Saturday, July 15, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 16/07/17.  The deck today is the *Golden Dawn Magical Tarot* by Chic & Sandra Cicero. There is also a separately sold book, eponymously named and by the same people; it will be of great help if you are entirely unfamiliar with Golden Dawn symbology and thought. I like it; it has a raw power and vibrancy that is quite unique amongst the various decks. The Ciceros are acknowledged masters of the GD system. If you are looking for an entry point to b-a-s-i-c Tarot esoterica in card imagery (outside of the RWS,) this is not a bad place to start, amongst many, of course. It is really up to whether it grabs you by the short hairs or not. Onward and Upward! Today’s draw is: Sulfur = I the Magician; Mercury = XII the Hanged Man, and Salt = the Princess of Wands (Brringg!! Cluephone: remember, Princesses are always the “thrones” of their suit’s Ace.) On the whole, I have a good idea of where I am today, although my Anima seems to be in an isolationist mood, reflecting on soon dying and giving herself away to be reborn as the mixture of Divine Temperance. Why she is there instead of my Animus ‘with whom I normally associate those kind of feelings) is something of a mystery; it is the cooler, more intellectual side of me that is currently in the process of drawing up his mental plans for what is really going to be necessary incremental change as “time advances;” (you know, for an “illusion,” Time certainly manages to shut down the party, doesn’t he, the Fucker? Grin. I’d like to tell you that this is the secret of the legendary partying skills of the Tibetan adepts of “Time Dismissal,” but I told them I wouldn’t. Sorry.) 
At any rate . . . I thought upon seeing this, “I swear to Min, it ‘looks’ as if we are acting in a kind of unified receiver/transmitter setup, and I am feeding her the energy that she is feeding back to me changed and elevated. I feel “almost” like a perpetual motion machine here, but it is much more productive than that; it is using both sides of my psyche AND conscious/unconscious to “ramp up” the energy available to me by “putting it in the blender,” so to speak. I like it; it is simply a bit puzzling from which sky this idea fell. For that I believe I need to look where the Energy initially came from to start this whizzbang machine today, and it looks like it’s from that young-yet-already-fiery Princess of Wands. She is the Earth of Fire, and she is “. . . especially a brilliant daring tigress. The sight of her is captivating and irresistible. She is the chemical magnetism necessary for the act of combustion. She creates and destroys her own universe, for she is vigorous and irrational.” (“LWB” *kind of*) I get it all, but I must admit that something this vigorous on today’s horizon does surprise me. Hmm, I’m not especially “feeling my oats” today, so who knows what’s up? “On verra.” I’ve been keeping a low, Hermit-like profile for a bit while I deal with medical “labyrinthiana,” butt nevertheless I DO like to keep a closer track of my Tarot cards than I do of my x-rays and scanner results. Grin. The one unlooked-for side of today’s construct is the Energy source; I have been pulling a majority of Cups in this position, which hasn’t surprised me because it is by design; Cups are what I want to work on in depth this time through. However, there is NEVER any “ignoring of” this Princess when she shows up, because she just LOVES “Sturm und Drang” and while representing her family, has her own “solar flares” at will. I have not had a personal friend of that caliber since I departed from the U.S.A. in 2003. (A young woman of fiery temperament; young being defined as my age or younger. “Not a word, Frankie, or I’ll smack your smart little mouth!”) They make life interesting! Grin. 
However, today it is the Energy which is available, and not necessarily the Lady. So, I will use it with fond memories of friends and their valued contributions to my life. And the fun! With best friends Life is fun, I often find.  Well, enough of all this meandering; I’m either speeding my brains out or lost in the Vaps because of this radical change in my meds, but it WILL settle down. Any drug always does, with me; “We give up, we surrender! He’s ‘proofed’ everything!!” LOL. An advantage, I believe, of having been born in the early ‘50s, and therefore a fully participating member of the Birth of the Drug Culture, hippiedom, and ‘all o’ that.’ I myself was NOT Timothy Leary, but I DID have fun; at the same time, I experienced the full Sexual Revolution before the arrival of AIDS. I find it hard to determine at times whether the younger generations have lost or gained, in the long run. “”Ooooh, careful, Careful!! Whew! That was a full-blown attack of Old Man Meandering! Whew! Caught it JUST in time!” Grin. To finish with the cards (!), Being in I the Magician is always a kind of tricky role, you are All and Nothing, you are In Control yet you are powerless, and yet you are not, you are simply . . . evolving. Having my feminine side being in something of a more contemplative state of mind, and hoping as she travel the Tunnels in the World Tree that WHEN she comes away from the trial, she knows she will have both paid a magical price and gained an evolved state of being. Everything about the symbology on these cards today has significance for me in the moment. So this is a reading I can see with clarity, as not only recognizable, but as NEWLY recognizable, too, on a deeper, more profound level, or higher, more elevated, if you prefer. It’s all an Escher spiral, so direction is pointless, right? Grin. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a great deal of comprehension & compassion for those still Seeking. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!     

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