Sunday, May 7, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 08May2017. The deck today is *The Archeon Tarot* by Timothy Lantz. A wonderful, art-appropriate deck, I really like it. Gets right in there and pours jet fuel on your Intuition – it can be a lot of learning crammed into a short space, but always revelatory and useful. Today’s draw is: Sulfur = XIX the Sun; Mercury = VI the Lovers, and Salt = the Queen of Swords. Harrumph! Well, I must say, it’s nice to see my animus is finished dumpster-diving and resumed a position close to his actual one on the Path. I know, I know, it sounds hubristic & self-serving to declare myself near the end, with XIX the Sun, but let’s remember, at any time and any place you can be ANYWHERE along the Path (and the Tree of Life) yet your understanding of it will be limited to the stage of awareness you have reached. Confused? Nah, it’s simple; let’s say that you, by chance, trip on an ectoplasmic nail, fall through an ethereal port, and are whisked away by a wormhole and suddenly dumped in the Waiting Room of God’s corporate penthouse office. You look around, and tears well in your eyes at the sheer beauty all around you. NOW, what you are seeing is what you are capable of seeing; a person further along the Path will “see” a vision closer to the “Truth” or “reality” of the real splendor of the “office.” Just as with one eye you can see but have no depth perception, with two you add a “factor” to your sight that increases your perception of the “reality” around you. 
Thus, although I may judge myself as somewhere along the Path at “Station T”, I may experience a “flashback” or “flashforward” at any time. The final factor is that in spiritual progress, you do a serious disservice to yourself by being falsely humble, meek, timid or just afraid; a good deal of mastering your nature as you progress on the Path is learning to be frankly honest with yourself about yourself. To lie to myself about where I am in life is even more serious than lying to another, serious in not only the fashion of deception but in the level of WILLED blindness one exhibits. Ego is the source of immodesty; if you have mastered the ego, you can have no fear of honestly describing your circumstances. So, yes, I feel & think that I am somewhere near XIX, THIS TIME AROUND on the racetrack; AGAIN, remember that the Path from bottom to top isn’t a one-time affair; we cycle through over and over, on progressive levels, as we mount higher in our understanding of our evolution, our place in the Grand Pattern, and finally in how we can help keep it alive and evolving as well. Maintenance in this case is more; it is giving Life.  As you can tell, I’m comfortable chatting with the Sun; I have a peculiar private theory that the stars are actually intelligent beings of a completely unknown reality, and it is they who are the actual citizens of the Universe, grouped into galaxies much as we group in cities. As I said, it is eccentric enough to keep private; I still have some shreds of common sense . . . LOL. (Therefore, this “public” confession means I have either A) lost those last few remaining shreds, or B) I presume that you readers have the intelligence, wit, perspicacity and keen reasoning faculties to deduce that I am absolutely correct! Grin.) Whatever the reason, I am an Aries sun sign (Virgo rising, Taurus Moon,) I was born and raised in the desert, and more than another material thing the star Sol is the most representative object I have of “the personal presence of the Nameless One, the Divine.) 
I am also a Kemetian, which is a person who follows or practices the religion of ancient Egypt, very much solar-oriented. So the Sun and I are old buddies, form WAY back. And the Moving Shadow moves on . . . to discover my Mercury today, VI the Lovers.   Double Harrumph! I am becoming quite vexed with my anima; she is dragging her feet on our decision to move on and “break on through to the Other Side.” She is traipsing around all the earlier Arcana, moaning around and with a fixed and theatrical expression of melancholy on her face, as if I am ripping her away from the bosom of her Bostonian family to go start a farm in the Badlands of the Dakotas. I find this to be unnecessarily self-indulgent and totally “drama queen-like” of her, but I am NOT surprised. I know my gal, she’s as eccentric and outrageous as I am myself, at times, and can be broody and petty and capricious, as well. She HAS grown up, but that served merely to “mature” the level or her capriciousness; it wasn’t until I started working on myself seriously, via Tarot, that she finally found a voice and my lack of hostility to her self-expression. But she WILL go on and on about Love, and “soulmates,” etc. It irritates me to a grand degree; even though I have dumped a LOT of my cynicism and sarcasm in order to evolve, I can still find myself entering the now-empty rooms of those apartments looking for a way to get my anima’s attention. She knows perfectly well this is an “iffy” card, indicating a life-changing choice is to be made. And finally, coming upon the gates of the Catalyst, Salt, I see that today it is the Queen of Swords. My image of the Queen of Swords is a bit like an Athena in battle dress, on a cold winter’s day, standing on the ramparts of Olympus wither owl on her shoulder and the Aegis in her hand, coldly contemplating the land of Man below, and thinking, thinking . . . . (On the other claw, my mental image of the QofSw reversed is my deceased mother . . . grin; that says a lot, eh? LOL!) I shall have to have a talk with her and see what the problem is; we don’t advance if she isn’t by my side, not 3 steps behind. Sexual politics isn’t part of the scenery here. As for the energy involved, I’m reading/feeling a lot of neutral intelligence should guide my steps today; carefully plan, carefully execute, and above all, don’t let the anima’s emotional force swamp the boat. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a “thinking” view of our emotional makeup today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!  

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