Monday, June 5, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 06Jun2017. On my usual morning spread today, I have received; Sulfur = XIII Death; Mercury = I the Magician, and Salt = the King of Wands. Today’s deck is the *Bonefire Tarot* by Gaby Angus-West. I have a long story about this tarot, from which I shall spare you; suffice to say, I pursued this deck for over a year, loved it when finally found, and then this re-issue came out, bigger with a book, to my delight. It is a sheer delight with which to work, and although at first I wasn’t sure the art would work for me, it does do so, marvelously. If the art appeals, grab this deck if you can, it is a winner. Onward and Upward! I am very pleased with the draw this morning as the follow-up to yesterday’s reading, but nevertheless today does give me pause for thought. Right Off the Top my Animus has announced a change in the schedule (if you remember, yesterday’s spread was the I – 0 – Ace of Cups.) Instead of an orderly progression, little Mr. Animus has jumped over to XIII, “Death,” to explore immediately the repercussions resulting from deep & profound changes this time on the Path. He is experiencing deep & profound change at this very moment, and perhaps he thinks he can find current hints & advice there, or the necessary inner reasoning to transit again, I can empathize with his anxiety, but I can’t quite counsel this distracting side-jaunt into the near future; not only is it unproductive at this stage, being brought in too soon, but it serves to give false impressions of what lies ahead at this time. If it is speaking of my health, then I already have that base covered; the profound change there may be a graft, I haven’t decided yet to explore that option or not. 
However, I don’t intuit that this is a question of Health, but one of being in a place where (hopefully, yet incorrectly, that this time around will be more of a review. Ha!) But as you may know if you’ve read the blog before, I have no unnatural fear of this stage of the Path, this card/symbol, & my only real fears are centered in the manner of my death; I hope it isn’t physically torturous. “On verra.” Moving on, as doth the Moving Finger . . .  we come to the emplacement of my Anima today, and she is “correctly” assigned to I the Magician. Hahaha, I say correctly because that is my arch little “I told you so!” demon poking his head up. Being in 0 the Fool yesterday, she has decided to incarnate today as the Magician in order to REALLY get her shit together for our upcoming voyage, which is actually now launched. She’s taking the helm as our Wielder of the Light for the moment; it is up to her to dazzle and manipulate the audience for a while as I search the killing fields of XIII for whatever it is I seek there today. This from Gaby’s accompanying, eponymous book; “The fact is the Magician knows all the answers, he holds the truth, and wields it at will. His motivations are for his own conscience; anyway, he is not telling you. He has a vow of secrecy to his magic circle, occulting the knowledge, but he can put on a show for you. Impress or strike fear and he will offer you the basic tools of the Coin, Sword, Cup and Wand, and tell you that if used correctly, in accordance with natural law, you may learn to be as he is.” (p.19) That’s fine. (Which reminds me of an old joke from the treatment facility circuit: “What does “fine” mean? ‘Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional’.” It’s in an Aerosmith song as well, which is a lot like Col. Mustard in the Library with the Wrench. LOL! Hail, Prince of the Obvious!) With all the prestidigitory dazzle of a magician, I suggest we move on to my third & final card today, my Salt, or Catalyst card for the two elements drawn. Today it is the King of Wands, and I’m taking that as a clear, ringing call to me to go right ahead, despite my current position, and “tap into” my King of Wands avatar & Energy, as his Energy is what is going to “ignite” these two elements and reform them as a unified couple, working in harness to make available to me today the fullest possible benefit from those present. Or, to continue the metaphor, to transform, combine & create in the alembic (me) today’s elements and to allow me to fully absorb their qualities today. The 
King of Wands is an old acquaintance but a newer friend, and very recently I began spending much more time with him. He is normally the best, but in some instances, the worst of me. The part of this King’s personality, and thus my own, about which I am not enamored, is that “we” DO go in and give our ALL, but we do it in one great big shot, and then retire from the field. It seems this King has no “staying power,” no “stick-with-it-ness.” And much to my own distaste that is present in me as well. I can be as convinced as the most devoted & loyal courtier, and when the battle breaks, I’m right there in the front ranks. My luck is always to survive, because once I have given that one grand Hurrah! I crap out, I’m done. IF my Great Big Initial Push didn’t carry the day, then it is in Fate’s hands, because I can do no more, quite literally. In today’s reading I feel that I am being advised that due to a number of conditions (physical,) I am best served IN these archetypes today BY using that one-shot bolt of heavenly lightning, because quite frankly I’m as weak as a kitten after any initial effort right now. If I have anything important to do, it HAS TO BE the first thing I do; otherwise my health will see to it that it doesn’t get done, at least not that day. So . . . “Will you sign in, Mystery Guest, please?” Grin – “Sure . . . “Metamorphosing Mark.” I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL an extra boost of Energy in the form we need it today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!   

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