Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 26April2017. It is the usual morning spread, and today’s deck is one of my very favorites, *The Hermetic Tarot* by Godfrey Dowson, (LWB w/ Dowson/Kaplan.) From the review by Benebell Wen on; “The Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson is a masterpiece. The tone of the deck and Dowson’s artwork invokes the full spectrum of powers within the tarot practitioner for spiritual divinatory work. As a Golden Dawn study deck, the card images are fundamentally focused on alchemical and astrological references, with the deck outfitted for theurgy. It can be integrated into personal rituals, meditations, and ceremonies and in fact is probably far better suited for such work than, say, the Marseille, Rider-Waite-Smith, or even the Thoth decks.” Those are just some of the reasons I love this deck. Not a beginner’s deck. Onward & Upward! The draw this morning was: Sulfur = XVII the Star; Mercury = II the High Priestess, and Salt = the Knight of Cups. This is NOT a tableau reading, eh? LOL. It is, however, a damn fine reading for the start of the day. 2 females and a male, supposedly one of the most stable emotional triads, (or so says the theory, not the experience!) Ha. Well, our first lady is certainly attractive! One of my very favorites among the Sacred Tarot because she always shows the way to that last refuge of the downcast and depressed, Hope. Someone on Facebook asked me the other day for a “simple” idea to get across to clients. I said, “Hope, Serenity, Calm” or something like that; she went on – it became apparent that she was a shit-stirrer, an “emmerdeuse” in French, and I thought, “No, not this time.” I replied, “Work it out, girl” and that was that. 
I admit my hope wavered for an instant; “The tide of Ignorance is vast, a tsunami, and the clued-in are very few. Jeezuz wept.” However, as the cliché goes, “Hope springs eternal,” and indeed mine rebounded when she simply said, “Thank you” and stopped there. I have done some INCREDIBLY stupid things during my life, but I have lived by the precept of “Have no regrets.” I credit that largely to my inextinguishable wellspring of Hope. Hope in the future, Hope in Me, Hope in God. And the sincere hope that I don’t destroy myself before I reach where I have wanted to go all along. A bit more about XVII from the LWB; "The Daughter of the Firmament; Tzaddi. Fish hook. The seven-pointed star of Venus, surrounded in turn by seven more stars each also bearing seven points, shines above the waters of Aquarius. The smaller stars appear as symbols for the sacred planets. Each Sephiroth of the Tree of Life appears in the form of a black and white quartered disc representing both day and night hours, so one can select the most suitable time for completion of the work. The dove of Hermes hovers effortlessly above the Tree of Knowledge giving promise of ultimate attainment. In front of the dove is the mathematical (sic: geometrical?) conception of the shape of the universe." (LWB) BTW, if you remember, this is where my Mercury was yesterday, so it seems as if she’s given Sulfur the hint to brush-up on his understanding of the Star. Fine & Good,” said the happy-go-lucky Hope addict. LOL. Onward . . . where we meet my Mercury for today, II the High Priestess. Anima’s going deep, Deep, DEEP to recharge ALL of her batteries for the upcoming evolution, whatever it may be. Good deal, Lucille. There is SO much written about and flibbertygibbetted about II the High Priestess and everyone has an individual version. Here, again, from the LWB is the creator’s vision of her; “"The Priestess of the Silver Star. Gimel. Camel. The moon appears above the seated priestly figure of Isis [my II-HP.] The Eternal Virgin. She is adorned in the purest feminine light of the moon., the same light that serves as a veil to hide the Eternal Spirit. . . she controls the very source of life and the means of manifestation itself. . . The High Priestess controls the energy of life between the two gigantic pillars . . . ." (Ibid) IT seems quite obvious to me that my Anima is up and running to take her place at he forefront of Change, of Evolution, and I am deeply pleased, proud and justified. I WAS wrong to keep her imprisoned, and it IS a wonderful thing to have her as my partner now. I shall leave her (and you) to ponder the thousands and thousands of meanings that have been given to her, while I move on; I find 
that the Catalyst for my Sulfur and Mercury is right ahead, with the Knight of Cups. “Lord of Waves and Waters. Fiery part of Water. He rules from 20° Aquarius to 20° Pisces including the greater part of the constellation Pegasus. He is a graceful poet of Venusian indolence.” He is also a terribly strong advocate of "movement" when he is aroused; love and intuition act for him as surely as a clarion call to the Crusades. The application of him today to the two Major Arcana can only help bridge the card-chasm between II and XVII, as well as the totally different styles of the archetypes involved. His strength is necessary to get these two gals to work together, not because they are opposed to each other, but because one comes from Galaxy A and the other from Galaxy R, so to speak. They are conceptually light years apart, yet there is a dim, fine thread running throughout the cards that DOES connect them; The Knight can only amplify that. Well, that’s our round-up today of the wild currents of the universe in local space/time, at least for me. You will be busy little manifesters out thee creating your own eddies and pools in the currents today as well. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL today a really good “set of oars” and a “compass.” Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!   

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