Sunday, June 25, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 26/06/2017. The deck I am using today is the *Vergnano Old Italian Tarot* by Stefano Vergnano, Milan, 1830ca, pres. by G. Berti. The illustrated deck is the Conver/Ben-Dov Tarot de Marseille. Due to technical difficulties, I cannot post pics of the deck I am using today. No need to worry, though, it is “basically the same deck.” The draw today is: Sulfur = XVIIII the Sun; Mercury = III the Empress, and Salt = the Queen of Wands. It is a pretty draw on paper, two children under the bright, impartial Sun before and Empress upright, both Mother Earth and Mother Courage, equal and impartial ruler of a vast unity of kingdoms. Courageous and extremely inventive, an ‘Athena’ more or less, the Queen of Wands doesn’t brook a lot of chicanery and she is a straight shooter, as well as being an extremely wise judge of character. Two women, two children; what could be more bucolic at play in the fields of the Sacred Tarot? Grin. Not all is as it seems, as we know, in the land of the Sacred Tarot. There are intrigue and politics everywhere, as the various factions in our subconscious play their complicated diplomatic game that we are called upon to regulate and rule, urging ALL onward, ever onward, towards an Apotheosis for the entire realm. 
“I really can’t take care of your squabble with Pentacles right now, Your Majesty,  I’m busy taking care of the bush warfare & sniping going on between Sword and Wands at the moment; Swords denies being the aggressor, but of course, we are all familiar with the Swords kingdom, eh?” “So I presume my husband is directing your forces?” “Who else?”  ¶  Getting back to the draw as given, apparently my Animus is feeling highly positive and extroverted today; perhaps he is looking forward to seeing the doctor who stood us up last Thursday (not his fault, really) and see if we can find a new treatment for these exhausted and very “We’re over it!” lungs. Just because I quit smoking tobacco several years ago (for the most part; there is ALWAYS Herb, which helps more complaints than it causes,) doesn’t mean I don’t have to pay the bill anyway for years and years of abuse. I’m at the point where I am wondering if a lung transplant is possible; seeing the two young, fresh children gamboling under the bright noonday sun gives me great hope that the doc today will have an improvement-on-tap for me. For the moment I can only see the Empress in her role as Abundantia, the Roman goddess of abundance (duh!) I honor the goddess every day in her avatar of Isis, and Abundantia is just across the way. As a matter of fact, Abundantia will eventually be subsumed into the Isis cult in many ways, as the goddess tends to consolidate her avatars in order that she may be more easily perceived. Her latest, Mary mother of Jesus, has gone astray because we no longer know the rules by which she operates, and instead have substituted a fantastical scenario meant to buttress the patriarchal system and a religion crafted for spiritual slavery. When we fuck it up, we always do so with an agenda in hand. Skipping gaily along, our children meet the “engine” for today, the Energies constituted in 
the Queen of Wands. As written before, she is an Athena, a wise and “benevolent” ruler, but whose “benevolence” lays in the fact that she NEVER accepts anything but Pure Intent, and her stance is most definitely impartial. She is the feminine side of the mastery of Will and the powers of Creativity and Imagination, but ALWAYS remember that she does NOT indulge fantasy. Her powers are immense, but generally static; it is the King (or Knight) who rides out to deliver the lightning bolt or, in the case of the Knight/Prince, to promote his parents’ cause and be a rallying point. However, Her Majesty sits at home in her chateau, and with Wisdom and its application through her husband and her son, manages to shoulder her duties and her status with ease. I can understand that her Energy is certainly applicable today in seeing the doctor; imaginative solutions or stopgaps are surely on the table.  As for the wanderings of my Anima, landing herself in the Empress today has pretty much guaranteed her immobility for the day; she prefers to sit this on out, and provide support and backup. Okay, I can accept that. I ask the Cosmos to give us the necessary tutelage if we enter unknown waters today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!   

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