Thursday, June 8, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 08Jun2017. The deck today is *The Rosetta Tarot: Papyrus Edition* by M.M. Meleen. IT is a superior deck, and if you have read my blog before, you know that I am a huge fan of its attraction and ease of reading. Today’s draw is: Sulfur = XIV Art; Mercury = VI the Lovers, and Salt = the Prince of Wands. I am deeply pleased with the draw today, yet to explain why I need to treat this reading on its symbolic level, rather than its application to my daily life. “So buckle your safety belts and keep your hands inside the cars, don’t want to lose a finger, do we? OK, let’s enter The Tarot Tunnel of Symbolism!” Grin. ¶ Every morning when I draw my cards, I ask, simply enough, “Please give me the understanding to make the best use of today.” That can sometimes come through the cards as insights on where I am on my Journey and by definition, my Animus & Anima. (They are not normally capitalized, but mine *insist* upon it. Grin.) Sometimes, like today, what I receive is a lesson in the theory of what I need to look at today, to consider and recognize, make adjustments if need be, and then remember it. I couldn’t have a better introduction to Symbolism 401 that my Animus being in XIV = Art. Aka ‘Daughter of the Reconcilers’, she is the zodiacal trump of Sagittarius. Her Hebrew letter is *Samekh*, a support or prop, and on the Tree of Life she is on Path 25 from Tiphareth to Yesod. This Trump reminds me rather humorously of an upper-level examination in Tarot Symbolism: s/he has practically everything on that card except the laboratory sink. Luckily for us, it isn’t difficult to “translate,” there is just a lot of it. The main action of this card speaks necessarily to Birth issuing from Reunion after Trump XIII. A rundown of the list of symbols won’t really serve a purpose; if you need that, you may read either the book intended for this deck, *The Book of Seshet* by Ms. Meleen or refer to any universal symbolism chart. What does bear mentioning is the androgyne at the center, the newly combined self with the other. Here we are finishing up the process we started in VI the Lovers, which is my Mercury today! Aka *Children of the Voice Divine* & *Oracles of the Mighty Gods,* they are the zodiacal Trump of Gemini. Their Hebrew letter is *Zain* and they are on Path 17 of the Tree of Life, from Binah to Tiphareth. My Anima is at the birth and root of this process in the Choice made and displayed in Trump VI, and my Animus is at the conclusion of her decision when the self and the other form the *Chymical Marriage* which gives birth to the Orphic Egg above. Written on the rainbow is the word
 “Rectificando”, from the alchemical motto *VITRIOL*, “Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occcultum Lapidem,” meaning “Visit the interior parts of the earth; by rectification thou shall find the hidden stone.” This, of course, is the Art of Alchemy; the process of the purification and recombination of the Self in order to be reborn as the *Enlightened Self,” or however you wish to phrase the stage of arrival at the end of the process. In VI the Lovers we see the mystical union in its moment of birth, when the self recognizes the other; she “sees” the legend of Andromeda & Perseus in the mirror, he “sees” the Judgement of Paris &/or the Garden of Eden & Eve being offered the apple. Their union, in the chalice below, gives rise to the combination of their “sigils,’ the white eagle and the red lion, which will change colors and combine to be the winged lion of reversed colors on XIV Art. This, in effect, is a straightforward description of the journey ahead, this time around, and once again I must make the Choice, recognize the other here this time, and embrace it in union, in order to arrive at my “goal” therein, XIV. VI’s Egg becomes the unified being, through the process of VII through XIII, in order to give birth to the Egg that will in turn give rise to the VI. Ouroboros, in a sense, the cycle is endlessly repeated. (I don’t know why, but a line from *somewhere* just flashed into my mind, “That is the great weakness of the human race; they look for patterns everywhere.” Hmmm.) Returning to the cards, we move forward to discover the engine that is powering this cycle through and for me today, and that is the Prince of Wands, a direct Energy source indeed! He carries forth into the world the powers of his parents, the King & Queen of Wands, and he is a valorous and worthy heir apparent. Aka *The Prince of the Chariot of Fire* and *Prince and Emperor of the Salamanders,* (my preferred, it has piquancy) he rides from 20° Cancer to 20° Leo, and he represents the Air of Fire. This young man is a hot, strong wind, rapid and riding on Fire. His Flame clears the path ahead, and the salamanders/dragons born in the flames salute him. This is a real cinema hero; he is Phoebus 
Apollo; strong, assertive, a bit vainglorious with very strong creative willpowers (the three – King, Queen, Prince.) HE loves being a cinema hero, and he is VERY good at it. From ALL points of view, he is who he is, and he will ride out the last dawn as vigorously as he rode out the first. I have a very deep and emotional soft spot for this guy; he reminds me a lot of me when I was a young adult, ‘lo these many, MANY moons ago. Grin. I KNOW him; I am aware of his qualities and his faults, of his soul and of his heart, and I can weigh him as myself. (On the Scales of Ma’at.) I was a VERY flawed ‘deity,’ however, FAR too human and ridden with Desire to maintain such an elevated role; I need to be down here, where I had planned to be all along, so it seems. However . . . if he is going to be around and available, I will most surely say hello and ask him for his aid. Ha, I would beg for it if need be, but I already know that he is here for exactly that reason. Thank Amun-Ra! I’m where I want to be today, I already know that; now I know in which direction to steer. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a map for the route today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!  

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