Monday, July 31, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 01Aug2017. After a 10-day hiatus, we take up the cards again and set forth of the Sea of Becoming. Grin. At one point, I expected to say something like, “Well, that was a wonderful break, and feeling refreshed & revitalized, I’m ready to draw the cards again.” But what a silly expectation THAT turned out to be! From first to last, the time off was dramatic and/or memorable, and right off the starting line the first day I began with a BPCO attack in front of the train station, losing consciousness and then having a weird sort of “mini-heart attack” in the ambulance upon “coming to [consciousness]”. I recovered & was sent home after 36 hours, heart thingy unexplained, with instructions to see a cardiologist, and more drugs for the BPCO. (Fuckin’ drugs. Sigh.) Just in case you’re wondering, it is Bronchio-Pneumo Chronic Obstruction, the “other lung disease” . . .LOLOL, that always makes me laugh snarkily, as if cancer is the star of the sister act. This bitch is bad enough. And then, there was the 10-day visit of our friend Jane from the United States, a French professor in a large university “là-bas.” Luckily, Jane is ENTIERELY self-sufficient, and the IDEAL guest; you hardly notice she’s there when it is downtime, and completely flexible when it is showtime. 
Plus, we love her! So, wonderful visit! but, “a guest is a guest is a guest.” So, regenerate, entertain guest, smooth path of everyone around, extricate yourself from as much activity as possible in order to rest & recuperate. It was ALL do-able, but it was a full day. Luckily, I started every day with the Tarot, as usual. It kept me in the “realm” where I wished to “park it” for a while. An unlooked-for delight, surprise, évènement” was that after 21 years of  friendship, without any warning Jane dove into the Tarot this time during her visit, taking it up with a new-found passion, curiosity and willingness to work with the paradigms. To say I am surprised and delighted is a vast understatement! When she left, I gifted her with an esoteric deck & book set and gave her, so to speak, the “Invitation to the Voyage.” (“Don’t sulk, Baudelaire, it makes your eyes look piggy.”) I am assured by her curiosity; I hope that she is assured by her thirst for knowledge, of which she has a great deal, and an unlimited Will to seek and find. She’s a great person; she’ll make a formidable Voyager. All this being said, I kept a record of these days regardless, and will share that in another post. For now, let’s take a QUICK look at today, which in its own way I find a bit baffling, but if read visually, amusing in a non-amusing way (“Erk??”) I have been using the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by Iglesias Janeiro, a South American mystic and winner of the United Fruit Good Citizenship Award in 1919. (Grin – that is NOT true. The award part, that is . . . LOL.) Using it a week straight has only lead me to appreciating EVEN MORE its extraordinary qualities of insight & intuition, and how delicately it can read even the finest of threads on my unconscious loom. (If you EVER have a chance [slim to none] GRAB this deck.) Today’s draw is: Sulfur = X The Wheel of Fortune; Mercury = VIII Justice, and Salt/Catalyst = #64 Vehemence. (!!) “Umm hmmm, let’s see what we have here . . . um hmm; the X, yea, facing left, um hmm, the VIII, left also, umm hmm, and . . (shrieeeeking brakes!) Vehemence? #4 Vehemence? What the fuck is Vehemence?” (quick check of the LWB, image of Pharaoh clubbing a Libyan captain on card, (oh frabjous joy.) The LWB says, “Conquest. Defeat. Degradation. Adversaries may arise. Revocation. Infamy.” And that’s UPRIGHT!! LOL! Well, we SHAN’T be taking that as 
comportmental advice today, shall we? Grin. No, I think rather it warns of a danger of I let a misplaced sense of Justice try to roll “Chance” back into the Past for some reason. It can also signify that, being in a “liminal state” at this moment, it is counseled to bring Justice to bear on an “issue” which may still be tailing along like toilet paper stuck to my heel. Whatever it is, there is something surging from the Past to capture my attention today and that is okay; it’s a slightly grey day here, and with the “hope” of more greyness and perhaps even a bit of mood-dampening rain & thunder (“Oh, I DO hope so!”,) it “could” be an excellent day for dispatching goblins of yesteryear; I must admit, I’m a bit surprised there is still one dogging my steps, I’ve felt so “Light” lately; Hah! Just goes to show me, don’t get too big for my neon britches! Grin. Over the 10-day visit, I managed to share a good dollop of my passion for the Sacred Tarot with Jane, and I do believe I was able to inspire her to the point of being open and willing to listen to herself via the cards. “On verra.” (How distressing . . .  I sound rather like a Jehovah’s Witness having hopefully made a convert. Ugh. . . Grin.) “Well, enough cauliflower & broccoli for today, class! When you get home, be sure and tell your parents to put the rubber sheets on your beds tonight!” GRIN. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL something a bit “odd” to chew on today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!    


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! To The Fool’s Tarot for 19/07/2017; the deck used today is the *Tarot Egyptian* by Esther Casla. It isn’t anything inspired, actually? I just wanted to use it once before I toss it into storage. (I have used an assortment of cards from various Egyptian decks to illustrate the reading, due to a technical insect.) In a way, this is good that it is almost a “throwaway” reading; I never take the Tarot too lightly unless it is being used for amusement 
(something I don’t do, BTW,) or sardonic purpose, which I do see.  The point being is that we have an American visitor arriving tonight, a friend of long date and she will be using my study as her bedroom; therefore, my access to the magic box will be curtailed other than “daylight operating hours” until the end of the month. Therefore, this brief posting of the card images without explanatory text; I’m just not into it today, “Solly, Chawlie.”  I’ll be “back in the mood, sweetheart?” upon resumption of my cave in solitary splendor. LOL. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL two weeks off, starting today. (Grin.) Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!       

