Sunday, April 9, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 10Apr2017. Today I’m using my usual daily spread, the 3 Basics Modified, and the deck is the wonderful *Vieville Tarot de Marseille* by Jacques Vieville, master cardmaker in Paris from 1643 to 1664 (Editions SIVILIXI FRANCE.) Today’s draw is: Sulfur = I the Magus; Mercury = XVII the Star, and Salt = the Queen of Cups. As some of you may know, today I go to Paris for a small family reunion; my sister and aunt are here from the USA and we haven’t seen each other in 15 years. My mother has since died, so it’s a different family now. Yesterday I drew a dazzling promise of a hand for today (see blog,) and today again I’ve drawn a WINNER in the Tarot “This Is Your Life!” draw-off. Check out this hand for my question as to “How to benefit most from the reunion today?” The Magician, Hope, all powered by the Queen of Love. Wow. Even I’m impressed by the “sunbeams for God” feeling that these cards give me this morning. I’m not going to get long-winded on you, or go deep into the theoretical basis of the Vieville Tarot etc.; we can save that for another time, and I still have a lot of things to get ready before our train leaves at 07:15. However, I will say this; while I take it for “granted” that I will be the Magus in the gathering, the Anima in XVII the Star gives me great hope for Hope, so to speak. In my family, according to memory (and elephants stand in awe of me,) there is ALWAYS 
beaucoup de drama surrounding any family meeting; it can be as simple as a football game, and the next thing you know someone’s come out or announced a divorce or is going to rehab. (Amy Winehouse, where are you when I need you?) To see Hope reigning in the matriarchal sky of my Anima is a great thing; the Anima has always had our family by the short hairs, being ruled by a fairly firm matriarchy of several generations. The iron fist in the velvet glove kind of thing, you know what I mean. My mother was the Queen of the manipulators, and with her passing her crown lies only half-worn by my sister, whose heart is too soft to take it up with any real enthusiasm. So to see that my Anima has a good ringside seat for the meeting, on the shady side of the Coliseum, with Hope being her handmaiden, is a great thing. If the joust metaphor continues, then sitting in the High Seat of Judgement is the Queen of Love, the Queen of Cups. I do believe I am wearing her colors today! Or at least I hope so. I love my birth family; we just can’t live on the same continent. I leave you with this excerpt from *The General Book of 
the Tarot* by A. E. Thierens, on XVII the Star; “"The ‘Phe’--identified with this card--expresses the same hieroglyphic value as the Beth (second card), but in a more extended sense." It is said to represent speech. (Papus) Now Venus has in so far to do with the second sign, that it rules this sign. The 'more extended sense' may perhaps be thought of as this planetary rulership, as "the Word in action in Nature with all its consequences." (Papus) Venus could perhaps be seen in the sense it has in the Gospel of St. John: "The Word which became the Light of men." Venus indeed is the representative of the ruler of Light on Earth and in Nature: third aspect of the Solar Logos. "The Word in action in Nature with all its consequences," we should like to correct in this way: it is Venus, the ruler of the signs Taurus and Libra, houses of riches, art, beauty, and of the organized body. In the latter it represents the Law of Harmony between the Self and the Not-self.” I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL today a feeling of rapprochement with any unresolved issues from the past. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!   

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