Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 30May2017. Today’s deck is the *Navigators’ Tarot of the Mystic Sea* by Julia Turk. This is one of my earlier favorite decks, but that charm has faded with time, though I still feel fondly for its artwork which is the main draw now. Today’s draw is: Sulfur = XIX the Sun, Mercury = XV the Devil, and Salt = the Queen of Swords. Whew! Thank Ptah that we return a bit to the “normal” today, as yesterday was so numinous a read that while it left me floating on the clouds and was nice to know, it did nothing in terms of outlining future growth or how to encourage it and follow through. All fine & good, as long as “real” choices come “down the tube” alongside it; the period immediately after an apotheosis on this level is a good time to outline the next stage of growth. (Yes, the apotheosis was on THIS level; I’m not done, note by a longshot. I AM delighted, however, to have completed a cycle of “Tarot growth” and to be advancing to the next stage of my self-transmutation. I know I’m there because yesterday I saw that I had advanced through the cycle and had become 0 the Fool, again. To use an expression from my youth, “Good deal!” Today I see yet another re-entry phase signaled again by the arrival of my Animus at XIX the Sun. Although XIX the Sun is a light-filled card, it doesn’t compare with the brilliance emanating from XXI the World as one finishes “a run.” I consider this card a programmed “step-down” in the illumination factor; it brings the Light back within human, physically bearable levels.  The card signals mental activity & a thorough reorganization of goals; “DO away with negative thoughts and discipline yourself toward a definite aim, for time is slipping by. . . . 
Your dreams will guide you if you have difficulty interpreting your deepest wishes. However, you must have patience, for in this world, events do not always move as swiftly as we would like.” (LWB) Moving on, I see that my Anima is back to normal as well, continuing her flirtation with the Material. I DO wish she would stop doing that, I’ve felt an increasing pressure to cut off all unnecessary ties with XV come Hell or high water. After over six decades of indulging it, I’ve had quite enough overindulgence to last another 3 or 4 lifetimes. But my Anima LOVES the “Bling,” and breaks through my reserve and defenses at will in order to possess more. In the parlance of a subculture, I am a “bling queen,” although I would punch you out were you to say that, correcting you with “elegant bling, asshole.” Gay subculture aside, I am like a crow, I like shiny things; however, I don’t steal them to decorate my nest. The card is subtitled “Subjugation,” which is rather cover-all in its vagueness. The card is actually about keeping the Truth hidden, either from you or by you (or both?) The key feature that you are spending too much time on the Devil’s couch is the feeling of Shame; shame of your words, your actions or lack thereof, your “cruelty” in large & small ways, all designed to wound. The cure for this is easy enough; make amends wherever possible, and where not, accomplish a benevolent action in the name of that person. Also, get over your addictive sex with Satan; emeralds don’t buy Enlightenment, and the act makes you a whore. So today I’ll be having a little bit of a conversation with my Anima, and it couldn’t come at a better time. We are under a temporary cash flow problem, and the last few days have meagre kine in the house; the issue should solve itself today, but it was telling. I took the whole thing for the importance it had; none. I know the Universe will provide. My wife, however, incarnated my Animus and worried and fretted each & ever day until assured that it would end (probably today.) I tried to take the opportunity to help my wife see that the Universe does provide generously, IF ONE LETS IT; that energy spent on worry is a “sin,” as it bears no return on “the investment.” (To monetize “Sin,” – LOLOLOL) I personally do not care anymore; if 
it gets bizarre to the point of true penury and unhappiness, then I would change things radically, but it won’t, the Universe doesn’t let down those who have faith in it. (I know, I know; you could ALL give me myriad examples of how you were let down – check your expectations first, though, OK?) I am not so much worried by my Anima spending time in XV, she knows what she’s doing; yet, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on “my sister” and help her out if the bullies pick on her. Grin. They won’t, however, under normal circumstances; she’s got an acid tongue and a wicked right hook. (So do I, strangely enough. Grin.) Finally, I take a tour of the engine room and discover that the Queen of Swords is our Chief Engineer today; that means we are going for it, hell-bent for leather! That’s our Queen; and here I believe the title given to the card is entirely misleading. She IS subversive, yes; but not in a Black Panthers kind of way. More than anything “Idina” (obscure reference) is “. . .  a woman who is blessed (or cursed) with sharp perception, and highly honed intuition. She is acutely analytical, with a razor-sharp ability to get to the heart of a situation, seeing exactly what is, rather than what others would wish her to see.” ( One of the difficulties of working with this Queen is when your Anima has “trained” under one who substitutes “what I wish to see” for “what is.” That makes for a cruel and capricious tyrant, and ridding yourself of the shitty side of her is no mean task, while keeping the good. The good news for me, however, is that she is a “nuclear furnace” of Energy; as both XIX the Sun and XV the Devil, I won’t be lacking for power to operate “the machinery,” not at all. I have made peace with my Queen of Swords, which is a good thing, as she so often shows up in my life. We’ve discussed that before, haven’t we; yakyakblahblah. So to wrap up today’s peek at Today, I’ll be spending some of that Light I shine so freely today over on the rather formless area where Lady Anima goes a-shopping (so to speak.) I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a close comprehension of our dual nature today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!   

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