you’d ever had to manifest a pair of size 16 stiletto pumps in Tierra del Fuego, you’d know that! JJ   Finally, between Jack Spratt and Mrs. Spratt here, how are we going to manage to “wipe the platter clean?” (Okay, Norman, cue the hokey wedding-chapel music,) With the power of Love! LOL. No, I don’t really make a joke of it. I believe in it, deeply, with my heart & soul. The trick is, to RECOGNIZE it. “It ain’t what ya think, hunny-bunny.” THAT one took me a frigging LONG time to figure out – what Love is. There is the 
Intuition side to this arcanum, as well, but the energy available to me today is in the emotional aspect, I can intuit it as clear as a megawatt spotlight. What’s going on today for “me and my baby” is that, today, we NEED to depend on our mutual love, because we are going places today that have a lot in common (they do, in fact, TONS of things, but for the reading’s purpose, “no,”) but are what seems to be two opposed directions. (BTW, IX is the one of the three cards that make up the Prime Male, so to speak, in the MA; I the Magus; IX the Hermit, and can you guess what the 3rd one is? I’ll leave it to you to find out! Grin.) But to get past the fluff here, let’s remember what this IS – it is the initial cup of Cups, and as such it contains everything, literally EVERYTHING that will grow to be the complete suit. It is full of promise & purity, and to be given this bud-like chalice is both an honor & a responsibility; it is very, very fragile. However, Dare all! drink DEEP, the chance comes along rarely in real life unless you concentrate and make it so; that knowledge is in the Cup, too. Finally, just to prick our curiosity a bit, let’s take a QUICK look at the planetary associations here. IX the Hermit = Saturn as the keeper of the gate, or Saturn in Aquarius, standing for the search of wisdom and the keeping of independence. Zodiac: Virgin. Tree of Life: From Chesed to Tiphareth. Element: Earth. Number: 9 as the number going back into itself (3 x 3). I the Magus = Sun/Mercury in Aries; the sun for power and charisma, Mercury for agility and dexterity. Planet: Mercury. Tree of Life: From Kether to Binah. Element: Air. Number: 1 as symbol for unity (male.) Ace of Cups = (The root of the powers of water) Kether in the Tree of Life Tree of Life: Kether (the eternal, spiritual) through water (the spring of soul.) Astrology: All Signs of Water. I ask the Cosmos to give us all a bit of role-reversal today. Be well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!  

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