Saturday, July 8, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 08/07/2017. Today’s deck is one of the most startling in the Tarot de Marseille canon, *le Tarot de Viéville* issued by Editions SIVILIXI. It is one of the earliest decks, and one that most DOESN’T fit the canon of “approved” illustrations; many of the Viéville images are reversed from the other decks, and there is at times different symbology and certainly a whole different “vibe.” I really like this deck; it encourages a feeling of vivacity, life & paying attention. There is a companion book, “Interprétation du Tarot De Viéville” by Patrick Coq, available in French. 
(You DO know French, don’t you?) IF you can find it and you have enough obols, buy it; you won’t be disappointed. Onward and Upward! The draw for today is: Sulfur = VIII the Chariot (get used to it, the numbering is different;) Mercury = XIIII Temperance, and Salt = the Knight of Cups. I like it; it’s a good, clean, simple draw with clear advice about my day. Nothing too “high-falutin’” here; Mr. Animus is inhabiting the Chariot today, with all of its intensity and drive and speed, and Lady Anima is occupying the avatar of XIIII Temperance, and no doubt, looking directly at him, she is telling him, “Whoa there, cowboy!! Slow down, slow down, you’re being hasty. Let’s think about this & proceed at a 
more moderate pace, eh??” The Energy binding these two together today for Best Possible Outcome is the Knight of Cups, and that seems right on target. Lively, brisk, spreading the ideals of his parents throughout the land, and counseling the “couple” see here, “It is good. Give & take. Functioning conversation. And of course, oceans of tenderness, amity and affection bind the two of you in union to accomplish the tasks ahead. As above, so below – cooperation, symbiosis, love. That’s the shortened byline that goes out to the news services this morning, marked “page 2 material.” It’s not exactly headlines, just nice news. “That’s all, folks!!” (Chomping on a carrot.) I could fill in a lot of the minutiae, but you can do that yourself, thus saving me time in order to get this good message about ME out to the people. Grin! (No, no ego involved, not at all . . . LOL! And no, of course I don’t feel that self-important. ) I ask the Cosmos today to give us a labor of love today. Be Well; Be Zen; Be Blessed!!  

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