Friday, May 5, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 05May2017. Today’s deck is *The Tarot of Prague* by Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony. It is a Beautiful deck, and provides seamless readings. Onward and Upward! Well, look at that, just look at that; I have the exact same reading as yesterday, only reversed in the Sulfur/Mercury duo. Today’s draw is: Sulfur = XV the Devil; Mercury = VIII Strength, and the Salt is the Ace of Pentacles. The odds must be astronomical! on drawing the same hand two days in a row. HOWEVER? I think I know the precise reason for this. Yesterday I managed manifest directly in the material, with a time lag of less than 24 hours! I was fucking flabbergasted; usually, I figure that the timescale of the Universe is vastly different than mine, so “waiting” for a manifestation to show up isn’t unreasonable, rather the order of the day. To have < one-day turnaround just amazed me, and I felt both proud & amazed. I believe this card formation is being repeated as a kind of “bookend” gesture, saying more or less, “This is how you opened this manifestation; now you need to close it this way, as well.” The push for manifestation in XV aided by VIII Strength has resulted in a new manifestation occurring in my world. 
This hand is dead on, and one I must remember for future use in Manifestation Meditations. The blog is incredibly short today, simply because we saw this hand yesterday. We already know it; I just didn’t know exactly what I was doing, proceeding by guesswork. Pretty good guessing, eh? Grin. I won’t naysay the power of my Will now gained by following, faithfully, the Path outlined by the Tarot; being on the Path has directly aided my metaphysical abilities beyond description, and I feel that everything really IS in its right place. The fact that my manifestation came through at lightning speed only serves to validate my choice to advance in my spiritual life (and to resolve, once & for all, why I’m “down here” suffering “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” - . . . Wry Grin.)  No card analysis today, just be amazed at the beauty of the cards and contemplate the tableau – I hope it will bring out your material, manifestational abilities as well. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a sight of the beauties of spiritual advancement today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed! (PS: Below I have added a nice piece on being a spiritual being living in the material world. It’s simple & basic & clear; no mystic vocabulary or dialogue, just what it is. Give it a read if you have the time and inclination. MM)   

"Being a Spiritual Person While Living in the Material"
What does it mean to be a spiritual person in the material world? Well, first of all the answer is it means to be in the material world. If you are a spiritual being and you are incarnate, in a body, you came here with a plan. You came here with something to do-- something to accomplish. And so, that you have chosen on the "soul" level to incarnate, to be in a body in the first place, is a great spiritual act of helping others. So the first thing that you must know is that choosing to be incarnate, choosing to be born in the first place is already an act of being a spiritual person. Why? When you are incarnate, when you are in physical bodies, when your soul energy connects with the form world where you think you can see, hear, and touch things--when you're in a material or physical form, you can experience certain things that it is very difficult for the soul to comprehend or grasp when you are not in a physical body. And so, when you are in physical form there are certain so-called lessons (although I do not like that word) that you can grasp and learn and help others with, that you cannot do when you are not in a body. Being a spiritual person in the material world means being exactly who you are while you are in the material world. There is a great misconception that there is a contradiction between being spiritual and being successful in the material world or in fact being in the material world in the first place. I assume we all know what we mean by material world. The material world is what we call the five senses world--the form world where again, you think you can see a chair or a person--where you think things have solidity and form and shape. And it is true that you think that because you are incarnate, you are in a body and you are vibrating. Your atoms and molecules of your being are vibrating at a much slower rate than when you are not in a body. The soul's vibration is much higher and faster than the body's vibration. And so you do have a body that ages. You have a body that is born, it goes through a living process, it ages and it so called dies. That is why you all experience linear time. You think there are a beginning, middle, and an end to experiences. You think there are a past, a present, and a future. That is all because you are in bodies that have a beginning middle, and an end. The soul has no beginning, middle, or end. So, you have a built in apparent contradiction between understanding life from the non-physical level, which is unlimited in time, and past present and future exist simultaneously all in the present moment--and understanding life from a physical place: you have a body that grows old and dies. This looks like a very difficult conflict, yes? How do we make sense of this? So what is the "right", way to live a life when you have this built in split once you are in a body? Once the soul is here there is often a moment of "uh-oh, now what I do? Why did I choose these parents? Why did I ever pick this family? Why did I come into this century? Why did I come into this city or this town or this rural place? 
Why did I choose to be the so called me that I am?” The short and very complicated answer is because you are a spiritual person in the material world. The very essence of who you are is a spiritual being. And when you come into the physical world you come here to flower, to grow yourself as much as you possibly can. And here's the key: remember to do it with the intent that the more you flourish, the more it benefits all living beings. If you can remember that one major condition, that every act you do, everything you say, somewhere in you is dedicated to the benefit of all living beings, then you are being a spiritual person in the material world. Now we have a lot of concepts about "oh if I am spiritual I should not have material things, I should not have money", for example. So when you can have so called spiritual gatherings you have many people who have money problems, who struggle, but "oh they are very good people"- -so they think. But they are mean in spirit too, they are not just mean in money, they are mean in spirit because they think there is a conflict between having things and being spiritual. Being spiritual means being a good person. It means dedicating all of your thoughts, deeds, words and actions to the benefit of other people. Now, "other people" includes you, by the way. So it is also a mistake to think that you can help others flourish if you are suffering yourself. And that is the second key: it is not only important to dedicate your existence to the benefit of all beings, but also to include yourself in that as well. There is no point in suffering, being unhappy, and sacrificing yourself under the idea that "Oh but I am spiritual, I will serve other people." The truth is, on the soul level, there are very few souls or entities who are able to do that, because you end up resenting other people because you suffer--because you are not serving yourself as well! Now some people are musicians. And musicians know that music and creativity comes from the non-form world. Music comes from the so-called invisible world. And it doesn't mean that music is not real until it is played. When you play music you are taking the music that already exists in your consciousness in the non-visible world and you are simply putting it through your physical body and making it manifest in the physical world, you understand this? This is another example of how you combine the non-visible world with the visible world. In that moment when you combine the two different levels of consciousness you are being a spiritual person in the material world. In that moment when the different domains of your consciousness come together and you have a glimpse of a bigger awareness, you are being a spiritual person in a material world. I ask you to imagine, in your mind's-eye, that there are two parallel sliding controls which move vertically, like two levels, or gauges, if you will. One is the consciousness or the awareness of the physical world of being in the body. And the other is the awareness of intuitive energy and the awareness of non-visible, non-form energy. And at any given moment these controls can be going up and down, independently of each other. Your experience of your life will be very different depending on which control is higher than the other at any given moment, and in what ratio they are to each other. I am trying to give you a very simple mental image here. The topic was: being a spiritual person-- there's one lever-- in the material world-- there's the other lever. So what does it mean to be a spiritual person in a material world? It means learning how to, in your consciousness, raise or lower your awareness in any given moment of each of those domains Now because I am a meticulous entity for detail, I wish to point out that I am making it sound simplistic and dualistic. And it is actually much more complicated than this.                 Remember, everything is possible..."
("Dialogues With Kendra" Date:02/28/1999)

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