Sunday, June 4, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 04Jun2017. Today’s deck is the *Night Sun Tarot* by Fabio Listrani. I like this deck, a lot; which is why it is a crying fucking shame that Lo Scarabeo didn’t publish it in large format, because the art is mind-blowingly good. I go through the ritual of my morning draw, when using the *Night Sun*, and I can hardly wait to get the draw to the computer in order to enlarge it and REALLY appreciate the cards. So; Lo Scarabeo, do what you should have done IN THE 1st PLACE and issue this deck in Large Format! (Grin – of course they obey my slightest caprice.) Today’s draw is: Sulfur = I the Magician; Mercury = XI Strength, and Salt = the Page of Cups, looking geometrically beautiful. Grin. This draw seems SO natural to me, and THE logical conclusion of where all of my readings have been leading for the past few months; I have started the new adventure, being 0 the Fool in yesterday’s draw. Today I make the initial moves towards “occupying the Magician’s Chair at the University of My Life;” I can’t tell you why, but I truly “feel” this version of the Magician; he speaks to me more than the RWS upright ‘Ivanhoe” figure. That figure is drawn to display the symbolism, of course; however, this Magician displays the symbols as well, and seems more “reachable,” like the medicine man in a tribe. (I’m going to free roam today; I’m not up for the usual explication of the draw, it seems unprofitable to me today, so I’m following my Intuition. Hang on. Grin!) One of the many things about being a Magician, once you have heaved a sigh of relief to have arrived, is the sudden weight of responsibility for YOUR universe that falls on your shoulders; 
it has been settling in for some time, but now it officially takes its seat. However, more grave than that, is the realization is that you are also responsible for HOW your Universe affects others, unless you live the life of a complete troglodyte. The magic you perform has consequences, good and bad, and it is up to you to “control” it and to direct it so that your manifestations Help, not Hurt. Once you are here, I would say you may now consider yourself an active agent in the Divine’s plan for the Universe (or His “dream,” as some believe.) So, there is a mighty responsibility, every time you “act in the name of the Divine,” to be sure that you ARE acting in the name of the Divine. Presumption and ego-glossing will lead to your ruin at this level of awareness. You will lose the power & position, and it won’t come back around for you for a very long time. You have corrupted this cycle of the Journey, so you must begin again, from the start. Valhalla! That sounds like I’m the Pope delivering you to Hell, yet I don’t mean or intend it that way; I am talking about where YOU create YOURSELF. Let’s move on, as does the Moving Finger . . . . My ONLY bitch with this depiction of XI Strength is the numbering, and I’m not even going to go there. So, let’s take a look.  To put it in the vernacular, this Lady impresses the Hell out of me! Take a look at the card; the lion doesn’t seem particularly tamed, does it? Perhaps about as tame as its mistress, who carries an equal amount of noble savagery. Strength isn't given the gloss of a Jane Fond workout video here; this is IT, the raw thing, that indomitable huntress with her guide. You have OF COURSE (grin) noticed the large snake issuing from between her thighs; Wisdom in one of its most subtle forms, issuing forth as a “fruit of the womb” when Strength is obtained in the combination of one’s two selves, the human and the animal. (I must presume that our third intelligence, reptilian, is subsumed in the “animal” nature.) The large, open lily speaks of the purity of the state, and of course symbolizes resurrection, as well. The Lady is indeed well surrounded by symbols, not the least of which is the half-veil across her face; a symbol of access to a “part” of 
Wisdom, for one thing. There are quite a few aspects of XI Strength that I gloss over, that I “assume to be in the evolution.” That is because I had relatively little trouble traversing this Gate, and that, again perhaps, because a great deal of my young adult life was spend fully indulging the animal and not allowing the human to have too much control over it. I liked living in that world; of course I was damaged goods, so I WOULD like it. However, when you heal yourself, and you pursue a new quest, that of evolution and self-enlightenment, then you cease to require your animal nature as your “cover.” This is exactly the logic behind the novella “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by ‎Robert Louis Stevenson. Proceeding forward, we come at last to the engine room of today’s construct, where the Page of Cups is in charge today. She is going to power the engines today with Curiosity, the Energy of Newness, a grand naïveté and an enormous thirst for all the experiences of Love and Intuition. I like the Page of Cups, rather indifferently, to be sure, but I do like her. Imagine yourself in a violent or frightful situation with a young female companion; now, you either have a “screamer who does nothing but scream” or you have a girl who is action oriented, a Page of Cups type, who doesn’t bother wasting her energy screaming but in picking up the nearest heavy object and demolishing the nightmare in front of you both. Yes, she doesn’t carry an air of violence at all, but then neither does Love usually wear its fiercest face. I have a particular horror of “screamers,” they infuriate me. “Don’t just stand there and wait for me to save your ass, girl, HELP!!”At least with the Page of Cups you have the feeling that you won’t need to goad this girl into action. She is, to a great degree, what you would expect of a headstrong, very capable adolescent who is perfectly able to survive on her own, but her drive is for community, togetherness, and company. She’s the kind of avatar that makes parents proud, if you get my drift. Capable of survival, they’ve done their job. As I said, I was going far afield today . . . perhaps you didn’t believe me? LOL. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a desire to seize the destiny in front of us. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!! 


  1. I never would have thought of the Page of Cups as action oriented. But now that I've read this, I can see how the emotional response of flight or fight could be portayed by this card.

  2. Thank you, Evalyne. It's nice to know you read the blog!