Sunday, May 28, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 29May2017. Today’s deck is up there among my “prime decks,” of which there are only two or three. This one, *Tarot of the Holy Light* by Christine Payne-Towler & Michael Dowers, keeps company with M. M. Meleen’s *Liber Mundi* and one (?) other. I’ll let you play around with the idea of which deck you think suits me the most for that 3rd slot. Grin. If you want to read my praises, check any of the other previous blogs where this deck is featured. Suffice to say, I think it is tops to work with, among the stellar decks. Enough; Onward and Upward! Today’s draw is on my regular morning spread, Basics Modified, and is constructed to be read thusly: Sulfur = Masculine element, Active, Intellect & Creativity; Mercury = Female element, Passive, Emotions & Physical concerns; and Salt = the Catalyst, intended to combine the elements and to make the union “active.” I am the alembic, the “vessel,” in which ‘I the alchemist’ am designing this. Whew! To tell the truth, I am bowled over by my draw this morning. It is beyond my expectations and yet I have hoped for this turn in the Path. I feel glorious in my accomplishment of a CONSCIOUS “lap around the track,” so to speak. This hasn’t been my first time on the Path in this lifetime, how could it be? We ALL travel the Path unconsciously for most of our lives, until we have the lucky chance to become Aware, by whatever clue is left for us by the Universe. 
Over the years the Universe has been overgenerous to me, leaving keys left & right, saying, in effect, “The cluephone is ringing, fool, pick it up!” I had actually picked up the right key, the Sacred Tarot, 55 years ago in a metaphysical bookstore, a self-chosen birthday gift from a cherished aunt. I searched a LONG time for the Door that it fit, however; knowing all along that it was inside of me but “wait! I still have so much living to do!” Yes, it is shamefully true; I pulled one of the oldest lines in the world, made famous by Augustine of Hippo. It has been since my retirement from “that life” that I have had both the time AND the inclination to finally open the Door and the fruits of that has been Enormous, Colossal. And to have arrived here, at this turning point in my Path, when it is time to regard the Journey, and contemplate the new one ahead, for which I have worked and “walked the talk.” I feel not so much “joyous” as I do “replete with Contentment” and challenged by my {own success. I certainly don’t wish to appear pompous or hubristic, but I am proud of my accomplishments, SO FAR. I am quite aware that the Journey isn’t done, although this section of the Path has been traversed with eagerness, sometimes trepidation, but always Hope. XVII has been a faithful companion, as has been XIV Temperance, I must say. She has helped me “get a grip” a number of times. Grin. And now, at this “young” age of 65, I am getting ready for another part of the Journey, another stretch of the Path. Good, it gives me time to catch my breath; I’m not the young retiree I was a few years back – LOL. IT IS true, however, that this time around on the Path I have aged in a swift and somewhat precipitous manner. It is all recorded in my readings from those years, 2012 – 16. The machine (my body) I had relied on all of my life to carry me through my wild & “perilous” adventures for over 50 years finally presented me with the bill. It took 4 years to pay off, and I am only now feeling that I am out of the woods and at least in the brush. I do not take to suffering and pain like a duck to water; neither do I, however, moan, bitch and whine to all & sundry of my “aches & pains.” What a waste of time & energy! Most of all, for the whiner; instead of constructing a positive outlook to face this enemy of the day and the day entire itself, you waste YOUR energy in whining and self-pity. Why don’t you just lay down, spread your legs, and tell the World, “Aww, go on, have at it . . .”? {{It is doubtful the World will find you appealing.}} Regardless, I paid the bill without TOO much grumbling, and am now on the other side, suddenly MUCH older as evidenced by my surprise when my body refuses to do something I haven taken for granted forever. Nevertheless . . . oh! The idea of starting out again as 0 the Fool is lip-lickingly tempting. Going through the Path, renewed itself for another visit, “armed” with a new level of knowledge and thus in quest of things as yet unknown . . . oh my, yes, every fiber of my being says yes, despite the modified account balance I have on the Material. But Look!! I get some good news on that front as 
well, with the energetic support of the King of Disks. Thor! does HE arrive on time! Not only my body has less in the bank; so do my resources, as well. That is the great DISadvantage to being retired; your income situation becomes a kind of complicated game of Scrabble with numbers instead of letters, with you sweatily trying to make sense of a crossed three-way sum and abscond with 88 points. Enough to buy your meds next time (if you pay; I live in France, where if they are prescribed, they are free. No, there is no legalized medical marijuana here, although they are thinking of reducing the “crime” to the status of a parking ticket.) Back to the subject – 0 the Fool gives me Hope and a new sense of adventure, admittedly with reduced resources, but there nevertheless. I remember how to travel without money, I believe; I did it often enough in my youth. Grin. My Anima today is, as usual, right there, one step behind me, inhabiting XXI the World today. AND . . . I KNOW that she is feeling overwhelmed by an inner joyousness that knows few bounds. She IS mistress of her World, and she has become “enlightened” to a degree that makes possible a positive look forward to the further Journey. She is also actively planning, right at this very moment, all of the material details of the voyage, where we’ll stay, what’s a good or bad inn, or when to travel a certain stretch of road and when to not travel it. She is in her Element, manipulating the Material for an ultimately spiritual benefit. Finally, we come to the Bull of Bulls, the King of Disks. This is as high as you get on the ladder of manipulating the material, and he is a past master of it. One of the better ways to think of him is as a good-tempered yet strict, loving yet purposed and organized father-figure, such as Zeus. That element of “the perfection of divinity” needs to be included, so as to stay away from mere earthly comparisons; leave that to Madame Zoraya and her neon-let shopfront in the Bronx. Look deeper, look within the symbol to “see,” to divine the Energy that this avatar veils, that it serves as mask. That Energy of the indomitable father is one I can easily “feel” when I am in its presence; it is also an Energy that I can generate if circumstance & need call for it. It is high energy output, and the aftereffects are some lingering distraction and a need to express the Active. (A walk helps a LOT, on both counts.) I seem to be as well set-up today as I can possibly be; it would be hard to find fault anywhere in this line-up of all-star cast members of my Psyche (my soul as well, thus the P.) (I shall include as usual some data on the cards below.) I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a sense of the limitlessness of the wonders our Voyages. Be Well, We Zen, Be Blessed!! 

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