Monday, May 15, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 165May2017. The deck today is *The Haindl Tarot* by Hermann Haindl, with an accompanying book, *The Haindl Tarot: The Major Arcana* by Rachel Pollack, Career Press, Franklin Lakes, 2002. It is a Wonderful deck, VERY tilted toward the intuitive and evoked sense memory. The art is wonderfully meditative and lends a certain ease to opening one’s mental constructs on the principle, action or energy in question. I would highly recommend this deck for either advanced readers and/or highly intuitive people. Onward and Upward! My draw for today is: Sulfur = XXI the Universe; Mercury = XV the Devil, and Salt = the King of Stones (Pentacles.) This, BTW, is a ‘clarification draw’ for the first draw I had, XII the Hanged Man, II the High Priestess, and the Prince of Wands. As soon as I took a look at the draw, alarm bells went off; “Not the draw! Not the draw!” This happens occasionally, in three categories; 1) I haven’t used the deck in a long while, and our connection needs to be revivified; 2) When the deck is new and the 1st deep connection has yet to be made, & 3) when the deck and I just DON’T match, on ANY level. Today is a case of #1, as this is yet another deck that elicits, “Damn! This is a good deck, why don’t I use it more often?” My only excuse is an embarrassment of riches, and the necessity to have the rotation. (I am, however, 
during the rotation, clearing the doubtfuls out to streamline my chosen decks to an easier number to handle. I live in Hope. Grin.) My animus is peering into the immediate future, I hope! and finding the view breathtaking. Instead of the Ouroboros, we find the Great Snake spiraling forward, no longer closed, but now open, voyaging, and evolving.  The promise of “true success” is there and realizable, it being defined as BOTH inner & outer contentment and not simply outer or material have-ables, be they possessions, people, or mental constructs. XXI the Universe has “Neptune as the cosmic omniscience and Pluto as the central power of creation, its dominant astrological planet being Saturn. On the Tree of life, it proceeds from Malkuth to Yesod. Its Element is the Earth and its Number is 21 as the symbol of the whole, 3 x 7, the cross sum is the 3.” (Raven) Having writ, the moving finger moves on . . . to my Salt today, the Catalyst which is going to power the alchemical union of the Sulfur & Mercury today. I have drawn the Father of Stones (Pentacles) the King of the material realm. As the head of his suit, he will have power to spare, of course, as well as all of the support material & physical goodies you could want. He provides, stable, Taurean energy by the sacksful, and as the King of the “3D suit” he is generous beyond measure when given reason to trust. I can grok the tableau of actions as 
follows: My animus is ready, willing and able to prepare to step through to a new reality; however, my anima is stricken with doubt, she is revisiting her material, earthly previous connections and “service to” consumerism & materialism, and all of the bonds that tied us to the ground, to Malkuth, and kept us in chains. She has sudden, lingering doubts, which doesn’t surprise me in the least. Why? Because she is female; her prime genetic duty is to nest, remain stable, reproduce and assure continuance of the species HERE in Malkuth, on the Earth. She still has fears about stepping into the unknown, a realm where she only knows instrumentality is far less important, and the base materials of her existence unavailable – there are no homebuilders in the upper reaches of the Tree. She is drawing a tremendous amount of power from him, both to resist MY pull on her and to exert the energy to revisit the past; it is “expensive.” However, the same energy is available to my animus, in such a theoretical way that he, too, can play with the ideas of “roots” and “homesteads” in the non-corporeal realms he hopes to inhabit. The King wears two different faces today for us, just like his two footprints in the “cave painting.” Both work, and when harnessed for a mutual goal can power us forward with great efficiency and purpose. It’s not long & windy today, which is just as well. I may need to spend a bit of time coaxing my anima back to the present, but it is easily done, and we can move forward, “perfect” together as we enter the next stage of evolution as a united being. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a crystalline perception of the Way forward today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!   

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