Saturday, July 1, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 02/07/2017. Today’s deck is the *Rosetta Tarot* by M. M. Meleen. I have decided that actually this is my favorite go-to deck; I have others that are more occult & arcane, and others where the art is more refined & elegant, but this deck has almost-visible vibes coming off the cards. It is an amazing deck and works like greased lightning for me. That said, here is my draw today: Sulfur = VIII Adjustment; Mercury = XV the Devil, and Salt = the Ace of Swords. It is an attractive draw; from another old friend, Adjustment (Justice) through Little Missy Anima’s occasional dip into the material and efforts to profit thereby on through to our engine today, the overcharged ‘76 Grand Torino of its suit, the Ace of Swords. I don’t feel as if there is any ‘real’ conflict on the horizon today anyway; my intuition gives me “warning pings” or sometimes “frissons” when there is something in the wind, but I feel nothing today. One good thing that started the day was a very good reading for a friend last night, about which we talked for at least an hour, perhaps longer. A great deal was revealed, and my friend was highly satisfied AND motivated by what was read. (I may perhaps write up that reading and post it later today. No promises! Grin. However, it is Sunday, and therefore a “good” day to “practice my faith.” LOL.) The resulting “high” of that reading carried over into today, and I entered this morning’s reading with a deeper calm and positivity than normal. (Not that I always enter riven by doubt; I’m just usually less automatically self-satisfied the 1st thing in the morning.)  Okay, let’s jump in, Onward & Upward! Little Mr. Animus enters the scene first, and today he is in the avatar of VIII Adjustment (Justice.) 
I like this Trump, a lot; if I were ever to create a deck, my Adjustment/Judgement would probably be a figure of the Lady Ma’at, and we are OLD friends. She has never played favorites with me, of that I assure you; however, she hasn’t been prejudiced against me, either, and let “accounting & responsibility” come out of left field and strike me blind. I have always been given the knowledge, intelligence & (usually) grace to be able to accept my responsibility, and to be held accountable for it. Not that I like it, mind you! but I’m smart enough to know that when I give a party I have to pay the bill. Plus, the “idea” of Ma’at, the divinely ordered “Balance” of the worlds, holds great appeal to me, for personal reasons. 
Winging our way forward, we come to Little Missy Anima, who today is indulging her “sens(e) – ual” nature and flirting with XV the Devil. The big lesson in the Devil, of course, is to learn how to master the desires involving materiality and rise above need, want, greed & desire, to “unchain yourself from slavery to the Devil.” He can, of course, also be seen as temptation and instinctual impulse, and sexual lust, all in their connection to “wallowing in the Material.” In that sense he has more of his “Biblical” nature, that artful web of warped borrowings and man’s “evil nature” that monotheism, particularly Christianity, has imparted to “him.” Finally, avatars firmly leashed and trotting eagerly ahead, (GRIN!) we come to the power plant online for today, the Ace of Swords. Sigh. I grok this Ace, and it is with mixed feelings that I see it as of use today. On one hand, the Energy inherent in that bright & shiny sword is of invaluable aid, and to have it at hand is a most felicitous augury for the day. On the other mailed fist, I just “graduated” from a l-o-n-g journey through the Swords, and the delights, deceptions & deficiencies of the Intellect as the ruling suit of being during this stage of the Journey. 
Swords hold the greatest danger of egoism for me, and for most people, I suspect. One’s hubris finds fertile ground in the “I” of the Intellect, and intelligence becomes the agent of hypocrisy & deception; especially if one is prone to think that “one is apart” anyway, or that one’s particular “difference” somehow makes one more important.  All of which is driven by Insecurity and feelings of Inadequacy, of course. On the path of the true Mage, one must learn that “hubris” has no place in your construct; it is, in fact, a hindrance to ALL magickal workings and forward progress in the occult sciences. SO, coming to me today, it bears good news as I am already too well aware of its traps, and the dangers of self-deception. I shall give you some data on these cards as an addendum. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL “clear vision” as we see our motives in our actions. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!! 

VIII – Adjustment: “Venus in Libra, standing for fairness and justice, with a clear aspect to Saturn. Zodiac: Libra. Tree of Life: The connection between Geburah and Tiphareth. Element: Air. Number: 8 as the number of justice and adjustment (2 x 4, 2 x 2 etc.) The Adjustment is a symbol for the balance of contrasts, complementing one another and also building up room and time. She combines the High Priestess and the Magician. Both are connected - true, conscious action results from realization, wisdom is based on action. The principle of activity completes itself with the passivity of inner reflection, the adjustment being the balance in between. (‘Raven’,    
XV The Devil – “Saturn at his dark side. Planet: Moon. Tree of Life: From Tiphareth to Hod. Element: Earth. Number: 15 as the number of the full moon, the cross sum of 15 is 6 (!) . . . In the Tree of Life the Devil goes from consciousness and harmony to intellect and logic - against all dogma, never caring for rules, freely uncompromising and independent. There are no restrictions, no limitations, nothing is forbidden. The Devil is aware of the darkness; he knows all the shadows and will go on researching even at a high price. In a positive aspect, the Devil tells us to go ahead with whatever we want, even when the results won't be comfortable. Never forget that half of the great scientists in history ended up on a scaffold or were accused of 'heresy'. Therefore, the negative aspect of the card can mean loneliness, misunderstanding, or that someone is outcast and damned. On the other hand of course, it could mean that applying a little restriction here and there wouldn't have been the worst solution.” (Ibid.)     
Ace of Swords – “Tree of Life: Kether through Fire. Astrology: The signs of the Air. The Ace of Swords is the seed of the intellectual power, the origin and beginning of the airy world of Yetzirah, which implies thinking, analyzing, realizing through logic and mind. Like every Ace, it represents the unstructured primary matter of its suit, the undifferentiated unity; therefore the Ace of Swords is the beginning of thinking, a first idea, a first thought or impulse from the mind and the essence of the element of Air. So the card can stand for a first idea or realization, a new view of things, or simply tell us that we should let our mind work rather than following our emotions only. It also reminds us that the Ace is only the seed, and that it needs growing and experience to proceed.” (Ibid.)    

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