Monday, July 17, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 18/07/2017. Today’s deck is *Le Tarot de Viéville” par Jacques Viéville, XVII CE. It is a Wonderful! old deck, surprisingly different from the « usual » TdeM. Today’s draw is: Sulfur = XIII Death; Mercury = III the Empress, and Salt = the Knight of Swords. (BTW, in the illustrations, I was forced to substitute a TdeM Knight for the Viéville, due to technical gremlins.) This turned up on my table this morning and I almost hooted aloud; “By Jove’s testicles! Death and Rebirth powered by an impetuous charge forward to defend and spread the powers of the Intellect; 
resulting in fecundity on all levels, directing passion to bring the cool reason of the Intellect into play? Kind of like a pyromaniac being a fireman, as well! LOL, “Good one! Yes, I know that’s where I am at the moment, thank you, Prince of the Obvious!” Grin. But I really DO appreciate the confirmation, it makes perfect sense that this kind of “wound-up” feeling I have is being occasioned by yet another “sea change” in my “matrix.” (For instance: just writing that sent in me into a frenzy of precision activity doing something totally else needing complete attention for around 5 minutes! “What’s up, Doc?” “Keep walkin’, Rabbit. . .”) 
Well, I’m not going to be over-long this morning; Hell, I’m not even going to be long. I can “feel this in my bones,” as the cheery autumn greeting goes (grin.) The change is ongoing, and becoming more and more conscious each day; I am not frightened of it, yet I AM puzzled a bit. I am so far from being in the habit any longer of trying to look for that “stuff” as proof, that this close-to-conscious experience is surprising me, and it is a very pleasant sensation. Grin. Along with this is a growing resistance, second by second, to putting this down on “dataflow” today; I’m not feeling lazy, just the need to “Get To It!” So, I’m stopping here, and laying down my hand; “Now, I don’ want no fireworks, Mother Gin Sling, jes’ gimme my money an’ I’ll skedaddle . . .” grin. (“The Shanghai Gesture,” 1941.) I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL today just a bit of a surprise . . . ! Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!    

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 17/07/2017., a magic date, doubtless! Today’s deck is the *Night Sun Tarot* by Fabio Listrani, one of my favorite of the themed RWS clones. Think “Dark Art,” and you’ve got it; a genre of very elegant “Conan-style” fantasy, it is quite beautiful. My draw today is: Sulfur = XIII Death; Mercury = XXI the World, and Salt = the Knight of Pentacles. Hmm, my Energy has been originating in the Pentacle corner for some time now; I can only presume that is a positive turn in the material outlook, or manifestation, but I must admit, it’s still a bit foggy to me. I’m not on a particularly liberal or generous cash flow stream right now and my health is questionable; but I must admit, a jet engine hasn’t flown through one of the windows and killed us both (“Donnie Darko.”) I’m going to need to assume that all of that Pentacle energy is indeed doing work, that it is just, perhaps, subterranean. Such as fighting to retain what healthy lung tissue is left and what can be “reconstituted.” That seems material enough to me! Grin. Well, let’s stop that, there, and get back to a more linear look at the reading (“. . . although it IS a gestalt, right, students? Dawson! What is that? Give it to me . . . a card counter?? Go to the principal’s office, Dawson, I’ll deal with you later!”) Firstly, it seems that Monsieur Animus isn’t feeling light & springy-stepped today, but rather on the brink of deep and considered change. Yes, I can put a personal situation to that, and it fits like the thin leather driving glove on an avaricious old woman’s claw. It is time to CHANGE one of the big policies on my “The E.E.U.’s List of Approved Moral Stances on Personal Issues (Excepting Belgium.)” Grin. 
And, it involves Cups, my “target suit” for this time through the Magical Mystery Tour. It is the last great quarter of my life that really DOES need to be brightened up from that dull, Depression-era detention center where my soul was imprisoned for so long. It is time to learn to Love Large, and forget love in in the particular (with certain exceptions such as Mme. Miller. Grin.) I have a good rapport with XIII, I believe; we aren’t exactly friends; I still panic about what to wear when s/he comes to visit, but in theory s/he has no negative call upon me other than the reptilian-brain reaction. I look forward to the Trip when my confirmed ticket comes in the mail; until then, I’m not going to live and breathe on watching for the postman. What a “sinful” waste of time that would be! (Snark.)  Glissading along on that rather unreliable-looking scythe with “Ma’ Change,” we happen across Animus’ partner, Mme. Anima, living it up yet AGAIN in XXI the World, doing her exotic number as the ‘Nataraja’ of the dancing Shiva. (I believe I called hir Kali in an earlier post. I was mistaken, and have been reported to the authorities.) I was curious about the word, so lazily went to Wikipedia, and found; “Nataraja நடராஜர் नटराज, "the lord of dance"), is a depiction of the Hindu god Shiva as the cosmic ecstatic dancer. His dance is called Tandavam or Nadanta, depending on the context of the dance. The pose and artwork is described in many Hindu texts such as the Anshumadbhed agama and Uttarakamika agama, the dance relief or idol featured in all major Hindu temples of Shaivism.” He is the Creator, the Preserver & the Destroyer; all-purpose, so to speak. (Zal isn’t worthy to kiss hir hands, Grin.) The card itself is governed by Saturn, is represented by Tau, and can represent all forms of fulfillment, ecstasy, evolution & transformation. Above all, the Final Manifestation of your Chosen Path. “She’s thinkin’ deep today, is me gal!” I like that; I truly appreciate having a partner, both on the Path and in Life, who participates in our union/marriage, both internally (Anima) & externally (my Wife.) They are NOT the same, NOR should they be, IMHO, of course. If you can make it work for you, okay, but it sounds a bit too Pygmalionesque and hubristic to see it that way. Nevertheless, if I am contemplating XXI through my Anima, then I may allow myself to feel that I am properly occupying ‘myself’ after my repeated visits to II the High Priestess recently. She is doing her part. Moving along to inspect 
the engine room, I find the Head Engineer himself in charge, the Knight of Pentacles. What a workhorse this guy is! To the point of being a bit dull, ‘tis true, but this guy’s qualities are so solid-sterling that he can be forgiven much, even being less than luminous in a high Court position. As the Fire of Earth (Sr. Listrani’s decision, not mine; there IS a king,) he is at his best making profit in business and being industrious. Down side: Laziness, of course! Grin. But today I can feel that he isn’t feeling lazy, in fact he wants to move and be busy; “Time is wasting and the state of our Realm needs attention. I’m off!” So, he is bringing the Energy TO us; well, Jiminy Cricket! “What a guy! I don’t even have to go into town to arrange the transfer . . . service, that’s what this Knight is all about, service.” (Sometimes I love sounding fatuous. It brings back fond memories of the 19th century. Grin.) I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a moment of pure gratitude today for what the Universe arranges for us, with flourishes sometimes! Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!     

