Friday, May 12, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 13May2017. Using my usual spread, the deck today is **Le Tarot flamand” by F. I. Vanderborre, 1780. Unusual, sparse color usage & oddly characterized figures adorn the deck, and there is something simply “prickly” about it, much like the Flemish character. Grin. The draw today is: Sulfur = XIX the Sun; Mercury = XVI the Lightning, and Salt = the Ace of Coins. Harrumph!! I see that as long as XVI the Lightning was going to fall on someone’s Tree today, it couldn’t have fallen in a better place, from my perspective. “Let me explain my thinking, Sherman.” (Grin) First of all, with Sulfur riding in XIX the Sun, I am VERY well-placed for my animus today. The ‘Knight of the Sun’ is riding from East to West, as does Sol, carrying his victorious banner from the past to the Future. The fact that he is looking towards the West, or “past,” isn’t contradictory; the trouble my anima is encountering in her flow today is solved by a key from the past, and the Sun “is riding to get it & bring it back,” so to speak. “Why do you interpret it that way, Dr. Peabody?” “I’m glad you asked, Sherman. Now go clean the rats’ cages.” Actually, I DO interpret it that way, and justly, I believe. Considering the draws of the last week and even month, and considering the applications I have been making of the readings, and their veracity, has resulted in a marvelous event(s). I have felt the doors 
(portals, seals, what-have-you,) giving way before some fortune-favored progress. My manifestations are becoming visible to me, real and quite rapid in execution. I really can’t go beyond that, as I DO feel bound by the pledge I make every morning to the Divine: “To Know; To Will; To Dare; To Be Silent.” So, moving on from that, let’s loop back to the cards and take a look at what demands attention, not only because it is center stage but also because it is so damn dramatic, XVI the Lightning, AKA the Tower, AKA La Maison de Dieu. IF there was ONE place where the Lightning could strike today, it chose the worst possible place for itself, the best possible place for me; it sits between the Sun on the left and the Ace of Coins on the right. It’s like sending an arrow made of ice into a bubbling pool of volcanic lava – hiss!!! Poof! It’s gone. IF you remember – if you follow (and if you don’t, why are you here? Hmmm? Grin) – little Missy Anima has been spending a lot of her time lately behind the veil in places like XVIII the Moon and II the High Priestess; I imagine her return to find me having passed through to XXI the World for a brief visit yesterday and herself looking at XX the Aeon has discombobulated her to the point where she feels undercut and as if the foundations have given out underneath her; she thought she had more time to prepare (frankly, so did I), but we are being asked to step up to the plate to do something that is one step beyond our 
current reality. One GIANT step, I can feel it. I don’t feel it is anything as simple as dying and hitting the astral books in the Akashic Records; it is going to be a challenge-to-the-soul-of-my-being step, and while I don’t fear it, I somewhat anxiously await the “Good day, Mr. Phelps . . .” tape. The card itself, XVI the Lightning, ‘should’ be interpreted, in this case, as: “. . . if this card is sufficiently surrounded by other cards which dominate it, a new start, a new Truth will be born from the ashes of the razed illusions. The material advantages that you would have lost in a first instance can be sublimated; luxury becomes spiritual richness, ambition becomes self-knowledge. You shall always benefit of a better comprehension of yourself and of your Force to build and rebuild.” (LWB And on we explore this Nautilus of the Nimbus, and come upon the engine for today’s journey, the Ace of Coins. “Somebody” wasn’t fooling around when they set this up!  (cough cough) IF you are going to need ONE thing to rebuild, what would be your thought? Materials, of course! And not only materials, but this Ace carries the very pattern for “labor” itself, and that is no mean gift, no siree! This is also the root heart of materialization, which will come to fruit later in the Throne of Coins, the Page/Princess. If you prayed for resources, you

 just won the MaxiLotto, so to speak. That is “almost” how I feel, but toned down now, as the glow & glitter of the material has lost most of its appeal for me, for a while now. I don’t take the “sense-ual” pleasure of “things” as I used to; crystal, champagne, silk & gold have no lure anymore. The only exception to this, I have found, are flowers. They have become magnificent, the carriers of the “world” to me now. There is also one herbal character, It-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, who still visits faithfully, more on a need-based regularity now than a leisure based one of my younger days. Nevertheless, “somebody” has given me the Gold key to getting that “Miller et Cie” construction job on a sound enough basis for “all of us” to walk on. I really do not think that I can ask for much more than that; not that I even want to, this a generously gilded look at the day. I ask the Cosmos today to give us all a boost in our Vision. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!   

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