Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 01Jun2017. Today’s deck is the *Tarot Nostradamus* by Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus – [sic] 1503 - 1556) or should we say, Heron Publishing. It is a variation on the Tarot de Marseille, with some definitely odd details. Given Nostradamus’ dates of life, it is just BARELY possible that he was acquainted with the Tarot. Since his patron was Caterina de Medici, an Italian and devotee of the “dark arts”, it is quite possible that she brought the cards with her and introduced them to France, as she did forks (true fact.)  She was SO Italian that Lucrezia Borgia had nothing on her; poisonings and murder most foul! abounded. Enough about that viper, let’s move on. My draw today is as follows: Sulfur = 0 the Fool; Mercury = I the Magus (“Branchus”) and Salt = the Page of Coins. Well! Yet another good reading following on the steps of yesterday’s gangbuster cards of realized materialization of the fusion of my Animus & Anima. It was beautiful enough to make you either skip or weep for joy. And now today I see that we have kept moving overnight, and today I am chomping at the bit to get out on the road and on to our new Journey; I’m so ready I just want to take off, screw the details. Ah ha!! Thank Hathor! for my Anima, who is in I the Magus. She, knowing me full well, has stepped out from her normal and slightly old-fashioned habit of walking one “step” (card) behind me; today she has leapfrogged over the Animus to hit I the Magus in order to TAKE CARE OF THE MATERIAL NEEDS for our Journey. She is, after all, in the mode of Master of the Material Realm, and being a Page, is full of both energy and a slight diffidence. He’s not QUITE as invested as the Knight or King, but invested he is. He brings a kind of sweet & charming canine loyalty with him, 
as well as a will to work second to none. He can also fulfill the role of a messenger, usually about financial matters, but we are interested here in the Energy that he carries more than about a current avatar. I like the tableau reading here; the Fool sets off towards the future; just ahead of him is the Magus, preparing the Journey, and casting an ironic glance in the Fool’s direction. Finally, the Valet/Page is our Energy machine today, and he is looking at both Major Arcana as being slightly flummoxed by their seeming haphazardness. His glance at them is priceless, as if saying, “I’m spending my Energy helping YOU two???” He has two coins with him, which look remarkably like gears; I can make the identification easily with the “machine” putting out the Energy to power the construct today. I feel like today is a natural follow-up on yesterday’s stellar reading. I was named Mr. World yesterday; today comes the daily grind of putting on a pound of make-up, my glittery evening dress, and my stiletto heels to go to IHOP this morning for a publicity breakfast. Sigh . . . it’s SO hard being pretty. LOL. (I shall give you some data at the end about the three cards.) I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a sense of excitement & anticipation today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!!               0 the Fool – “The average stage of man in the present stage of Earth-evolution is 'human,' but not yet at the stage of wisdom, consequently that of the 'unwise man.' To us, creatures living upon the Earth, this globe cannot be observed by us in toto, and the Fool is represented as a man walking without paying attention to himself. There is something of absolute Fate about this figure, which reminds us of the old saying of astrologers: "The wise man rules his stars, the fool obeys them." On the point of this fatality all authorities agree. For the rest the explanation does not seem very satisfying. To us there appears to be no doubt regarding the nature of this 
Fool, presented as a final 'principle,' if we may call it that, after those of the planets. A principle, however, without a number, a principle of nothing, nothingness. The planets give us the symbols or ideas of organs of consciousness, the zodiacal signs denote modes of substance, from which consciousness is derived. So the zero-principle is the symbol of unconsciousness. In fact he who is unconscious, of himself or of Self, will obey every intimation from without and obeys 'his stars'--his senses, stupidly, blindly.” (A. E. Thierens)                                                                   I the Magus - The first sign or house in the Zodiac is the first step in the direction of Manifestation, and Aries is the High Priest as well as Avidya or Ignorance, standing before, c.q. above cognition. Potency and power are its attributes, because all and everything is immanent in this stage of Beginning. Power abstract, undeveloped, simple, but for that reason mightier than every detail or phenomenon, and the master of Nature. The ultra-positive, the very superior, and in the lower human sense the ultra-egotistical. Like the first note of a composition in music, it determines the tone and gives the key. From the First spring the Four, and so the symbols of the Four Elements appear on the table of the Magician, though his action, as far as action goes in this card and principle, exists in potency only and is indicated consequently in the wand in his right hand. In his superior abstractness he is eternal in relation to the phenomenal world, which is indicated by the symbols of Eternity above his head, the lemniscate, and around his waist, the serpent.” (Ibid.)                                                         The Valet of Coins - The Page, always more or less of a messenger, in this case of fiery nature, on the Seventh house, as well as on the Third. The latter house is that of the disciple and the message; so here the traditional rendering is again quite correct. The seventh house explains everything that is said about application, occupation, profession, liberality, etc., this being the house of Libra, of relation. We may add, that the card will indicate a proposal of marriage, courting, love-making, but in a gentle, sometimes a poetical or platonic way, not without ardor however. It has also to do with all sorts of honorable offices and denominations and may indicate any official person in the civil service and commerce, a stationer, bookseller or editor, bookkeeper or director, appointed by the owner or patron.” (Ibid.)

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