Sunday, June 18, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 19Jun2017. The deck today is the beautiful *Tarocco Soprafino* by F. Gummpenberg, Milano, 1835. (Reproduction by ‘Il Meneghello.’®) Widely considered the most beautiful of the pre-modern Italian decks based on the Tarot de Marseille style (or is it the other way around?? LOL) It is an expensive deck but absolutely beautiful, so if you have the shekels, go for it. Onward & Upward! My draw today is: Sulfur = IX the Hermit; Mercury = 0 the Fool, and Salt = the Knight of Cups. “Hmm, not exactly you, is it??” you throw triumphantly in my face. “Hah! Dunderhead!! You don’t know for what issue I was using them!! More fool thou!!” LOL. ‘Tis true, I changed my Daily inquiry a bit this morning (something I DON’T normally do.) I have been concerned for my wife lately, who has been battling some of her own family demons which had their birth LONG ago. So my query today was “How can I make the best of today to help my wife?” In light of that query, this draw makes PERFECT sense to me. As a matter of fact, I’m astonished that you didn’t divine it right away!! “Turn in your Tarot hat & hit the road, Jack!!” Grin. The source of my wife’s anxieties and angers do not merit a long, frothy description, or even a short one. Deep –rooted family issues, eh, we all have them. But my wife’s disposition is so naturally sunny, effervescent and gold-heartedly generous that to see her “out of sorts” is both rare and astonishing, not to mention that I become concerned for her. She doesn’t do the dark moods well; they really take a toll on her. Therefore, what I can see and intuit in the cards today is clear; “Back off & let J--- embark on her own adventure here. She still has the right to travel alone, you know, and to make errors and mistakes as much as anyone else. A Journey can start at ANY time of life, you know that!!” Rueful grin. Yes, it’s true, I DO know that; my own, although precociously started, took a LONG, LONG hiatus before it came back, geared up, and ready to work. I need to sit it out, well-meaning though I may be. This is/are HER issue(s) to resolve, she’s an adult, and I do know she is “somewhere” on a Path, 
although it is entirely different. (She is a sincere Catholic who believes in her faith. Being French, however, means that there is a gigantic dose of laïcism present and active. Yes, you may be thinking, “A Catholic and a Kemetan in a marriage?” [The faith of ancient Egypt.] It works, thanks mainly to my wife’s open-hearted acceptance of who I am, at any time. She sees no discord at all, can’t even imagine it. She’s quite a woman. Hmmm, perhaps I should give her a golden sistrum. . . . LOL.) At any rate, here is my answer, and as I wrote, its basic message is, “Back off, Jack, but BE READY to bring LOVING SUPPORT and “courageous & caring strength” to her side in case of need.” It couldn’t be any clearer to me. I shall give you some tidbits on the cards, but at this point I am personally signing off. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL clear & concise messages today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!
IX The Hermit -                                                                                         “The Hebrew letter ‘Thet’ represents a roof and suggests the idea of safety and protection . . . protection ensured by wisdom." The astrologer says: the Ninth house is the house of the Master--idea of wisdom and protection in one; the Master in fact shields his disciples like a roof . . . in some way. The sign is that of thought-power, creative mind, idealism, which throw their own light on the things below, and consequently the Sagittarian is remarkable for always seeing things in his own light and trying to throw light on things in order to instruct other people. He is the eternal traveler, the indefatigable walker. And mentally he is always more or less lonely. All this is very distinctly symbolized in the card of the Hermit, which stands for ideas, perspectives, spiritual or moral influences and for light thrown upon the objects of this earth-life. In divination it stands for teachers, legal authorities, advisers and guides, and with the guiding principles in everything and questions, in relation to the querent. But above all it is his own idealism, etc. The direction in which his thoughts are running." (A. E. Thierens, *The General Book of the Tarot.*)                                             

0 the Fool -                                                       “The planets give us the symbols or ideas of organs of consciousness, the zodiacal signs denote modes of substance, from which consciousness is derived. So the zero-principle is the symbol of unconsciousness. In fact he, who is unconscious, of himself or of Self, will obey every intimation from without and obeys 'his stars'--his senses, stupidly, blindly. Of course this card has much to do with foolishness, spiritual dumbness, but it bears also the meaning of that which cannot be helped and which we do best to leave altogether aside; or that which will come right of itself and need not be heeded by us: that to which we are subject, as to the Earth course in its orbit. It does not need our personal assistance. Realizing the latter fact this 'fool' might after all appear to be wiser than a good many other people, who in their human vanity imagine they are greatly needed for carrying out the intentions of their God, of Whom they claim a sort of personal knowledge. A proverb says, that children and fools tell the truth. Taken as a whole, the card signifies that which will prove to contain more truth than appears; that which cannot be helped; those who are unconscious (of certain things, e.g.,) or unreasonable or foolish, disregarding logical propositions and actions. Also that part of our surroundings over which we have no control or which we do not master; that which we have to obey or which we ignore.” (Ibid.) The Knight of Cups -                                                                               "The Water of the soul on the Twelfth and on the Eighth house. The double influence of water makes the emotions and feelings prominent, relates to the imagination, to deeper experiences and strong reactions of the soul, processes of psychic life, which may end in wonderful success or in less desirable phenomena. It is sure to indicate much relating to the subways of human life and the human soul. This is not always favorable or pleasant, of course, but is in almost every instance intensive, though the cups never go to anything like hatred or crime or real malice. Their weakness is in being unreliable or incalculable with regard to things of the exact world or matter. So in the worst cases this card may indicate everything connected with swindling from sheer mental instability. But it may also be, that the term 'swindler' (charlatan) is wrongly given to people who are standing apart from the common herd and are more or less occultists. The "higher graces of the imagination." (Ibid.)     

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