Thursday, June 8, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 09Jun2017. The deck today is the *Tarot François Heri 1718 [TdeM]* by, of course, the master printer François Heri, in a small canton in northwestern Switzerland, Soleure. It is a magnificently colored deck, very clear and wonderfully detailed. This deck is from “Yves Reynaud 2015©,” who specializes in prime quality reproductions of antique decks. Onward and Upward! My draw this morning was as follows: Sulfur (Male) = V the Pope; Mercury (Female) = XIIII Temperance, and Salt (Catalyst) = the Knight of Coins. Rather half-heartedly I see that a day of work is implied . . . Hell, stated. Animus is hoping to take care of business in the V the Pope avatar. Whether this appearance concerns his role as “primary hierarch” in a managerial style, including spiritual needs in the form of “catechism,” or whether it involves his role as teacher of spiritual and occult knowledge, is unknown. I’m intuiting the latter interpretation, as the former is EXTREMELY distasteful to me, and I have no truck with organized religions as such. Yesterday I received a kind of theoretical mini-lesson from the cards; my subconscious & psyche decided that I needed to add a new, “oh now I see!” level of understanding to some of the cards. Today, rather than think I’m going to spring into action and run around like a Templar with my head cut off, I believe the “call” today is to spend some time in reflecting how what was learned yesterday can be applied in a “managerial” manner in order to aid my new Journey as well contemplating the “correctness, rightness” of that which I now represent as the life/subject I am willing to teach (i.e. in the form of mentoring,)  I have been a “real,” state-employed, full-time professor before in my life, and this is a FAR cry from that, I assure you. 
All joy is sucked out of the life of an “institutional” educator; politics & paperwork not only rule your job & life, but the actual shark-eat-shark atmosphere of ALL American university faculties is death to the joy of teaching. I quit, disgusted that vampirism was SO prevalent and that they had “stolen” my joy. Now I have Joy back, without having to sign a pact with the Great Liar which has no guaranteed of being honored, ever. “So, go, Animus, go! Enjoy the hell out of it; this is what you love to share now.” Hierophanting my way down the Path, I see that XIV Temperance accompanies me, the avatar my Anima inhabits today. XIV is like my loving but domineering big sister (I never had one – whew!) who is always around advising Mark to blend Temperance into everything, to see that in facilitating her presence I also have the aid of one facet of the “Chymical Wedding,” that blending of gold & silver, of Divine & human, of male & female, ALL qualified within the existence of Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess of The Middle Way, that Balance is the universal order. This is a good thing to have Sis along today, because if the Pope takes even the slightest misstep, I may indulge one of my character faults when in a randomly shitty frame of self-reference, Pomposity. Thank Ma’at! that I am not prone to it; but it can slip in like a night lizard and trouble my “dream.” I’m a BIG fan of Ma’at; she, if anyone, could be said to be the voice of my conscience. And I like her because she likes me; one finds that as one goes along, “doing the right & 
balanced thing” constitutes a much more spiritual, calm, HAPPY life here in the marshes of Malkuth than any other one thing one may do. (Believe me, I’ve tried EVERYTHING else.) So, borrowing Temp’s wing speed a moment, we arrive at the engine room for today’s construct, to find the Knight of Coins hard at work (of COURSE he is! Grin.) We have probably all had friends like him; a good-looking, amiable kind of “howdy, pardner, let’s just see how it rolls today, ok?” guy. He is always willing to be positive, but will react almost instantly to your vibration if it is contrary to his. He is a beast for work; this same ethic applies to his Taurean nature all-round; fiercely loyal, as willing as the day is long, he becomes enraged by betrayal or what he perceives as such and never forgives it. He does bring “means” with him, thank Apollo! and his heavy Taurean nature is very disposed to like you and to be liked, even loved. He can provide all the energy I might possibly need today, and then some, as today does not look particularly strenuous, for which my precarious respiratory system is grateful. Grin. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL today calm in which to plan if need be. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!   

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