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 16/07/17.  The deck today is the *Golden Dawn Magical Tarot* by Chic & Sandra Cicero. There is also a separately sold book, eponymously named and by the same people; it will be of great help if you are entirely unfamiliar with Golden Dawn symbology and thought. I like it; it has a raw power and vibrancy that is quite unique amongst the various decks. The Ciceros are acknowledged masters of the GD system. If you are looking for an entry point to b-a-s-i-c Tarot esoterica in card imagery (outside of the RWS,) this is not a bad place to start, amongst many, of course. It is really up to whether it grabs you by the short hairs or not. Onward and Upward! Today’s draw is: Sulfur = I the Magician; Mercury = XII the Hanged Man, and Salt = the Princess of Wands (Brringg!! Cluephone: remember, Princesses are always the “thrones” of their suit’s Ace.) On the whole, I have a good idea of where I am today, although my Anima seems to be in an isolationist mood, reflecting on soon dying and giving herself away to be reborn as the mixture of Divine Temperance. Why she is there instead of my Animus ‘with whom I normally associate those kind of feelings) is something of a mystery; it is the cooler, more intellectual side of me that is currently in the process of drawing up his mental plans for what is really going to be necessary incremental change as “time advances;” (you know, for an “illusion,” Time certainly manages to shut down the party, doesn’t he, the Fucker? Grin. I’d like to tell you that this is the secret of the legendary partying skills of the Tibetan adepts of “Time Dismissal,” but I told them I wouldn’t. Sorry.) 
At any rate . . . I thought upon seeing this, “I swear to Min, it ‘looks’ as if we are acting in a kind of unified receiver/transmitter setup, and I am feeding her the energy that she is feeding back to me changed and elevated. I feel “almost” like a perpetual motion machine here, but it is much more productive than that; it is using both sides of my psyche AND conscious/unconscious to “ramp up” the energy available to me by “putting it in the blender,” so to speak. I like it; it is simply a bit puzzling from which sky this idea fell. For that I believe I need to look where the Energy initially came from to start this whizzbang machine today, and it looks like it’s from that young-yet-already-fiery Princess of Wands. She is the Earth of Fire, and she is “. . . especially a brilliant daring tigress. The sight of her is captivating and irresistible. She is the chemical magnetism necessary for the act of combustion. She creates and destroys her own universe, for she is vigorous and irrational.” (“LWB” *kind of*) I get it all, but I must admit that something this vigorous on today’s horizon does surprise me. Hmm, I’m not especially “feeling my oats” today, so who knows what’s up? “On verra.” I’ve been keeping a low, Hermit-like profile for a bit while I deal with medical “labyrinthiana,” butt nevertheless I DO like to keep a closer track of my Tarot cards than I do of my x-rays and scanner results. Grin. The one unlooked-for side of today’s construct is the Energy source; I have been pulling a majority of Cups in this position, which hasn’t surprised me because it is by design; Cups are what I want to work on in depth this time through. However, there is NEVER any “ignoring of” this Princess when she shows up, because she just LOVES “Sturm und Drang” and while representing her family, has her own “solar flares” at will. I have not had a personal friend of that caliber since I departed from the U.S.A. in 2003. (A young woman of fiery temperament; young being defined as my age or younger. “Not a word, Frankie, or I’ll smack your smart little mouth!”) They make life interesting! Grin. 
However, today it is the Energy which is available, and not necessarily the Lady. So, I will use it with fond memories of friends and their valued contributions to my life. And the fun! With best friends Life is fun, I often find.  Well, enough of all this meandering; I’m either speeding my brains out or lost in the Vaps because of this radical change in my meds, but it WILL settle down. Any drug always does, with me; “We give up, we surrender! He’s ‘proofed’ everything!!” LOL. An advantage, I believe, of having been born in the early ‘50s, and therefore a fully participating member of the Birth of the Drug Culture, hippiedom, and ‘all o’ that.’ I myself was NOT Timothy Leary, but I DID have fun; at the same time, I experienced the full Sexual Revolution before the arrival of AIDS. I find it hard to determine at times whether the younger generations have lost or gained, in the long run. “”Ooooh, careful, Careful!! Whew! That was a full-blown attack of Old Man Meandering! Whew! Caught it JUST in time!” Grin. To finish with the cards (!), Being in I the Magician is always a kind of tricky role, you are All and Nothing, you are In Control yet you are powerless, and yet you are not, you are simply . . . evolving. Having my feminine side being in something of a more contemplative state of mind, and hoping as she travel the Tunnels in the World Tree that WHEN she comes away from the trial, she knows she will have both paid a magical price and gained an evolved state of being. Everything about the symbology on these cards today has significance for me in the moment. So this is a reading I can see with clarity, as not only recognizable, but as NEWLY recognizable, too, on a deeper, more profound level, or higher, more elevated, if you prefer. It’s all an Escher spiral, so direction is pointless, right? Grin. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a great deal of comprehension & compassion for those still Seeking. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!     

