Saturday, June 17, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 17Jun2017. (I’m not going in for long monologues right now, as the good camera in my telephone is not available, my Canon camera is too gizmo-y for one simple shot in the morning, so I’m having to take the photo with a Fire kindle reader from Amazon. The camera, obviously, isn’t of the highest caliber. You have my excuses.) The deck today is *The Alchemical Tarot: Edition IV* by Robert M. Place, long one of my very favorite decks, as well as the 3rd edition and his *Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery,* which is a stunner, as well. Get a Place deck; you will never be sorry. Onward and Upward! My 
draw today is: Sulfur = VIII Justice; Mercury = X the Wheel of Fortune and Salt = the Ace of Wands. As you may remember, Sulfur is the Animus, the male current, active, intellectual, while Mercury is the Anima, the female current, passive, emotional & intuitional. Salt = the Catalyst that combines the two elements and makes possible the union with its Energy fueling the entire “machine.” This is not a “bad news” draw this morning, just a bit perplexing to me personally. As you may know from previous blog entries, Justice and I are old friends, in essence because she is simply Ma’at in another gown sans wings. She is also the first of the Three Cardinal Virtues illustrated in the Tarot, (Fact: “Justice was not blindfolded in Renaissance depictions; to do so would have been considered a symbol of ignorance instead of impartiality, and impartiality was already implied by the scales.”) (*Alchemy and the Tarot* by Robert M. Place; Hermes, Saugerties, 2011.) I find her implicated in my life today with some rightness; yesterday a dear friend and I put to bed a quarrel with an examination of what each of us experienced during that moment; we had similar, but not identical, memories. It was instructive and we were able to move on, quite easily. SO Justice was obviously present yesterday, as we re-established “Ma’at” in our friendship, and even better than before, I believe. Today she still holds court, and that is fine with me – I shall try to arrange my day to be able to contemplate her finer and more intangible points. Gliding along, I come to today’s Mercury, or Anima’s avatar today, which is X the Wheel of Fortune. This aren’t her usual playing grounds; we (animus & anima) have an unfortunate tendency to have ABSOLUTELY NO luck; at least not I THAT fashion. I believe, from personal experience, that we don’t see a lot of the “luck” we have, and that is especially true of me. I have enough money to live which I did nothing to earn; a bisexual, but mainly gay man retired to France to live out my life where I wanted to do it, and thereby met and married a wonderful woman; my caprices are ALWAYS ignored, my needs are almost ALWAYS met. I simply need to look at “luck” or “chance” differently than the “You’ve won the Lotto!” kind of mentality usually employed by the majority of people. Luck in my case came in the form of an elegant but severe package with the amenities included, instead of the usual jalopy (guimbarde) that one is left to decorate oneself with all sorts of trashy, bling-y add-ons. It has its ups & downs; Grin. Anima is not a big bull-rider down at the Crazy Queens Saloon, so to see her riding the Wheel is a bit of a surprise. Perhaps, I hope! the day will tell me what she is doing there: joyriding or honestly seeking something else. She hasn’t communicated anything to me about her plans . . . which always make me deeply suspicious of what she may be hatching.  “On verra.” By sheer force of resignation to the fact that Anima is being sneaky today, let’s move on to Salt, the Catalyst for our two Elements today, and that is the Ace of Wands. This Ace has been coming up much more frequently for me lately; I am reading that as a signal that this time around the Wheel (I’ve recently entered a new cycle) my goal is going to be working upwards through the Cups to arrive at the Wands: much, if not, most of the last cycle was about my version of “Stormin’ Norman” in the Swords and my Need to move on, “Swords are used up, finish it and move on to where you are reluctant to go, your emotional & intuitional composition.” This cycle is being by the awaiting birth of the Ace, in the same manner that I drew my Energy to finish up in Swords from the Ace of Cups. The trick in that idea is to finish the Wands with the Apotheosis, and not a return to the Ace of Pentacles, UNLESS you are choosing to make another round. This is what we ALL do until we decide or are forced to take the Other Door. (By the way, if you are forced or accidental, you DO have unfinished business. Welcome back.) Let me assure you that this is NOT dogma; I’m spinning “barbes-à-papa” (cotton candy) in my mental Midway, so don’t be scandalized. Grin. I rather like the French name, it is SO Freudian: “Daddy’s Beard.” LOL. Well, at any rate, I adore the whole Renaissance concept of salamanders and their alchemical symbolism. Lizards born & reborn from the living flames, and if you happen to fall into the Prince of Wands, you are their Prince & Emperor! LOL. However, let’s not put the salamander before the flame, eh? Grin. Let’s just see where Cups are heading this turn around, or perhaps I have yet to find the true purpose of this Journey, this time. We’ll see. I ask the Cosmos to give us all a boost up on “Jacob’s Ladder” today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!    

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