Saturday, May 20, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 20May2017. Today’s deck is the *Tarocchi Della Luna Nuova* by Maria Teresa Monti, deceased in 1991 (G. Berti, dir.) The cards are beautiful, large with the figures on black, this popping out the image. Quite beautiful, art-y cards of a personal style, yet in keeping with Tarot basics and structure. I love reading with them, although to be honest, you DO have to push the Intuition a bit when using them. There were only 300 copies of this deck ever printed, so if you have the opportunity somehow to obtain one, SNAP IT UP. Onward and Upward! Today’s draw is: Sulfur = VIII Justice; Mercury = I the Magus, and Salt = the Queen of Cups. After I turned the 2nd card, I thought, “Well, the Catalyst better be a Cup, or today isn’t going to go well.” Sure enough, Aphrodite herself showed up, holding the vase, symbol of femininity and fertility, as well as being an “ostensoir” for her all-embracing love and understanding. “Aha!” I posited, “I thought so. So, let’s see what this curious trio has to ‘say’ to me today.” I’m not going to go esoteric & technical today, this deck doesn’t encourage it. On the other claw, it DOES involve ratiocination. (If one posits “this, that, and the other thing,” involving one’s faculty of logical reasoning, one should arrive at A + B X C = D, where D is my reading & its explication.) 
I’m not so wonderful at playing a kind of Professor Peabody or Mr. Spock, so instead I perform the other recommended action for this Tarot; I “contemplate” the whole and synthesize the result. Sounds exactly like what a reader does anyway, doesn’t it? Well, yes; here, however, one throws a lot of one’s “pre-learned rote knowledge” about the cards and let your head roam. As in this from Aeclectic’s Bonnie Cehovet, (a tried & true friend, BTW ;) “It is good in each of these cards to allow yourself to simply ‘take in’ the imagery, as opposed to looking for the esoteric symbolism. “SO, bearing that in mind and heart, let’s take a look. Hmmm, well, Master Animus is off visiting VIII Justice, an old family friend. Not only do I have a special “thang” for her, (because I believe that I am, by Nature, a very unjust person, I have cultivated her friendship and opinion for many decades in various forms, to remedy that.) Besides my “thing” for Ma’at (I have a “thang” for all winged people! grin,) the visit isn’t surprising in and of itself. What DOES surprise me is the timing of it – Why now? I’m not really anywhere near Arcanum VIII at the moment on my Journey, therefore this must be a temporary interruption to advise me that there is going to be a surprise issue today involving a need for me to activate my inner avatar of “Justice.” Hmmm. On the other side of the stream little Missy Anima has lugged along all of our props to set up an “al fresco” altar, and is running through her warm-up for a materialization she is about to manifest. So, what are we dealing with? It seems to be question or issue involving deep sentiments, mine, hers or ours. I’m a BIG fan of Aphrodite, even more of her “original,” Isis, goddess of so MANY things in Egyptian mythology? 
Normally one addresses her as “The Great Goddess, Queen of Heaven and Mistress of Magic, Thrice-Blessed Holy Isis;” not exactly something that rolls unconsciously off the tongue, but quite beautiful nevertheless. I have devotions of a personal nature with several of the Egyptian deities, in the sense that I consider ALL deities to be simply representative of the countless faces of the Living God. When I commune with Amun-Ra, I am doing the same with YHWH, Allah, the Aten, etc. Islam states that Allah has 99 names; I would amend that to “Myriad.” According to which mythological branch you follow in Egyptian theology, there was always an original, come-from-the-ocean-of-Chaos, creator deity. In the most ancient, and popular god-based creation myth, Atum is that deity, and upon reflection, he created a “vehicle” for himself, Ra. Then they merged, and fought the great serpent of the Void, Apep. Etc., etc., etc. So here I am, seeking Justice by Magic and knowledge of the material realm, and the cooperation of the Elements (Animus & Anima AKA Sulfur & Mercury,) through the power of understanding, compassion and love that the Queen symbolizes, to me. Her vase, her flower, her tree of hearts, and her rather stern, aged, experienced yet strong & oddly, impersonally, compassionate face speak of the world of emotional experience to me. It’s in the eyes, folks, in the eyes; and not just as represented on the card. Imagine Aphrodite/the Goddess of Love/ Your Goddess of Love standing in front of you, with that wide-open, non-judgmental gaze and the symbol of the Emotional/Intuitive Realm in her hands, and you are staring straight into her eyes. How do you feel? Do it, really; take a minute, relax, breathe deeply but normally and focus your attention on the black screen in front of your closed eyes. Now, image a small triangle of white lines beginning to form in the dark, slowly growing brighter like neon tubing. Finally, you have it clearly in focus. Now, image that “your” Goddess of Love walks in from “stage left,” and turns to face you, in this hieratic position. Now, analyze your feelings as you gaze into her eyes, and then write down how you felt. Then, if you are so moved, do a reading about it. You might learn a LOT, you might learn a little, but you’ll find that you’ve learned “something.”  I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the talent of loving cooperation today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!   


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