Friday, July 14, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 15/07/2017. The deck I am using today is *Le Tarot des Alchimistes* de Jean Beauchard, but what you are seeing is a mélange of cards from *Tarot of the Holy Light,* **The Night Sun Tarot* and *The Labyrinth Tarot.* This is because, having stuck my scanner, my telephone and some USB cable in some rice, the Japanese have yet to fix it so I have “image problems” for the moment. LOL! Story of my life! Grin. They have been chosen for no other reason than sufficient pixel quantity. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere about the ordinary attaining Heaven, but I’m not wasting the time to search for it. Grin. Onward and Upward! My draw today is: Sulfur = 0 the Adept (Fool); Mercury = XXI the World, and Salt is the Queen of Earth (Pentacles.) It made me laugh aloud when I turned it up. Depending on whose view point you are looking from, or rather which end of the beast, 
I have either everything to look forward to today or I am simply in suspension over the abyss of the Return. I think, actually, that a bit of both is true for me today . . . or so I feel, I intuit, because I’m feeling balanced on a pinpoint this morning. Between Folly and Manifestation, between the Good 1 and the Good 2, because today, while I am balancing, yes, I also feel that no matter which side I may land on (if I do) is equally benefic; differences of degree are sometimes not differences at all. I feel remarkably “buoyant” this morning, and that is a direct result of a great deal of optimism which has, for its own reasons, manifested itself towards me and is taking me willy-nilly on a “soft” joy ride. It’s everywhere I turn, and most especially my chief cheerleader, my wife, who is “gleamingly confident” that the new pneumologist is going to be able to turn back time. I’m more realistic, and yet I, too, feel a bit more confidence than normal in his approach, which is immediately aggressive and reaching. So, I’m willing to submit and actually follow his direction, FOR A WHILE, to see what happens. This is my jump into the unknown, so to speak, for the moment, and I AM confident, although less delusional than my dear wife. Grin. As for her, today she does 
INDEED she has the “oyster by the tail,” (LOL!) but of course so does my Anima; who is feeling quite pleased with herself for her recent performance in catching up and co-driving the Chariot down the stardust-strewn Path. One of the reasons I do truly love both my Anima and my wife is their willingness to enter confidently into bold Hope, and a smiling indifference, total & complete, to anything that may stand in the way of manifesting it.; even the truth, which one must be VERY careful not to endorse. I love their enthusiasm, their willingness to dream the impossible dream for me & with me, but my wife drifts into the Vaps when I call the Chariot back to Earth and my Anima “s’éclipse.” Atum-Ra love & bless them both!! As for our Energy source today, we have the solid and “earthy” Queen of Pentacles. There is no bling here other than Nature herself, and she is quite resplendent. She is also no-nonsense; just, caring, providing, nurturing, understanding, comforting. She’s yo’ universal mamma, and she’s GOOD at it. If I think of her Energy as embodying anything outside of itself, it is Persistence, Patience, and Calm. Earth-Mothers don’t panic, they cope. They multitask, they deal with it; and there isn’t any time for whining about it, either. “Now get back to work, child, we don’t have all day!” You have to love her for that; she is the mother we could all have had, but then she was the mold and copies are always inferior. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL an appreciation of the fullness of 0 and the emptiness of ∞. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!    

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 14/07/2017.  First things first, BON 14 JUILLET !!! Today is the anniversary of the day when the French peasantry rose up and ate the nobility. Bon appétit ! Today’s deck brings back that sad and haunted yesteryear with *The Bohemian Gothic Tarot* by Alex Ukolov & Karen Mahoney. They are an inspired team, bringing Baba Studio to the Tarot world, and this deck as well as *The Tarot of Prague*, un chef d’œuvre. Onward and Upward! Today’s draw is: Sulfur = VI the Lovers; Mercury = XX Judgement, and Salt = the King of Pentacles. I was just about to exclaim, “Good grief! Again???” thinking that this has been an exactly repeating hand for a bit now, but on checking the blog, no, it isn’t, but it is VERY similar to a lot of what has been going on. I feel like I’m being given the jigsaw puzzle just a couple of pieces at a time! Grin. When isn’t that true for everyone, I suppose?  This continuing dwell-in on VI the Lovers by my Animus concerns me; I do hope he isn’t inflating himself in delusions and illusions of intimacy and attachment. 
