Monday, June 26, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 27/06/2017. Today’s draw is: Sulfur = XI Strength; Mercury = 0 the Fool, and Salt = the Ace of Batons (Wands.) (I’m using the *Isis Tarot*, a Japanese import of a T de M; standardized lines, BRIGHT colors. Just like the Ginza 銀座. Grin.) It is a “nice” draw; genteel, sipping tea, perhaps nibbling at a watercress tea sandwich, oh yes, genteel. I can feel XI Strength today; after a l-o-n-g visit to the “toubib” (French argot, decidedly from the Arabic,) I came home with a better outlook for my fortune in the future. By that I mean he approached the problem of my respiration with aplomb & what I felt was thorough professionalism; further tests are needed, scheduled, then we go from there. I liked him, in a rather wry way; obviously an ex-playboy type, a “bon vivant,” he still believes he is pretty slick & cool. A bit of ego is admissible when dealing with doctors. However, he fell a notch in my estimation when he bald-facedly lied to me and said that marijuana was worse than tobacco and one joint had the same fatal effect as five cigarettes smoked all at once. That was a silly move, but I gave him the grace of being dedicated to his profession, and “any lie is worth it if the person stops polluting their lungs.” I’m too old for that shit & game-playing, plus too intelligent, but he couldn’t know that at first, of course; so, he is temporarily pardoned unless further evidence of idiocy manifests. 
The conclusion of all this is that I DO feel a new Strength, as well as the fact that the card has its metaphysical side as well, in terms of the mastery of two natures and their felicitous symbiosis. I’ve been to this rodeo before, believe me. At all events, my Animus today is feeling his oats and feels as if he hasn’t had such a positive outlook on his health in quite a while. ¶ Moving along, we meet my Anima in the avatar of the 0 the Fool. There is a curiosity that one doesn’t see in the Conver/Ben-Dov deck (my posted photos) that is present on the Isis deck; there is a bee flying right next to the Fool, and that same bee is also present flying next to the lemniscate-crowned figure in XI Strength. The bee has myriad meanings in symbolism, of course, and if you want to familiarize yourself with some of them, I recommend Here’s one to tickle your curiosity; “. . . occult tradition states that the mysterious figure Melchizedek, who is mentioned in the Bible in connection with giving communion to the patriarch Abraham, is an entity that brought three gifts to earth from the planet Venus: the bee, wheat, and the mineral asbestos.” No comment. I can empathize with Little Missy Anima (a nickname, not a judgement! Grin;) today, she has been on a harrowing journey lately; following her Path through some rather intense doubling and redoubling through Judgement, the World, the Magus & the High Priestess. I’m not surprised that she is both ready and impatient to let loose the reins today and step into the new Journey with my Animus, despite the animal snatching at her genitals (questionable joke – grin; or pushing her over the cliff; take your choice.) Despite my joking, I both like and am not fond of (dislike is too strong) 0 the Fool. I adore his attitude; I’m not fond of his status as idiot savant. 
In many ways I think of the Fool as simply the result of the Orphic Egg, who has yet to reach his own realization. The real fruit of the Orphic Egg is the Illuminated Man, not his before-self; but it works for me in the grander cycle of things. ¶ Taking the leap-of-faith, we find the Ace of Batons/wands waiting for us. (I sincerely hope we didn’t land on it and find ourselves impaled! OK, some of you do want that; I understand. Grin.) I LIKE the Ace of Wands, a lot. I suppose one of the reasons is that I identify with its “stage;” I’m not, by nature, an artistically gifted person; I can neither draw, nor make music, nor accomplish with professionalism any of the so-called “artistic professions.” I do, however, have a large pool of creativity inside of me that I try and express in other ways; in the way I write, for example, or the way I tell a story or employ humor of all types, even scabrous. I have painted, and it is VERY satisfying emotionally, but it is an evanescent experience and the moment gone, so the feeling. The product is lovely to me, simply puzzling & amateur to others. I don’t care, I’m not painting to make a name, or out of deep spiritual passion; “I MUST paint or I will DIE!!” However, in the Ace, is the POSSIBILITY of all of that, plus more. I feel that so far in this lifetime I have come a long, winding way through the Swords and have finally moved on to exploring the Wands; receiving the Ace today is a satisfying confirmation that my Creative Manifestation “plant” has been built, has been turned on, and is functioning not only correctly but successfully. It is good to know; and I like the energy, I feel good this morning, not weighed down once again by the physicality of my experience. ¶ I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a jump start today in a new and exciting Energy. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!     

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