Friday, May 26, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 27May2017. The deck today is *LE Tarot Maçonnique* by Jean Beauchard. I really like this deck but am always forgetting to use it or put it in rotation. I have “une faiblesse” for all of that masonic mumbo-jumbo; I’ve met a “retired” Freemason here in France and he gave me a lot of insight into their “programming.” Hierarchical, male-oriented, “frat brother”-like “whisperwhisper secretsecret,” and all of the accompanying rah-rah. MIND YOU; I have nothing against Freemasons, and if you are one, all the more power to you. I simply find their “order,” “mission” and “organization” a memory of times past when kings & popes commanded crusaders bent on looting the entire Middle East. “Regardless, Marsha,” it’s a very good deck & reads very well. Onward & Upward! My draw for today is: Sulfur = IX the Hermit; Mercury = XIX the Sun, and Salt = the Knight of Swords. It makes perfect sense to me, in light of my own recent life. Yesterday, I had an argument with a dear friend; it got heated, and we both retired to our corners before irreparable things were said. After a bit, we parted company, on the understanding we wouldn’t see each other at a party last night. I know he felt righteous in his anger, as did I in my rebuttal. However, he is 30+ years old and not completely acquainted with his own inner workings. I refused to carry any of his emotions over the perceived “issue,” which flummoxed him and increased his resentment. While I felt “justified” in defending myself against his target-seeking anger, I still felt badly about the miscommunication and his refusal to grow through the situation; he preferred resting in his anger, it distracted him from its true target, himself. So I draw these cards this morning, and I understand them perfectly. My Animus seeks “casing” in IX the Hermit. I DO need time alone today, to process yesterday’s events and free myself from any lingering emotion, a common poison in the system. Gliding along, I find my Anima is joyfully living in XIX the Sun today. She’s fine with everything that went down yesterday; aside from the premise of the disagreement, she sees it as a show of male egos and who is the Alpha; well, this old wolf isn’t ready yet to let some 
whippersnapper lead the pack around by their snouts. I’m still alive, and kicking, and ANY 30-ish year old simply doesn’t have what it takes to mount a serious offensive. Grin. (I’m not a military freak; however, their precise terminology can be very useful in simile and metaphor.) My Anima is far from being concerned with that; she takes my victory as a given, and prefers today to bask in the sunlight of accomplished tasks and adventures, and celebrating her nearness to the final steps. This time it was ME who put a wrench in the machinery with a bit of axle-busting debris in the road.  I could have avoided all of it had I known how sensitive and on the tipping point he was; but of course I couldn’t know that at the time. My Anima was in the Sun yesterday as well, and I cannot blame her for preferring that ambiance while she waits for me to catch up from my distraction off the Path. This is also reflected in my home and my wife, both in serene spaces at the moment; our life is good, we eat well & do as we wish.(Our cash flow sucks at the moment, but that I about to take a radical right turn towards prosperity. It’s a done deal.) Finally, the engine is revealed; the “motor” that is going to provide the energy for the two elements to work together sympathetically and to produce the highest “product of thought” possible, the Knight of Swords. Well, yes, this beautiful young man has Energy to spare as he gallops around on the fields of battle, looking for a cause to defend or a brawl to enjoy. Monomaniacally dedicated to the Swords “cause,” he brings a mountain of energy and critical thought, as well as lightning-quick disapproval of anyone or thing that gets in his way. When young I WAS this knight for a while, but My Dear Zeus! it is fatiguing! And it is impossible to defend that “blind certitude and high moral tone” as one grows a bit and sees that there is a LOT more grey in the world than s/he imagined. Finally, I’m going to throw in a little bit about IX the Hermit from A. E. Thieren’s *The General Book of the Tarot*; “Papus: "Humanity fulfilling the function of God the Holy Spirit. The human creative force." Indeed this is clearly Sagittarius for every astrologer. The author might have mentioned in the same line that the Hierophant (Leo) represents God the Son. The Hebrew letter "Thet represents a roof and suggests the idea of safety and protection . . . protection ensured by wisdom." The astrologer says: the Ninth house is the house of the Master--idea of wisdom and protection in one; the Master in fact shields his disciples like a roof 
. . . in some way. The sign is that of thought-power, creative mind, idealism, which throw their own light on the things below, and consequently the Sagittarian is remarkable for always seeing things in his own light and trying to throw light on things in order to instruct other people. He is the eternal traveler, the indefatigable walker. And mentally he is always more or less lonely. All this is very distinctly symbolized in the card of the Hermit, which stands for ideas, perspectives, spiritual or moral influences and for light thrown upon the objects of this earth-life. In divination it stands for teachers, legal authorities, advisers and guides, and with the guiding principles in everything and questions, in relation to the Querent. But above all it is his own idealism, etc. The direction in which his thoughts are running. In the older cards the Hermit is shielding his light on one side with his mantle. This may be indicative of the habit of Sagittarians to evade and disarm contradiction beforehand, knowing by intuition the power of darkness. He is leaning on the staff of knowledge with regard to earthy matters. Waite is perfectly right in saying, that "Prudence is the least of its meanings and the most negligible." Some authors (Mathers) held this card to be the symbol of 'prudence,' but indeed the Sagittarian is not very famous for this virtue, though the card is truly Sagittarian and nothing else. This is again proved by the striking explanation of Waite: "His beacon intimates that 'where I am, you also may be.'" This is the stereotyped way in which a Sagittarian thinks.” I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a dose of spiritual Sunlight. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!    

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