Not that I think he is, actually, but I know what he can be prone to and how he can fall into it. I’ve been yapping for so long now about my mythic and ideal ‘ménage à trois’ that it is no longer really an issue at all; it has passed into the Great Black Want of things I have given up hoping for or trying to manifest. Do I still long for it? I honestly don’t know, but my intuition says that I’m leaning towards the “yeah, well, we can write that off.” This has everything to do with me and my honest self-regard; I’m not going to get into defining that, but you can work it out on your own. The point being that I have decided to quit blocking my progress while I wait for phantom desire to catch up. I shall have to readjust my parameters about what it takes to keep me “happy,” (an elusive & shitty word, actually, for an evanescent and temporary state of being.) So, VI the Lovers, in terms of higher interpretations and “Choices & Wrong/Right Decisions & Spiritual vs. Material, Moral vs. Hedonistic, myriad esoteric takes on the card, for me today has only face value, with the strong-arm back up of the “right” choice.  Moving on, we come to an illustration of XX Judgement that makes me grin really big, LOL. So this is where my Anima is today, and the first thing that popped into my mind 
was, “Oh fuck me, she is SUCH a drama queen!”  I have no idea why she is “avataring” in this, but she has her reasons, which do NOT include whether I take a male lover or not. She doesn’t care two bits about that, she counts on me to take care of myself and my needs; she’s busy with her own wants & desires, which have mostly snuck silently in while my Animus wasn’t looking. Grin. She IS, of course, solicitous of my well-being, and I DO love myself, so it isn’t that kind of an issue for us. (Nor for my wife, as a matter of fact.) However, I DO need to be aware that summing up my Tab is still in the works, and I don’t want it to be so extravagant as to blind me. The King of Pentacles as my/our motor today seems to be well aware of that fact. IF anyone knows how to squeeze a penny and still be generous when it counts it is this guy, and per the illustration (quite cool!) we may not live on, but the land does, because this construct has been formed to train & house generations of us. We seem to be in the process of killing our habitat, so perhaps we are either done with it or we are simply a monumental disgrace, a black mark on Evolution’s experiment list. I pray Atum-Ra that this is NOT so; I do not wish to be remembered, if I am remembered at all, as a member of the failed experiment. I guess we’ll just have to see about that. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a clearer view of the manifestation around us. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!   

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 13/07/17, and the deck today is le *Tarot Symbolique Maçonnique* par Jean Bouchard. If you are French, doubtless you are acquainted with this deck; if you are a French-speaking & Franco-culturally accustomed non-French, you’ll get the whole French “paranoia” about franc-maçonnerie; and if, lastly, you are French-less, the deck is exactly what you Fear; snotty, smokes in your face and knows you are culturally deprived at the same time that it sleeps with your spouse. Grin. Onward and Upward! Today’s draw is: Sulfur = XXI the World; Mercury = XI Fortitude, and Salt = the Knave of Coins. Okay, hmmm. Well, if I AM in the World today, I’ll NEED a lot of strength and money, as I’m pretty thin on both right now. LOL. (“Oh, if only it were that easy!” screamed Bertha at the WeightWatchers commercial . . .) While true, the above brief and mocking summary ISN’T what I pull out of the cards today, but does, rather “Archie Bunker-like,” express the Truth. That woman in the upper right of the card running naked as though fleeing the asylum that just sheared her head is our World today, and to be flat-out honest, she doesn’t look like she’s “bien dans sa peau” (lit. “well/good in her skin.” i.e.; she isn’t comfortable today.) However, she IS the World, so let’s give her the credit of knowing what she’s doing, right? Right. Which is, to be Franklin with you, at this point an accurate description of how I feel right now. The “pneumologue” (lung specialist) is new (to me,) and has changed my medicines from A to Z. Fine with me, I do NOT care, as long as I don’t regress or get worse, but AT LEAST remain stable, hoping for progress. LOL, that isn’t exactly the morning effect; 
I feel like I’m speeding my ass off for about two hours until it settles into a low hum and at some point in the day disappears. Wild. I’m too old of a drug fiend to be either impressed or afraid; it simply discommodes me by shattering my morning Zen. This means my DTR is going to have to move way UP the order of things that happen upon my morning “activation” during that golden time alone, pre-dawn. My Anima is saying “Yes! We CAN do that!” and the Knave is basically saying, “I’ll keep an eye on things, but you don’t need me at the moment. Take what Energy you need; this doesn’t involve material progress, yet.” So, there’s today’s short version. At this point, I’m going to insert some French material on the cards, so if you are not a Francophone, it’s time to say “Good night, Eglantine.” I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a moment to adjust to changes in our lives today. Be Well; Be Zen; Be Blessed!!        XXI le Monde – « Incroyable vingt-et-unième arcane majeur du tarot de Marseille, le Monde vous emmènera tout droit vers l’accomplissement, la réalisation et la concrétisation de vos envies et vos projets de vie. C’est une lame très positive qui vous prédit dans votre tirage de tarot le succès et la réussite totale. Mais Le Monde est aussi un symbole fort de bonheur et de recherche d’équilibre et de paix intérieure. Le Monde rayonne de son pouvoir et son aura positive jouera dans votre avenir un rôle de forte protection. C’est avec l’arcane de la Force une des meilleures cartes du jeu dans le Tarot de Marseille. Retrouver cet arcane du tarot dans votre tirage vous assure un avenir radieux et plein de belles énergies. C’est la réalisation de soi qui ressort aussi de cette carte, le Monde vous permettra de rentrer en contact avec votre intérieur et de trouver en vous les choses qui sont les piliers de votre réussite. (Franck Stéphane)                                                                   
