Thursday, May 25, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 25May2017. I’m going to pick up the keyboard and try to get back in the swing of things, yet humorously the Universe has given me a “mass market” deck with which to do it. Today’s deck is the *Tarot Draconis* by Davide Corsi. As far as themed decks go, it isn’t bad; there is that to be said for it. It could have been much “cutesier” and “fey;” thank Freya! he didn’t take that route. This happened because last night I woke out of a sound sleep thinking, “I’ve got to find a deck with which to sleep:” Nonsensical, I know, but dreams . . .  I picked it out of the dark from a box and went back to bed, putting it under the pillow, thinking, “I’m supposed to use that tomorrow.” So here it is, in all of its themed “beauty.” My draw this morning is: Sulfur = XV the Devil; Mercury = 0 the Fool, and Salt = the Ace of Cups. Well, it’s an odd draw, I’ll give you that; my Animus is visiting Mr. Material, or in this case the Dragon Material, XV the Devil; I can only assume that he is here following in the footsteps of my Anima, who was here a few days ago. If that is so, he’ll be visiting 0 the Fool very soon, as well. I can’t think why he is doing this – normally it would be vice-versa and she would be trailing him by an Arcanum or two. However, they are wound around each other pretty tightly these days, their “orbits” being much more similar now than ever in the past. I see it as a dance of gyroscopes going on at the same time as the whole scene rotates around the Sun, which rotates around the galaxy, etc. There are NO fixed points any longer; no anchor spots with which to launch nets to capture and subdue the other. With no dishonest games going on any longer between them, even though they find themselves at “different,” not “crossed,” purposes, their dance is intricate enough and large enough to allow for diversions, divergences, & distractions because reunion is always immediately afterwards, just ahead. 
What he is actually doing with the Devil is not terribly important; if I had to guess, I would say he’s persisting in the question, “Are you SURE that we have no more contractual obligations to each other?” Grin. The dragon, woefully answers no, there are no more, BUT, if my Animus is interested in a long-term low-rate loan . . . , “NO Thank You!!” (“Run, Dick, run! See Dick run. Run, Dick, run!” Grin.) Now another interesting development, has slid down the Mercury pipeline, as well; 0 the Fool. I really love the idea of representing 0 with a golden, unhatched egg, sitting atop a pile of riches; all possibility & future; no failure and the past. I gather that she is “gestating;” killing time, waiting for the Animus to round up his business so he can cycle through and meet her in the Egg. This is a good thing, in a truly profound sense; I am passing through the cycle again, and this time it won’t take me 65 years; it is going to be a rapid run through the 22 “gates” of the course on Mt. Meru. (“Mount Meru is a sacred mountain with five peaks in Hindu, Jain and Buddhist cosmology and is considered to be the center of all the physical, metaphysical and spiritual universes.” Wikipedia.) I figure that there is still enough energy left in this carcass to take a rapid “stroll” through the Gates, this time as an “informed” being, Not only will I understand much that was unseen by me the 1st time through (0-65 yrs.) but I will be able put it in context in the woof & warp of the tapestry of my life. The Animus & Anima are in vastly different places today, but there with similar purposes; Anima is digesting what she learned on her recent “re-visits,” and Animus has not only covered his own ground but is re-covering hers, as well; whether in a sense of “I’m a control freak” or in the sense of “I need to be fully informed” is open to question. I prefer the latter, but don’t discount the possibility of the former. 
That may be the very reason she has jumped ahead; to give me the chance to figure it out, and to correct it if need be. I say MAY be; there is also the very real possibility that she simply carries a “lighter backpack” than I do; I’m a real pain when I take an interest; I insist on detail, accurate detail, I don’t stop searching until I’m satisfied. She is more of an “I’ll take if it’s there, but if it isn’t, no big deal,” kind of searcher; what she didn’t find specifically and obviously in her “search” can’t be important, right? It is an attitude which irks me, but there it is. (Neither of us is giving way on this miniscule point, but it’s alright, it has become a standing joke between us. Loki’s lying lips! that sounds schizo, doesn’t it? LOL!) Let’s move giddily along the M. C. Escher pathway to the final Gate today, the Energy which is going to power this double-pronged assault on the armies of Ignorance, and lo and behold, it is the Ace of Cups. Surprise, surprise, Mark, today is all about trusting your Intuition (which is telling you to mind your own business and let the twins get about their business.) It is also about the emotion of “love,” with a small L. I’m thinking particularly of my wife; the small ways in which we express our love and friendship for each other, the jokes & thoughts we share, even the patterns of living we now share after ** years of marriage. It is a “daily love” that binds us more than any “grand” love or concept of love. It is easy to judge the emotional mood of the other, because we know how to read it. In the same way, we *should* (one of my most DISLIKED words) be able to read it in ourselves, for ourselves, as well as a never-ending thirst to know the patterns of Love and familiarity with the Divine, and to live in them. I LIVE that thirst every day, every night, and I never get tired of following where it takes me. I find myself, at times, in strange and inexplicable places, and at other times in places that are familiar but tuned “higher, finer” so that they carry sentimentality rather than regret or bitterness. (As you can see, the dragons don’t have a hell of a lot to do when one is actually reading the cards, so one can please oneself about the “wallpaper.” Nevertheless, I DO prefer a deck that is more “informed.”) I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a warm and loving Patience today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!  


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