Monday, May 22, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 23May2017. I’m b-a-a-a-c-k! Grin. The lethargy seems to have (mostly) passed, and I am happy to find myself motivated once again to write my morning blog on my daily reading. These periods of lassitude used to happen more often, back when I had a life (LOL,) but with less to interrupt my (aging, retired) flow these days my Tarot has come to take a more central place in my life. And blahblah and yakyak; so what, Mark? Grin, OK, on with it. Today’s deck is one of my very favorites for the RWS/Thoth variety, the *Tabula Mundi Arcus Colores* by M. M. Meleen, who is also the creatrix of the *Rosetta Stone Tarot,” another fave –but this is the ultimate, along with one other. (Guess, go ahead, guess; your head if you’re wrong . . . Mwuahahahaha!) The deck is accompanied by a wonderful book, *Book M: Liber Mundi* by Ms. Meleen (Atu House, Barre, 2015.) My draw today is: Sulfur = XVIII the Moon; Mercury = XII the Hanged Man, and Salt = the Knight of Disks. I like this hand; it makes me feel as if I’ve been “thrown back into the swim” after spending a LOT of time in the airy heights of the Aethyrs’ realm. It gets rather breathless up there, and one tends to minimize the more “human” facets of one’s character. I DO feel as if I’ve bent sent back to clean up loose ends; 
in the accounting I’m doing further on down the Path, I’ve found some “discrepancies” in the books and have recognized that the whole machine STOPS until I go back and do some more meticulous housecleaning; I left something unfound. And in XVIII the Moon’s domain, Saqqara only knows what I have overlooked in that shadowy and subtle realm. I happen to LOVE it there, but that doesn’t mean I understand it; I love going to shisha bars, too, but that doesn’t mean I understand the Arabic argot flying around, at all. I am “glad” to return; not the emotion of “gladness,” but the satisfaction of returning to a familiar and friendly realm where I am welcome, to a certain degree. Grin. “And so, having writ, the Moving Finger moves on . . ,” grin. To find waiting for me in Mercury’s quicksilver flow XII the Hanged Man. I happen to know that my Anima wanted to go here the other day, due to a surprise pop! card, but I refused it & continued the draw normally. So, the pop! was on target after all. There are times when I have to STRONGLY dissuade my Anima from following through on her actions when they become excessive. Such as wanting to atone, for nothing, anything, everything. She can get into a real melodrama-on-screen when she’s got the wind in her sails, and she’s a damn fine actress. Her only weakness is that I see through her like glass, and usually call her on her shit, as I’m a harsh judge of the feminine, above all in myself. The years and spiritual evolution have taken care of most of the residual harm done by the system at an early age, but certain “things” from childhood are ineradicable. They carry echoes at the very least. I work hard, consciously and constantly, to ride herd on the remainder of the uncivilized past, but there are times when you want to run with the wolves, as well. (No, not like Costner.) I can’t say that I hold her accountable, in 
actuality; I understand why she’s “built” that way, and who she had as a role model. (My maternal grandmother for the most part.) The point being that this self-sacrifice is in a questionable area for ME, the guiding intelligence. I shall let her have her head, for the time being; whether she shows benefit will determine its validity. It sounds harsh and cynical, but I need to be careful of too much indulgence in self-sacrifice; it activates a kind of “let’s go ahead and search for the Void and jump! It’ll be fun!” “Ha! Yeah, sure it will, Sister. Tell you what: you go first and report back to me, then I’ll try it.”  So, a careful eye, it seems, is called for as I transit Mercury with Saturn clutched in my meaty masculine paws . . . Grin. “Grrrr.” LOL.  After that quick and I suspect “assisted transit,” I arrive at the heart of today’s emplacement of the motor; the Knight of Disks. Well, well, well; it’s a rather subtle energy powering the machine today. He is the Fire of Earth, and his BIG thing is – ta da! – Prudence. He shepherds, he guides, to a more secure and stable future. He is diligent but not necessarily terribly intelligent; his habits and gifts are steadfastness and patience. He is VERY MUCH a Taurean, with his Fire expressed in his Will to do the task. It’s a do-able draw; I can see the necessity of some (late) spring cleaning “up there in the attic.” I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a compassionate patience today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!    

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