Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 03May2013. I’m more or less back in the saddle, but only grudgingly so. 'La petite vacance' spoiled me in not keeping to my well-established routine; it shall be uphill getting it back, I can tell, but I’m a determined kind of tarologue. Grin. A big change in my personal presentations; I shall no longer be posting any references to my daily blog on the Tarot pages of Facebook or elsewhere, with the exception of right here (and one other about which I choose not to write.) To be frank, I can summon my withdrawal up in one sentence: “The complete monetization of Tarot, and the spirit of a mid-day 'passe-temp' for a majority of middle aged women who have ALSO been encouraged to flood the pages with their in-general musings and homemade crafts, often Tarot-centered, leaves me with ever-growing feelings of disgust, horror, immense sadness at the opportunity and knowledge that is passing by right under their noses, and a feeling that consorting in this company “lessens” me.” Whew! That was one hell of a sentence! Grin. I am turning negative on Facebook in general, anyway; from now forward, I shall be treating it as a necessary evil, where a truce with an enemy mentality has been established, precariously. Enough about THAT. Today’s deck is *The Medieval Scapini Tarot* by Luigi Scapini. It is a wonderful deck, ever so slightly twisted and with amazingly subtle artwork to lead you in strange directions of discovery. I really like it, and was just musing to myself, “Why don’t I use this deck more often? I really enjoy reading with it.” The Tarot de Marseille scaffolding has been cleverly reoriented and made truly magical. Today’s draw for my usual Basics Modified spread yielded this: Sulfur = XI Force; Mercury = XIII Death and Salt = the Page of Swords.
It’s an odd looking spread, it doesn’t lend itself to a tableau reading, and yet individually the cards seem terribly disparate and unconnected this morning; I was tempted not to do the reading, just put the cards back in the deck and let today flow by. (I despise people who redraw a reading that doesn’t please them, and I personally just CANNOT whip out a 2nd reading for myself like that with the mental rationalization that the cards were cold, or unfamiliar, or Mercury is in Retrograde or the toilet paper is stuck to my butt. All the same CRAP, wearing different costumes. I may soften a rough reading for a client, but NEVER myself.) Yet, this reading ISN’T “rough & rude,” just atypical and bizarre, like trying to figure out the whole mosaic from just three random tiles left over in the rubble. So, let’s take a closer look, shall we? “Hand me the scalpel, please, Nurse Goodbody . . .” XI Force is Sulfur: even though I disagree with the 8 Justice, 11 Force/Strength (think about it, logically. After Chance is Justice, and as a result, the sacrifice of XII Hanged Man; on to XII Death and etc.)  Nevertheless, here it is, Force. ROnald Decker, who writes the accompanying book, “Art and Arcana: Commentary of The Medieval Scapini Tarot”, states that the card takes its title from the French 'La Force,' which more closely means “Fortitude.” I like that – a lot. Sure, there is the usual imagery & meaning of the virgin overcoming the Lion, the upper-self kindly taming the lower self and making a companion of it, and thus presenting a united front of a person who has mastered hir two natures and presents a complete person. Nevertheless, the word Fortitude speaks to more about a “better” value, because it is innate, it needn’t be conquered or tamed, it is groomed from infancy in every single person to varying degrees, from the whining Beverly Hills brat (little) to the poorest disappointed housewife in Texas (truckloads.) I can get behind both ideas today, generally. I DO feel that my animus is seeking
a master over the forces available to him, and he hasn’t yet remembered that he already knows how to use them; he just needs a little help. Here is that help – a card “stating” exactly what he is trying to function as today; I am starting a new effort today, and that is cleaning up my electronic presence. I will be shutting down a lot of bullshit, and keeping only the necessary; this blog, for instance. So, I’m looking for “strength” on the psychic plane, and here I am reminded that I have an entire oil tanker full of “Fortitude” at my disposal; my life has bred that into me in surgical stainless steel and titanium. Continuing on our jittery, jumpy journey, I find that my anima is awaiting great, sweeping change, as she considers (and HAS been considering, for the last few weeks, if you’ve been following) her twin, the animus, and his rather headlong rush into the future. She knows it is going to mean sweeping change for her, too, even though she may only be along for the ride. He needs her approval, after all, to set out on the journey, or at best, that she accompanies him. (She is anyway, of course, being they are both hostage in one body, but there are protocols to be observed, dontcha know?) There really isn’t a lot to say here, surprising enough; I can feel inside of me that she is “contentedly” resigned to letting the animus have his head on this, just as she knows that she MUST accompany him if he is to have any chance of succeeding. And finally, the oddest card of the draw, the Page of Swords. Here is his description from the above-mentioned book; “An ambiguous figure gives us a sidelong glance and makes a cryptic gesture. . . A slinking cat is unsure of what he observes; his tail forms a question mark. Scapini tells us that the man is ‘Brighella’, a wily mercenary villain from the commedia dell’arte. [This card is] the Jungian function of thinking.  [It] can become selfish and perhaps too subtle. His influence is from the Moon.” In other words, he’s a sly, wily bastard that you can’t trust as far as you can throw the Moon. And yet, as we know, these kinds of people harbor an immense amount of energy, which is available for use, WITH CARE. I wouldn’t buy a used eyelash from this guy, but if he wants to let me use his energy to fuel the machine today, I will; I will just have to be VERY careful and attentive. I ask the Cosmos today to give us an alert mind and aware senses. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!

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