Friday, May 26, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 26May2017. Using my usual Basics Modified spread, the deck today is *Le Tarot des Templiers* by Jean-Louis Victor. It is a big, colorful deck with a specific theme, the “occult” significances of the Order of the Knights Templar during the High Middle Ages; just pre-Renaissance. They are beautiful cards; the deck is designed to teach something which it does a very good job of doing, and it reads well, although I wouldn’t say superbly, but that is for ME – perhaps for you it strikes just the right note. Nevertheless, I DO like to read with it, and it is growing warmer towards me, as well (very French.) The draw today is as follows: Sulfur = IIII the Emperor; Mercury = XVIIII the Sun, and Salt = the Ace of Cups. I have days when I feel really French, and days more American, and finally the days where I simply feel like an expat from my REAL planet. I’m less “amoureux” of modern France than antique, or historical, which is my “thing,” as far as France goes. More specifically, the history of France just pre-Renaissance; i.e. the last of the Valois dynasty. The Templars were long distant in history even then; but their influence has survived to this day, especially under la Maçonnerie française. But the historical Templars were of an entirely different order; mystic warriors, embracing a “world theology” that was far broader than that of the Catholic Church, of which they were nominally a militant arm. 
Whether even one Templar ever saw a Tarot card is highly unlikely, given the dates; however, for those who give Tarot an older lineage, it “could” hold true. Onward and Upward! To start, I find that Master Animus inhabits the Emperor’s new clothes, today. Grin. The Master of the Material World is a solid “rock” of a guy, sitting there as he does on the Cube of Matter and holding forth in justice and wisdom. (We currently have a spectacular example of the exact opposite of IIII, one can’t even say the reverse; Donald Trump.) The good Emperor shows the power of his Will in his concrete manifestations, including HIMSELF. A good emperor is the hub of a network of information, and it is he who must judge the titration of Justice and Compassion into the flow of “Life” he receives and rules over each day. This is the best place for my Animus to be today, says my sub/un-conscious, and I can even feel the Truth of that in my bones, in the marrow living in them. It feels “right.” I need to sacrifice my personal interests (which are nearly non-existent today, anyway,) and Stay Still, receive the information, JUDGE the state of the Empire and apply Justice &/or Compassion accordingly. It’s a huge and unearthly job; one must empty oneself of the self, the “you,” and let oneself be inhabited by the “we,” the “avatar of the Empire,” in order to render Justice justly and Compassion in an EFFECTIVE manner. I advance to where my Anima’s avatar for today stands, XVIIII the Sun. (If you are curious why the numbering is like it is, it is because in Tarot Latin numerals, one ALWAYS adds, NEVER subtracts. This is usually true when using Latin numerals for ritual practices.) This is a GOOD place for Ms. Anima to stand and soak up some healing, self-affirming, positive vibe-giving rays; Valhalla knows she can use it! She’s been awfully lugubrious lately, visiting Hell and the Moon back & forth to brush up on her magickal skills, and has been “en solitaire” and thus left alone with her thoughts, which QUITE OFTEN need to bounce off of mine, even when we are marching through a squabble. If left totally to herself, 
she could easily end up in some Gothic melodrama manifestation, I KNOW her. Or in some totally unsuitable relationship with someone, well . . . unsuitable. The thought of wanting to balance a third person in my marriage is dizzying enough without letting a complete romantic take control of it; I would need a deck FULL of XVIs, 78 Towers, to describe the results. Grin. I love her, but I never trust a completely romantic approach to ANYTHING. Not even Love; Love is “useless” to you unless it helps you to “grow” as a human being, to be someone much better than you are by yourself. That is a “True” fruit of marriage, in a way which the merely biological imperative to reproduce is not. Speaking of “LURV,” (LOVE, of course, silly rabbit!) in progressing the last 3rd of my Imperial stroll today, I come to the engine house running the palace AND the kingdom, at least for today, and it is – ta da! – The Ace of Cups. We all know what the Ace of Cups is, right? It is the “Holy Grail,” the same one which Walter Donavan/Julian Glover ignores and instead grasps a richly bejeweled cup and dies a dusty, horrible death in *Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade.* GRIN. (There, how’s THAT for modern myth, Joseph Campbell?? LOL.) There was even an old Templar guarding it, alive after centuries, waiting for Indiana to replace him; which Indie DOESN’T do, he blithely walks out of there with never a backward glance, the Grail is lost in a crevice and the old knight is presumably buried under tons of rock. I love happy endings. Grin. Here in the Tarot, the Ace of Cups is the Grail, yes, but it is also the seed of the entire suit of Cups, and contains all of the suit’s possibilities within itself. This is a VERY powerful card, all the more so because it is less flashy than two of its siblings and less lush than the remaining one. Here there is the Fruit of a Promise; not only on the emotional side, but on the intuitive side as well. Intuition is a tricky thing; it can be combined of many elements, or few. It may come in a dream, in a waking thought, in something seen or heard, or directly by messenger in some startling and “odd” happening in your day/on your path. For instance, there you are, walking down 5th Avenue in NYC, and a full-sized alligator falls from somewhere above you and crushes the pedestrian just ahead of you. You are horrified, yet you notice that EVERYONE else is just walking by, hardly even sparing a glance. You are left with two choices; 1) Shrug your shoulders, mumble, “New York,” and move on, or 2) regard it as something “weird” in your day and take appropriate action. In this case, call an ambulance &/or the police, & then go home, turn off all the distractions, and contemplate what the Hell that message was meant to say to you. At this point, OF COURSE you read your cards. (Smile.) You may even want a professional reading from another reader than yourself; often GOOD advice when dealing with the Gordian knots in one’s own life. Circling the wagons, I like today’s reading; it is partly action, partly right Judgement, all positive. There is no reason to turn mealy-mouthed and whine about the slings and arrow of outrageous fortune. Grin. (I DESPISE whiners.) I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL today a sense of the justness of our progress. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!  


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