Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 17May2017. Today’s deck is *The Medieval Scapini Tarot* by Luigi Scapini. It’s a joyous deck in its way; Sr. Scapini has a dry & mordant sense of humor that comes through in his artwork. He also manages to insert quite a few surprises on the cards, if you take the time and care to look for them. It’s a wonderful puzzle reading with these cards; the main import is always there, but sometimes the garnishments are the “showstoppers.”  Today’s draw is: Sulfur = IIII the Emperor; Mercury = XVI the Falling Tower, and Salt = the King of Wands as the Catalyst that will lend dynamism to the Major Arcana cards. It’s a good looking spread, especially with all of that gold foil, yet it is hauntingly familiar, isn’t it? IT isn’t an exact reproduction of a hand in the last few days (I checked,)
but it IS an amalgam of all the “feelings” that have been swimming around on the surface of the readings the last few days, like koi in a lotus pond. I’m sitting firmly (perhaps too stubbornly?)  on my “cubic stone” Throne of Malkuthian reality, and/or perhaps my Anima has spent just that much too long indulging her morbid side watching the Tower be struck and fall, and she really DOES need to move her hind cheeks and get on with the rebuilding of the better foundations. As for the King of Wands, he’s a great guy, and he’ll seed both of them lots of creative ideas and schemes, but for his push, his energy, one needs to plan well, as he is a very high-flown thinker, and it is best to have your ducks in a row if you are going to seek his aide. (He doesn’t tolerate Fools, so to speak.) My main read on the tableau presented here is, “Well, yeah, here you are 
again, Mark. Comfortably concretized as IV, entertaining yourself with disaster films in XVI, and hoping someone else can come up with a good idea. That’s going to HAVE to be you, pal!” I need to ride to my own rescue here with some new & brilliant ideas in order to unstick myself! That’s it in a nutshell. I shall include some more information on each card, so that you can see the relationships manifested. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a kick in the ass if we need one. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!     
IIII the Emperor – “It should be understood that this card and that of the Empress do not precisely represent the condition of married life, though this state is implied. On the surface, as I have indicated, they stand for mundane royalty, uplifted on the seats of the mighty; but above this there is the suggestion of another presence. They signify also--and the male figure especially--the higher kingship, occupying the intellectual throne. Hereof is the lordship of thought rather than of the animal world. Both personalities, after their own manner, are "full of strange experience," but theirs is not consciously the wisdom which draws from a higher world. The Emperor has been described as (a) will in its embodied form, but this is only one of its applications, and (b) as an expression of virtualities contained in the Absolute Being--but this is fantasy.” (A. E. Thierens)   
XVI the Tower – “Occult explanations attached to this card are meagre and mostly disconcerting. It is idle to indicate that it depicts min in all its aspects, because it bears this evidence on the surface. It is said further that it contains the first allusion to a material building, but I do not conceive that the Tower is more or less material than the pillars which we have met with in three previous cases. I see nothing to warrant Papus in supposing that it is literally the fall of Adam, but there is more in favor of his alternative--that it signifies the materialization of the spiritual word. The bibliographer Christian imagines that it is the downfall of the mind, seeking to penetrate the mystery of God. I agree rather with Grand Orient that it is the ruin of the House of We, when evil has prevailed therein and above all that it is the rending of a House of Doctrine. I understand that the reference is, however, to a House of Falsehood. It illustrates also in the most comprehensive way the old truth that "except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it."There is a sense in which the catastrophe is a reflection from the previous card, but not on the side of the symbolism which I have tried to indicate therein. It is more correctly a question of analogy; one is concerned with the fall into the material and animal state, while the other signifies destruction on the intellectual side. The Tower has been spoken of as the chastisement of pride and the intellect overwhelmed in the attempt to penetrate the Mystery of God; but in neither case do these explanations account for the two persons who are the living sufferers. The one is the literal word made void and the other its false interpretation. In yet a deeper sense, it may signify also the end of a dispensation, but there is no possibility here for the consideration of this involved question.” (Ibid)                       
The King of Wands – “Higher octave of the ace, lord of the suit of Air and the mind; coming on the First house. What may have led to the legend of calling him a country gentleman and bringing the whole suit of wands more or less in relation with the country is not clear. He is the lord of the intellectual kingdom; consequently he may denote every authority or personality of primary importance in some or other intellectual, mercurial or mercenary line. It must be someone representing a high authority himself or uniting opposite interests, while he himself, on account of the same authority he represents, may not or cannot be contradicted.” (Ibid)    

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