Sunday, June 4, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 05Jun2017; or if I could afford to isolate myself Totally from society, I would keep by the ancient Egyptian calendar, so today would be ZuPsdNt of the week of Henetw Gerw, in the month of Kpekhan, of the year 417. Our titular deity this month is Hathor. Why year 417? The calendar’s full round is based on the heliacal rising of the star Sirius, about every 1,460 years. No one has yet authoritarily established the date of the first use of this calendar. This from Wikipedia; “Meyer concluded from an ivory tablet from the reign of Djer that the Egyptian civil calendar was created in 4241 BC, [citation needed] a date that appears in a number of old books. But research and discoveries have since shown that the first dynasty of Egypt did not begin before c.3100 BC [Oh Really???], and the claim that 19 July 4241 BC is the "earliest fixed date" has since been discredited. Most scholars either move the observation upon which he based this forward by one cycle of Sirius to 19 July 2781 BC or reject the assumption that the document in question indicates a rise of Sirius at all.” (It is not in my purview to go into the MANY topics that branch off of that!) I give you all of this as popcorn, to accompany my marvelous reading today. When these cards turned up this morning, I felt an inner shout of jubilation. Each one slid down into its “psychic spot” in my “head spread” (the visualization of what my eyes are processing, mentally,) and it felt as if I was sliding into a custom-made suit of clothing. THIS is where the draws recently have been aiming, approaching, BUT I had some things to do first, stray ends to tie up and unfinished business to finish. I have rounded the corner with this draw: Sulfur = I the Magician; Mercury = 0 the Fool, and Salt (the Catalyst) = the Ace of Cups. 
I’m OFF! on my new adventure. Another round on the personal evolution Path outlined by the Sacred Tarot, and MUCH more importantly, with a KNOWN objective this time. There is no mystery to it; this time I traverse the “training course” to “master” the suit of Cups, Emotions and Intuition, to which I was forced to give short shrift this recent “run” though the Path. This time I was already done with my Pentacles karma, I just needed to shepherd it and keep it out of trouble (I may have some questions to answer about that! Grin.) I needed to focus on Swords and Wands this time through, in order to survive long enough to rediscover the Path. Wands were less present as a whole than Swords, which were predominant in my life up until my retirement from the outdated workforce (see Buckminster Fuller’s comment about the mirage of the necessity of a “work force” now. ( Nevertheless, Wands showed up now & then to give me a smidgen of insight and a hint of a way though the quagmire. So, now I have returned to I the Magician, and am up for constructing the next level of my evolution, that of “perfecting” the suit of Cups in myself, which had to be shamefully neglected a good part of my life. I find myself opening up to the wonders of Intuition and Love, now, after all this time, and perhaps for that reason I enjoy it all the more as I thought it would not pass for me.         I feel “justified” in seeing my Anima in 0 the Fool. We are back in our pattern, the rather zig-zaggy last few leagues of the Journey having often been spent apart, exploring different areas, and re-brushing up. Now she’s back at my side, and as was her wont, she is occupying the card right behind me, something she does when she is in harmony with whatever destination I have set for the day. Today she’s right behind the Magician (or perhaps casting forward to the end to serve as his beacon?) in 0 the Fool, and it isn’t because she is a flummoxed female lost in the shadow I cast, because it is up to her to be the vessel for our Hope, our creativity, and the main drive which is going to do most of the functioning in this suit, as I have a very strong emotional and Intuitive side, when I let them out. They’ve been growing for a few years now, and I can feel critical point approaching when Love ceases to mean “desire,” loses its thorns and becomes a treasure. The cessation has already occurred in my close friendships; now I just need to broaden the scope to be inclusive. 
“Stand aside, Ma’am, I’ll get rid of those bears for you.” Meaning she may be establishing the homestead here, but protection from the Wildlife is still useful and productive (wouldn’t you love a nice pair of crocodile boots and a matching clutch? LOL.) One piece of symbology that I LOVE in this draw is the almost eerie “unity” with which they both face forward, regarding the “goal,” or the ensemble of the work they have yet to accomplish. As for the Catalyst, the Salt today, the Ace of Cups could NOT be a better card to symbolize what lies ahead; it is the whole suit in a single card. It is SO obvious that it bears no further comment. This is a “head-banger” reading for me, dear readers. I have never seen my subconscious be so CLOSELY “conscious” in its alignment with my wishes on where I wish to progress, or go, next. I intuit that my skills and my alignment with the general concept of “Love & Emotion” is THE field of individualization that I must next undergo. This is crystalline clear to me, and brooks no argument from any other voice. TO see the cards reflect this, EXACTLY, gives me a joy that is incomparable. I feel much more confident in my walk on the Path, although I haven’t been very shaky so far, and to see my subconscious swimming so near the surface of consciousness . . . well, there is no describing the feeling of accomplishment. And tenderness, interesting enough; tenderness such as you would experience if a koi deep in a pond responded to your interest by swimming up to meet you, and gently accepting nibbles from your hand. I can’t be more accurate than that, a feeling of intense satisfaction with the progress that has been made, and that what is vibrating from you now is remarkably different than what it was in the beginning. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL an extraordinary moment of self-clarity today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!    

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