XI La Force – «  11ème carte ou lame du tarot de Marseille, cet arcane du tarot est une des cartes maitresse du tarot de Marseille. Symbole du courage et de la détermination, la Force incarne aussi la féminité. C’est la maitrise de soi même mais aussi des énergies positives que peut amener cette lame. La volonté sera aussi une partie importante de cet arcane et symbolisera très souvent la notion de la réussite et de la victoire. La résistance, la forte notion de détermination, mais aussi la persévérance et la résistance dans la réalisation, que ce soit en termes de projets ou de remises en question de soi-même. La sincérité fera partie intégrante de la Force car elle attache et symbolise avec ardeur les valeurs et le respect. » « Ibid. »                                                                    Le Valet de deniers -  « Le Valet des Deniers symbolise l’abondance, la richesse, la sécurité et la rentabilité. Cette carte peut vous prévenir que vous connaîtriez un essor et un bien-être dans votre vie. Elle vous prévient également que vous pouvez vous enrichir, vivre dans le confort et la sécurité ainsi que réaliser vos rêves. Ainsi, tous vos projets pourront être mis en œuvre avec succès car vous aurez les moyens pour les financer. Tout ce que vous entreprendrez sera fructueux et vous aurez tout ce dont vous avez besoin. Le Valet des Deniers vous garantit une vie totalement épanouie si vous profitez de ses pouvoirs. Le Valet des Deniers se présente comme une forme de besoins physiques, de sécurité et d’engagement chez les enfants ou les jeunes adultes. Il montre que vous vous contentez uniquement des besoins matériels pour vous rendre heureux. Cette carte constitue la preuve que ces besoins physiques seront comblés et vous conseille ainsi de jouir de ces avantages. Comme tout le monde fait le nécessaire pour avoir une vie meilleure, il faut profiter des actions de cette carte si elle opère sur vous. » ( ») SVP ; j’ai changé l’image de la dernière carte pour une autre à cause des difficultés techniques. Merci pour votre compréhension.)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool‘s Tarot for 12/07/2017; the deck today is the *Haindl Tarot* by Hermann Haindl. It is an intuitive, marvelous deck, and relies on none of the conventional Tarot imagery. If you can work without RWS imagery, this is one of the very best Tarots with which to work. (There are two companion books that *can* add a lot to your knowledge of the deck; “The Haindl Tarot; The Major Arcana” & “The Minor Arcana” [vol.2] by Rachel Pollack, The Career Press, Franklin Lakes, 2002.)Onward and Upward! My draw for today is: Sulfur = X the Wheel of Fortune; Mercury = II the High Priestess, and Salt = the Princess of Swords. Okay, here’s the lowdown; I’m feeling REALLY bizarre this a.m. as I have started an entirely new regime of medications to try and promote healing in my lungs. Everything has changed in one night (per doc’s orders, of course) as far as the chemicals coursing through my system are concerned, and this morning I’m zoned out even without herb. So-o-o, this morning only I am going to beg off giving even the briefest of my own interps and instead give you someone else’s opinion in its entirety and without snarky remarks from me. Who that someone else is must remain a mystery for the moment, because I have honestly forgotten from where on the web I pulled this material, but it’s out there if you want to hunt. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a moment of blissful joy today (even if it is a bit perplexing!) Be Well; Be Zen, Be Blessed!!”                                                X The Wheel of Fortune – “The central theme of The Wheel of Fortune card is cyclical change. The wheel keeps on rolling, churning events in a ceaseless progression of ups and downs, either way freeing us from the past. No one can escape its cyclical action, which can feel somewhat terrifying -- no matter whether we are rising or falling. When one is balanced on top of the wheel, there is a moment of crystal clarity. However, the only part of the wheel that's actually not going up and down is the hub, which represents your eternal self. Every one of us will occupy all the points on the wheel at one point or another. The cycle of the wheel is its lesson -- and we can learn to take comfort in it. If you don't like the look of things right now, just wait -- things will change. Of course, if you do like the look of things right now, enjoy it while it lasts, because that will change too! Fundamental change is imminent. The positive benefits you gain during this period could last a long time. The card . . . suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible. The Wheel of Fortune advises you follow the flow of events. Physical moves, 
spiritual awakenings, or dramatically changing social patterns could arise now. Accept these transformations. This is a safe place for you to be. You are watched over and protected as you go round and round the wheel. You will learn a lot. You will also learn it quickly, and what you absorb will benefit you for a long time to come.”                                                                           II The High Priestess – “For the accused heretics who were burnt at the stake for revering her in the 14th and 15th century, the Priestess symbolized the prophecy of the return of the Holy Spirit, which was perceived as the female aspect of the Holy Trinity. In terms of the Major Arcana ordering of cards, The High Priestess appears in the sequence as soon as the Fool decides he wants to develop his innate powers, making a move toward becoming a Magician. The High Priestess is his first teacher, representing the inner life and the method for contacting it, as well as the contemplative study of nature and spiritual mystery. Put self-cultivation at the top of your daily priority list. The card . . . suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible. The High Priestess advises you to adhere to your chosen spiritual practice on a more regular basis. If you want the benefits of evolution, you'll have to cooperate with spirit. We all have distractions, demands -- a whole life full of reasons why we cannot find the time to retreat into our inner sanctum. Until you consider this as vital to your well-being as the need to eat and sleep, you are likely to be eternally restless and deeply dissatisfied. A spiritual routine that suits your temperament, practiced every day, is the most trustworthy path to freedom.”                                                                  
Salt/Catalyst: The Princess of Swords, AKA Daughter of Swords in the South – “This card is traditionally entitled The Page, but in some modern decks appears as a Princess. The traditional interpretation is about a messenger, an emissary or liaison between separate camps, charged with faithfully representing one side's communications to the other. Because of this role, we do not think of this person as a servant, but rather as a diplomat, facilitating sensitive negotiations, often under difficult conditions.  This person is acting as the eyes and ears of her patron, and so she is sometimes referred to as The Watchman. Even kings are powerless if this messenger chooses to use her access to sensitive information for her own gain, as is implied by her other name, The Spy. She could even be working as a double agent, playing both sides against each other to serve her own agenda. Her title is really camouflage in itself, serving as protective coloration so she can move among the people unrecognized, collecting information anonymously. Her vigilance often conceals an ulterior motive. She is a watcher who must herself be watched, because she dreams of someday taking matters into her own hands, preempting the plans of her employers. Circumstances call for anonymous action even if you would prefer to receive credit. The card . . . suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible. When the Page of Swords (in some decks, a Princess) is in this position, the situation requires subtle change in order for it to be brought to the highest good for all concerned. In contrast to times when one can best serve the greater good by being visible and heroic, this is a time when you must keep your own counsel, cover your tracks and stealthily accomplish what would be impossible to complete without privacy. Reduce your profile and increase your anonymity, no matter how your self-image might suffer. Although it would be gratifying to accomplish what needs to be done and be aboveboard about it that cannot be a priority at present.”   

