Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 18May2017. Today’s deck is one of my sentimental favorites, the *Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot* by Vicki Brewer/BoL. Surprisingly, it isn’t an Egyptian deck so much as an Egyptian-themed deck, a difference upon which I have previously remarked. Nevertheless, it is the deck with which C.C Zain worked, and it has recently been colorized, although the design has remained the same. Today’s draw is: Sulfur = XVII the Star; Mercury = XV the Black Magician, and Salt = the Queen of Swords. On first glance, while I am always happy to see Hope (the Star), I am starting to be both a little vexed and somewhat worried that my Anima is insisting on dwelling in XV the Black Magician (the Devil.) IT is easy for my Anima to become overly attracted to the Bling, and also to the comfort of XV. It IS her comfort zone, when left to her own devices and unsupervised. This fits in with an opinion I have long held, and for which I may be tarred and feathered, but I believe to be true; deep in the reptile brain, women are programmed to nest, build family, build community, and make EARTH a livable and relatively safe place to breed and increase the species. The men have other priorities; a more severe solitude, a desire to roam, a need to be free of constraint, and a willingness to trade “love” for “experience.” (Putting on my armor now.)  
This is, OF COURSE, a generalization that will often be broken in individual cases, however, for the most part, it holds true. Seeing my Anima lolling around on burlap and delusionally thinking it’s silk, and gobbling offal that she imagines are grapes and apricots, frightens, repels, and concerns me, to the point that I am considering action. Such as, checking in to the nearest inn and taking a rest for a few days while she catches up, OR go in and as much as she protests, drag her kicking and screaming into the Light (pun intended.) I don’t want to give the overall impression of “violence,” that serves no purpose, but “forced reasoning” with my Anima can produce results; when push comes to shove she’ll opt to follow me out of the bat-infested caves. I’m being influenced to take this course of action and mental rigor by the “engine” I drew today, the Queen of Swords. We all “know” the Queen, that imperious She Who Must Be Obeyed who lives in the imagination of hormonally volcanic adolescent males everywhere thanks to H. Rider Haggard and his fiction. (“Note: This may no longer be true, since the Great Ban of 2035 C.E. on books in general [rainforest conservation] and the [edited] written works of mankind uploaded to the World Cloud.” Encylopaedia Terralis, 2150 C.E.) “She” is the kind of amoral creature within whom my Anima likes to pretend she is comfortable; it’s a pile of crap, of course, because my Anima is conditioned to despise laziness and to mistrust the merely glittery. (I can hear my mother’s voice, “Buy land! and don’t ever sell it!”)  And frankly, when my 
Anima has indulged too much in her excesses and is lost, she COUNTS upon me coming in and leading her out, we’ve danced this tango before. As for me looking longingly at XVII the Star, I always have two thoughts about her; one is that she is and has always been my bedrock, my last resort; in the darkest and most despairing of times, She has come to me in sometimes surprising ways to buoy me up through the storm. She “takes me back” to something I never really enjoyed, “the Hope and joy of childhood;” I feel very sentimental about her. However, if we need to go in and kick the Black Magician’s ass back to the Waters of Chaos and a waiting Apep, then that calls for ME, with her hopefully cheering me on from the sidelines. I’ve always been a sucker for rescuing damsels in distress, to a dangerously naïve point of stupidity.  I don’t regret (most of) my actions in that regard, although sometimes my personal demon of Impatience would step in and more or less spit out, “Okay, you’re rescued; now get on about your business. Go on, Shoo!!” Well, I’m going to ride out the morning to wait and see if I hear any faint calls of distress, and will try to do some aligning of “our” thoughts, feelings & energies. I shall toss in a bit more information re: XVII the Star after my sign off. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL precise analyses of our states of congruity. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!                                                                                                    XVII the Star – “The figure expresses eternal youth and beauty." No astrologer will hesitate to recognize Venus. "The Star is the étoile flamboyante, which appears in Masonic symbolism, but has been confused herein." (Waite) And "gifts of the spirit," which au fond means beauty, are the gifts administered by Venus, who in the solar system hands over the vibrations or 'gifts' coming from the Sun, to our Earth. The picture on the card shows it quite clearly: a naked girl, demonstrating undoubtedly the beauty of the human body, symbol of beauty in the nature of man, pouring "the fluids of Life upon the Earth (and the sea: i.e. into soul and body--Th.) from two cups, the one of gold and the other of silver." (Papus) "The genius of the Sun has now descended to Earth under the form of this young girl, the image of eternal Youth." (Papus) Well, then it is the image of this planet of beauty and eternal youth, which has its place between the Sun and Mercury on one side and our Earth on the other, the third personification of the genius of the Sun. The ibis and the butterfly connect the idea 'of immortality with this figure, in perfect accord with the mystic teaching which says, that love extends beyond the grave. "The Phe--identified with this card--expresses the same hieroglyphic value as the Beth (second card), but in a more extended sense." It is said to represent speech. (Papus) Now Venus has in so far to do with the second sign, that it rules this sign. The 'more extended sense' may perhaps be thought of as this planetary rulership, as "the Word in action in Nature with all its consequences." (Papus) Venus could perhaps be seen in the sense it has in the Gospel of St. John: "The Word which became the Light of men." Venus indeed is the representative of the ruler of Light on Earth and in Nature: third aspect of the Solar Logos. "The Word in action in Nature with all its consequences," we should like to correct in this way: it is Venus, the ruler of the signs Taurus and Libra, houses of riches, art, beauty, and of the organized body. In the latter it represents the Law of Harmony between the Self and the Not-self.” (A. E. Thierens)    

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