Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 07Jun2017. Today I am using my usual morning spread, and the deck is *The Tarot of Saqqara* by Donald G. Beaman. It is, without doubt, the most expressive and elegant of the Egyptian-themed decks; I truly love this deck, and find it ‘Right On’ when it comes to “networking” with my subconscious, psyche & soul. These cards are all taken from a series of paintings by Mr. Beaman, much larger; yes, you are correct, I have already killed #3 for failing to obtain them for me. Now I must send #2, Agt. Rosa Klebb, to bring me what I desire. Grin. Believe me; I might even consider moving, if I could house the originals! {{Sigh.}} My draw today is as follows: Sulfur = XXI the Earth in the Universe; Mercury = VII the Chariot, and Salt (Catalyst) = the Queen of Cups. I can see that I have nothing to complain about today in the draw - good; as a matter of fact, I can be (moderately) jubilatory with the reading today, as it brings great hope for the immediate future, as well as reinforcing some concepts that can use the buttressing of the Light. It is satisfying that both Sulfur and Mercury are willing to work together today, seen as facing each other in the format of the cards. My Animus, XXI Earth in the Universe is looking forward, sees my Anima, VII the Chariot facing him and passing along her now elevated powers (because of the magnifying effect of XXI 
on all the other Major Arcana,) so that they share the sense of the positive mental and physical powers, as well as a sense of “Rightness,” that intelligence will assure success. For his part, he is exchanging with her the surety of success and the synthesis of All in the completion of a cycle of Destiny and a state of continuity.  It is a powerful communion they are sharing, as BOTH cards are of primal power in the Sacred Tarot. The Energy for this communion and the vehicle by which it will enter the world of my manifestation is found today in my Salt, the Queen of Cups. As described by the eponymous manual for the deck, she is an honest, devoted and affectionate female force, possessing the gift of Vision, and extremely adaptable. That is an almost spot-on description of my wife, and despite my theories and knowledge of Tarot on the theoretical level, and that this Queen is MANY things, I almost immediately jump to the image of my wife in my head when I see this card. She is truly a GOOD woman, and I managed to catch the rare pearl of great price when we met & married. Mind you, it took me over 50 years to find her, but I did. She is human, of course, she has her own agenda, her own Path, and her qualities and her faults. Nevertheless, my wife is extraordinarily devoted and a veritable ocean of compassion and kindness when necessary. (She can also be maddeningly vague, but she’s “a package deal, designed only for me.”) I love her a great deal, yet I wouldn’t exactly describe my wife as an emitter or provider of powerful energy; she is far too mellow and reserved to jump in with zest and vigor. So I believe what I can intuit here is a sort of manifestation 
THROUGH the vehicle of my wife of the goddess’s warmth, care & concern. Although giving the impression of great calm and still waters, chthonic forces lie in the deeps . . . and can be roused by this Queen to rock the universe if need be. I grok what’s going on here; inspired by several events over the past several months, and having come through a very personal & trying cycle on the Path, I now look forward with great calm & utter sincerity to my next choice; will I return, will I move on? That depends on where I judge myself to be after I’ve completed this lifetime, I suppose. I can wish that reincarnation isn’t a reality, but I think it unusually cruel to insist that you only have one measly span of 80 or so years to understand Everything and get Everything right, and then it’s off to Heaven or Hell with a bunch of pre-approved bank executives deciding your fate at a golden ATM. (More or less my view of Christian post-life theology. Pffft!) The lineup of the cards is auspicious, too, in that the Daughter of the Firmament (XXI) looks to Horus, the Lord of Life (VII) in order to form the 2=1 unity in which to move forward and “shine,” kept alive in Energy drawn (or given) from/by the Queen of Cups, that vast, feminine ocean of acceptance, love, intuition and adaptability. The “unity card” for this couple may be derived from the two combined; 21 + 7 = 28 = 10/1, I the Magician and X the Wheel of Life. I cannot think of a more auspicious way to take a step into my future. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the sense of Positivity in our advances. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!   

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