Monday, July 10, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 11/07/2017; today’s deck is the *Tarot of the Sephiroth* by D. Staroff, J. Mori & J. Stockwell. My draw for today is: Sulfur = VI the Lovers; Mercury = XIV Temperance, and Salt = the Queen of Disks. Ho hum, “Yes, I KNOW!!” Lawdy lawdy, I must think myself deaf to not understand this draw for the last 3! or 4! times it has come up in the last month. Good Osiris, I DO get it, you know? Okay, since I don’t feel like repeating myself YET again, I shall give you the card quotations from the deck’s own guide; “Guide to Tarot of the Sephiroth” by J. Mori & J. Stockwell. U.S. Games, Stamford, 2001.I really DO get the draw; to have it repeated so much means either I have misunderstood it or it has much more importance than I am giving it. I tend to think it may be the latter; the cards have been steering for some time in the direction of a major “evolutionary” turn in my life, and I suspect . . . no, I know that it has to involve personal emotions and intuitions. Again, per my request, I’m working in Cups! Good. “On verra.” In the meantime, here are the “book definitions,” so see if you can sport how these cards could or would work together under the taskmistress the Queen of Disks. VI the Lovers – “On the Tree of Life Path #17, between Tiphareth and Binah. Energies of the Path: Differentiation and union of opposites (alchemy!); duality; integration, completion; balance; decisions. Its Evolutionary State is advancement through choice. The first union of polarities the primal duality of nature. The union of the king & queen, emperor & empress, Adam & Eve, yin & yang. IT is also the first representation in the deck of the angelic/devic being mediating the forces/energies of the universe. The snake represents knowledge of good and evil, the first test for this first union, and for the choices that must be made by that union. The alchemical marriage of elements brings forth creation on the physical plane. This is another avenue 
(as is The High Priestess) of bringing forth knowledge, informed by wisdom and understanding into the compassionate realm of Tiphareth.” (p. 201.) XIV Temperance – “On the Tree of Life it is on Path #25, between Yesod and Tiphareth. The Energies of the Path are refining energies; art and alchemy, developing higher awareness. Its Evolutionary State is Bipolar integration within the self; reconciling of seeming opposites in outer life. [Does it strike anyone else how MUCH this card echoes exactly the ideas embodied in VI the Lovers?? I find it almost spooky how closely the Powers have worked the weave on this one! Grin!] The duality of nature informed by the intellect and the requirements/restrictions of the physical realm. A more tangible vibration of the energies of the High Priestess [BOTH cards today are this “Avenue” – cue the X-Files music. . . Grin.] Brings knowledge, wisdom, understanding and compassion into the realm of possibility in the pre-manifest  (Yesod.) The coming together of water and fire, tempered by air and earth: air the higher mind, and earth: the parameters of physical plane creation. The two figures in this card reflect the Lovers [!! Ha! I TOLD you!] incarnate, and explore the concepts of masculinity and femininity.” (p. 217.)        
The Queen of Disks – “She is the Water of Earth (Binah + Disks.) Her “power”, if you will, [snarkiness mine] Decision making regarding resource allocation and tangible results. [More than anything, she represents] beneficial material circumstances; prosperity; stability; prestige. She is the mother of nourishment and growth. (-) shows much material wealth, but made to understand that that is nothing without proper nourishment. Hers is a place of rest and peace. She is the natural instinct for and understanding of nurturing and nourishment of progeny of all kinds (children crops, etc.) to produce health and well-being.” (p. 159.)  So, there I have it!! What may be good for me may be poison for you, and vice versa. One should always remember that to urge resistance to transference. (It’s quite frightening when it happens; the Reader watches in horror as the Querent swells into a giant green toad before sloppily popping all over the Reader and surroundings . . . Grin.) I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a pure moment of anticipation of a gift of galactic proportions. Be Well; Be Zen; Be Blessed!!     


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 10/07/2017. Today’s deck is *The Mary – El Tarot; Landscapes of the Abyss* by Marie White. I like this deck quite a bit, but I don’t rave over it as some do. It IS beautiful, and it works well. However, it is high gloss and laminated, and that makes the deck feel “stage-y,” if you know what I mean. Also, they are VERY large, which is fine with me, but if you have “”Trump hands,” it could be difficult. Another sticker under my saddle is why are they called “Landscapes from the Abyss?” They are NOT Sartre & Nietzsche personified, not even Kafka, just very nice art. Ah well, the artistic temperament. (Don’t bother with Tielhard de Chardin; his mère made him wedge a crucifix INSIDE his diapers and underwear all the way through childhood. Grin.)  Onward and Upward! Today’s draw is quite a powerhouse and surprisingly mystico-upbeat: Sulfur = I the Magician; Mercury = XIX the Sun, and Salt = the Knight of Cups.  In Marie’s words, “If 0 the Fool is Nothing, then I the Magician is Everything.” (Eponymous color book accompanying the deck.) That is, and isn’t, true, by my lights, but I understand what she means and why s/he is described this way. I DO feel very much settled in the Elements today, and I DO feel as the Forces & Energies with which I am acquainted are at my disposal; above all my home regime for most of this life, Air. I am also “taken” by Air as one of its magicians, as I was born in the Osage Nation to the Clan of the Wind, even though my entire maternal family was born to the Healing Clan. 
