Saturday, May 6, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 07May2017. Today’s deck is the *Tarocchi orientali* by Claudio Foudraz (Milan, 1845,) curated by G. Berti. It is a weird, wild and wonderful 19th century take on the Tarot de Marseille in the Italian style, “Tarrochi,” and drawn completely “à la chinoise.” (Or, rather, Chinoiserie as seen during the 19th century from Europe.) The draw this morning is: Sulfur = VII the Chariot; Mercury = XII the Hanged Man and Salt = the Queen of Swords. I am left completely “blahh . . .” by this draw. I can read it, but there is no exciting news today. However, I DO note that Speed & Sacrifice, as dictated by the Queen, will function today in some way as a unique entity – they are both prime numbered Trumps, resulting in another prime numbered Trump, XIX the Sun. Happy ending, if I listen to reason & intelligence today, and speak thus as well, if I speak at all. That is about the limit of what I’m drawing today; I must be kind of in a ‘blue funk,’ because at this very second I am utterly indifferent, and that means I’m a bit Tarot-ed out. So, although I grok today, I’m not going to work on it – today is knock off and take it easy.
(Immediately after my sign-off, I will plug in a small piece for you about XII the Hanged Man.) I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL the sense of good timing. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!     “The female rulership of the element of Earth on the house of Taurus, in which the Moon is exalted and 'womanhood eternal' is contained. The house of money, in worldly affairs. So this card must mean either woman ruling by matter, material or magnetic attraction, purely physical charm, or ruled by material elements herself. The latter may be seen as: ruled by the desire of luxury and money, or as: overpowered by material difficulties, weighed down under the burden of a material world. A woman of Saturnian and Martian qualities is seldom charming unless in a purely physical and sexual way; there may be higher virtues, however, which in this case will be developed by suffering, such as chastity, severity, continence--from which it will be
easily seen, that sterility, privation and mourning may derive, personally. Astrologically the Martian and Saturnian qualities are seldom found to be very 'benefic' for women, being very often signs of an unpleasant character or injured reputation. On the one hand this card may be a woman under affliction and severed from her natural protector or protection--widow, divorced, separated, though not the unmarried; on the other hand we have to see in this card the woman who is paid for her 'love,' and the fact that "woman costs money," a fact of more occult significance than the world at large understands. It is indicated in the commandment of JHVH that 'man' should till the soil (Taurus) after the loss of the paradisiacal state. So this card has to do with the material necessity of married life, with peasantry and husbandry and economical exploitation. Well aspected, it may indicate art in general and sometimes wealth after assiduous struggle and toil.” (*The General Book of the Tarot* by A. E. Thierens)  

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