Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 04May2017. Today’s deck is *The Alchemical Tarot Renewed: Edition IV* by Robert M. Place. This is one of my very favorite decks, with simple yet tremendously elegant art and wonderful reading quality. Get it for a great & trustworthy deck, you won’t be disappointed. (No, I’m not paid by Robert to say that – LOL!) The reading for today, with the Basics Modified spread, is as follows: Sulfur = XI Strength; Mercury = XV the Devil, and Salt = the Ace of Coins. I remind you that Sulfur is the active, male current of my psyche/being, the yang of the duo; Mercury is the passive, female current of my psyche/being, the yin of the duo. Salt is the Catalyst that blends and activates the combined energies of the two principles. It can be a person, but I almost always view it is the energy type needed that day, or incoming, that will active my animus & anima. I “kind of” like the reading, although it doesn’t lend itself to “tableau”; as a matter of fact, I’ve just had these two Major Arcana in a daily read, in opposite positions, a day or three ago; oh my sweet alien gonads! I seem to be stuck. Ha, no, I’m not stuck, I’m just not feeling very active on the metaphysical level right now; I’m very tired from the 4-year long fight I’ve had with my health, and now that all of the things-that-could-be-fixed-have-been-fixed, I am left to live with the unfixable.
It’s tiresome and tiring. It reflects in occasional waves of “I don’t give a flying fuck” interruptions in my flow of Journeying, where I must stop along the Path and breathe and get it back together, again. I’m not whining, just stating a fact; as Bette Davis said, “Growing old ain’t for sissies!” Grin; boy, is that the truth. Enough “whingeing,” as my bro-in-law would say, get on with it, Mark – Onward & Upward! Grin. Starting off with my animus in XI Strength is VERY typical of where my animus usually likes to “start,” from a high position of cool & sure of himself and his “backing,” or defenders. I DO believe I have accomplished this stage on the Path, a while back actually, and I am in control of both my natures, in as much as Control is an illusion. I do, however, feel unified, a state of being I was acutely aware of NOT inhabiting for most of my life. It bothered me, a lot, that I had such interior conflict; my openness and encouragement of women in ALL fields of life was sorely and sadly lacking in my own interior. I kept “her” locked up in the attic, much like the first Mrs. Rochester, Bertha Mason, in *Jane Eyre;* fortunately, she hasn’t died a fiery death, as poor Bertha did. Grin. She was liberated and given “equal pay for equal work” a long time ago in my head, but in my heart & soul her freedom is more recent. As a matter of fact, everybody is more “free” in my head now, as I have learned that turning personal love into universal love
can solve or even cause to cease to exist MANY of the interpersonal problems people experience, and much more besides. Love is the ultimate Strength, and vice-versa. Whenever I see Strength, I automatically think of XIV Temperance, and in this case, it is good to keep in mind to temper the intensity of the experience today. Gliding along, we find XV the Devil in my Mercury space; ho-hum, and I say that not with pseudo-sophisticated world-weariness, but with a foresight of the tedium experienced when dealing with the waves & currents of manifestation and all the rotten, grubby underside of the Material. Yes, it has its glorious, golden, sun-filled moments, but there is also the WORK of creating your world, and pouring the energy into it to make it manifest. I do hope that my Anima is here for a brush-up on her lessons; there is no other possible reason to be hanging out with Nick. AND YET, on the other claw, she may have the upper hand in the lower regions; our energy source today is the Ace of Materiality, oops! . . . I mean, Coins. While the Princess of Coins is called “the beginning card of the Tarot,” there is also the unavoidable gut feeling that the Tarot actually begins HERE, with the presentation of the beginning of incarnation in the physical. It serves to remember that, Kabbalistically, our spirit worked its way down the Tree of Life to incarnate in the material and “gather data” for an eventual repatriation to the Divine. (Much like “Vger” in an old Star Trek episode: a mysteriously powerful ship is threatening to destroy Earth, the Enterprise crew saves Earth, and the threat turns out to be “Voyager,” sent out by us ages previously. The moral being, ‘What we send out comes back, changed.’”) I feel that energy every day when my curiosity is aroused, or something in the material catches my attention, before my “interior judge” files it away or tosses it.
 IT is a great, powerful, earthy energy, but it is totally amoral, and open to impression from the user. So one must use the Power wisely, and sparely. There is always a cascade effect to any change one might initiate, so it is better to be moderate in cause in order to evaluate the compound range of the ripples of change. If you need to step it up, you can; if you need to stay steady, do-able; receding is difficult from midpoint, but impossible from a majority investment. Therefore, my hidden XIV – Temperance. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a clear perception of our energies today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!  

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