I find working the wind is a talent that comes as naturally to me as a fish in water. (Un?)fortunately, I am progressing out of Air this lifetime and moving on through Fire to what I hope is an apotheosis at the end of this round. “On verra, eh?” (“Not to pressure you, oh Vast & Mighty Being!”) At any rate, I the Magician tells me that I’m feeling assured today in my “magical” stance, and ready – for what doesn’t matter. Moving along, we find that XIX the Sun, glorious being that it is, is the residence today of my Anima. She’s feeling powerful, strong, and reborn today, after some very serious journeying lately. She’s been playing catch-up and I’ve been lending her as much help as she’ll accept; I kept her locked out of processes for a long time, and now it is my duty to make sure she is on equal footing, and pronto.  I have a whole personal mythology concerning Sol, which I shan’t share here, but I love the Sun, (and even more, the Egyptian mythological characters featuring Sol,) even though I’m not overly fond of hir full effects in the middle of summer. However, I am delighted to see MS. Anima step up to the reins offered by Apollo (Ra-Horakhty) not showing any signs of fear or shadowed by the legendary fate of Icarus. That’s my girl!! I have a LOT of faith in my Anima; she’s just as tough and tenacious as I am, and while certainly more genteel and polite, 
she doesn’t miss a trick. I STILL find myself the 2nd best woman I know, after my wife. LOL. So as not to beat the proverbial dead equine, let’s move on and see who’s powering the show today; aha! Finally! I want this cycle of the Path to concern the Cups, my most neglected suit, and so far they have been accommodating to me, showing up as my daily engine more often than not. I am going to try to go for broke in Cups – it is one of my last tasks, and I WANT to do it, now. Slowly but surely I find my love expanding, to take in each day a few more “categories” to which I paid either no attention or gave a cynical glance. I am learning to Love, again, and it is quite wonderful, magical and liberating; but I still get a bit confused at times, as there are knots which I hope to untie or unkink while I am here this time. Separating Desire from Love isn’t that hard (on the ego, yes; on the real you, no;) yet I find myself confusing them just enough to put my own reflections in a bit of a tailspin from time to time. I LOVE all of the people I call my friends; I do not desire them all. If I’m completely honest, this part of the Journey is personally difficult for me, as my self-worth was previously upheld by physical attraction and action in intimate personal relationships, not in work as do most men. You see? I told you; I have work here to do. Grin. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL today progress in the growth we effect today. Be Well; Be Zen; Be Blessed!!    


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 09/07/2017. The deck today is the Oswald Wirth (which I like) but you are being shown regular Tarot de Marseille illustrations, due to technical difficulties. The OW is very similar, with slightly updated images, but still recognizably TdeM. My draw this morning is: Sulfur = XIIII Temperance; Mercury = XII the Hanged Man, and Salt = the King of Swords. In the short run, we are still moderating from yesterday, with the addition that now my Anima feels that self-sacrifice is necessary for a better omni-view of reality, and she isn’t thinking 3-D “reality,” either, but actual truths. I don’t blame her; I, more than anyone, 
her Animus, can understand how when you are in a certain frame of mind, looking at, or being confined to, this reality makes you physically ill. I have a strong feeling that not only are my issues with my fading health due to age and excess, but due as well to the fact that, in general I am OVER it. Fun can still be had, the mind & intellect can still find interesting things to seize upon and consider, but down deep, ME, I’m over it. “Get me outta here!” The fact that I’m still waiting means that I’m not ready to take out of the oven yet. SO be it. My Animus, root me, has “avatared” as XIIII 
Temperance, and as she is one of my very first friends in the deck for many, many, decades, I don’t feel like explaining her for the umpteenth time. As for our motor today, he is nice & PACKED with Energy, the King of Swords; I have been the King of Swords for a greater part of this lifetime, thus I am intimately familiar with how he works. That firebolt energy is no longer available to me physically, so now I must internalize it to use it both mentally and spiritually. That’s good, I can do that. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL an Energy source today with which we are familiar. Be Well; Be Zen; Be Blessed!!     

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 08/07/2017. Today’s deck is one of the most startling in the Tarot de Marseille canon, *le Tarot de Viéville* issued by Editions SIVILIXI. It is one of the earliest decks, and one that most DOESN’T fit the canon of “approved” illustrations; many of the Viéville images are reversed from the other decks, and there is at times different symbology and certainly a whole different “vibe.” I really like this deck; it encourages a feeling of vivacity, life & paying attention. There is a companion book, “Interprétation du Tarot De Viéville” by Patrick Coq, available in French. 
(You DO know French, don’t you?) IF you can find it and you have enough obols, buy it; you won’t be disappointed. Onward and Upward! The draw for today is: Sulfur = VIII the Chariot (get used to it, the numbering is different;) Mercury = XIIII Temperance, and Salt = the Knight of Cups. I like it; it’s a good, clean, simple draw with clear advice about my day. Nothing too “high-falutin’” here; Mr. Animus is inhabiting the Chariot today, with all of its intensity and drive and speed, and Lady Anima is occupying the avatar of XIIII Temperance, and no doubt, looking directly at him, she is telling him, “Whoa there, cowboy!! Slow down, slow down, you’re being hasty. Let’s think about this & proceed at a 
more moderate pace, eh??” The Energy binding these two together today for Best Possible Outcome is the Knight of Cups, and that seems right on target. Lively, brisk, spreading the ideals of his parents throughout the land, and counseling the “couple” see here, “It is good. Give & take. Functioning conversation. And of course, oceans of tenderness, amity and affection bind the two of you in union to accomplish the tasks ahead. As above, so below – cooperation, symbiosis, love. That’s the shortened byline that goes out to the news services this morning, marked “page 2 material.” It’s not exactly headlines, just nice news. “That’s all, folks!!” (Chomping on a carrot.) I could fill in a lot of the minutiae, but you can do that yourself, thus saving me time in order to get this good message about ME out to the people. Grin! (No, no ego involved, not at all . . . LOL! And no, of course I don’t feel that self-important. ) I ask the Cosmos today to give us a labor of love today. Be Well; Be Zen; Be Blessed!!