Monday, April 24, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 25April2017. Today’s spread is the usual Basics Modified, and the deck is *The2 Journey Into Egypt* by Julie Cuccia-Watts. This is a gorgeous deck, with truly oil painting–quality scenes depicted; my BIG problem with this deck is her system of attribution of suits and elements. She reverses Swords to mean Fire, and Wands to mean Air. As well, Fire-West, Earth-North, Water-South & Air-East. I can see, quite clearly and even feel the logic behind making Swords carry Fire and Wands symbolizing Air, it makes a patterned sense, but that coupled with her own astrology leaves me cool-to-cold. I am NOT an expert in Egyptian astrology, but I am learning in the course of my studies on the studies of the Egyptian priesthood. My curriculum hasn’t reached astronomy/astrology yet; I’m still in composed offering-hymns and naming rituals. However, it just doesn’t feel right. 
99.95% of Tarot tradition doesn’t agree with her; however, if we are going to give her deck a sporting chance, we go with it for the moment. {{Sigh.}} has this to say about the deck; “The Journey into Egypt Tarot features 78 dynamic, highly realistic images from the talented artist, Julie Cuccia-Watts. It blends the Ancient Egyptian calendar, her astrological system, and tarot with skill, and is one of the few decks to showcase the diversity of the Ancient Egyptian population.” It DOES blend them with skill; the question is, Are they correct? Hmmm . . . more to come. My draw today is as follows: Sulphur = III the Empress; Mercury = XVII the Star, and Salt = the Ace of Swords. Her astrological system has them ordered thus; the Empress = Full Moon Cycle of Taurus; the Star = Full Moon Cycle of Aquarius and the Ace = Fire/West. Here are Crowley/Raven’s assignments: “Venus in Taurus, standing for fertility and growth, the earth rules Taurus. Planet: Venus. Tree of Life: The axis between Chokmah and Binah. Element: Earth. Number: 3 as the combination of the contrasts to a unity (synthesis, harmony) /// the Star = Jupiter in Aquarius as a symbol for long-sightedness and confidence; or Venus in Pisces standing for the desire for the inscrutable. Zodiac: Aquarius. Tree of Life: From Chokmah to Tiphareth. Element: Air. Number: 17 as the number of hope, expansion of the 7, cross sum is 8. /// the Ace = Tree of Life: Kether through Fire. Astrology: All signs of the Air.” It is almost/basically the same here, but throughout the deck one finds significant “drift.” On to the reading. With my Animus in II the Empress, I can only think that I am re-sourcing “at the teat of Gaia,” so to speak. Her always-flowing cornucopia seems to be where I need to be today; I can even feel it on the basic, physical level. I have the Moon in Taurus, so this is a double feminine trip for the old guy; he feels the need for some serious pampering! Grin. I get it, I know the feeling; not “down,” but just “drawn very thin,” a bit like Frodo used to say that the One Ring affected him in that manner (LotR – Tolkein.)  The Empress will indeed feel welcome today, and I shall leave her palace feeling refreshed and invigorated. My 
Anima today is focusing her thoughts on XVII the Star; hoping, perhaps, that the ever-amoral Empress won’t snag me, or I develop a hopeless infatuation? LOL. I doubt it, she knows me intimately; random strong attraction to women isn’t one of my foibles. (I might give the Empress a gem or two, though [grin!] Perhaps a collar of citrines, my favorite stone.) She’s gone to the Water with her Hope; that is perfectly natural, so one assumes that she is not transgressing Nature for some personal reason, but in more of a general “I represent WOMAN” kind of way, she has gone to ask Sothis (Sirius B,) the Dog Star, and the focus of Egyptian astrology, for aide and Hope. As always, he will council her with the wisdom of Thoth (the ibis.) The Temple of Isis at Philae is in the background, above shines Sirius, and to the right is the constellation Aquarius, the Water Bearer. In short, she is in reclusion in prayer, as I am in reclusion in rest. Finally, the energy binding these two together is the Ace of Swords, Fire from the West. Now here is where it would make sense to me if Swords were the intellect, not creativity from Fire. Therefore, I am going to read it as how I understand it; both animus & anima are in the process of reflection, of thinking AND imaging “things to come.” The Sword Ace is, to me, the seed of the Intellect, and it would be, in that case, the process that binds the two together and provides common purpose towards which they can work together off of the same engine, the Ace. (Did you know that there is no plural for either animus or anima in English, in the Jungian sense?)  It is an idiosyncratic reading. It LOOKS and FEELS good, but there is something about it that is nagging at my Intuition. I can’t place it: I suppose the day will reveal it, or so I hope. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a clear reading on our growth necessities today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!   

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