Saturday, July 1, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 01/07/2017. Today’s deck is the *Dali Tarot* by Salvador Dali and Juan Llarch. There is nothing to say about it except that it is pure Dali, for better or worse, depending on your artistic tastes. As a Tarot deck, it works well. On to the draw today, which is: Sulfur = 0 the Fool; Mercury = XX Judgement, and Salt = the Queen of Wands. As a pictorial triptych, it is quite pleasant to look at, and if taken as a reading it is equally pleasant, but perhaps just a tad more rigorous. My Animus is 0 the Fool today, which is no surprise, as the Fool is a general default zone where anyone can begin any day, and I often do. Grin. However, here I take him as rather more serious than that. “The average stage of man in the present stage of Earth-evolution is ‘human,’ but not yet at the stage of wisdom, consequently that of the ‘unwise man.’ To us, creatures living upon the Earth, this globe cannot be observed by us in toto, and the Fool is represented as a man walking without paying attention to himself. There is something of absolute Fate about this figure, which reminds us of the old saying of astrologers: “The wise man rules his stars, the fool obeys them.” On the point of this fatality all authorities agree. For the rest the explanation does not seem very satisfying. To us there appears to be no doubt regarding the nature of this Fool, presented as a final ‘principle,’ if we may call it that, after those of the planets.” (A. E. Thierens) I often feel like “the divine fool,” because as I continue on the Path I find myself coming back to some of my founding ideas and feelings about life that I discarded long ago before experienced embittered the brew. My faith in “God” is now more rock-sure & profound than it ever was as an adult; now that concept is filled with both experience and a lifetime of spiritual triage. 
It is a good place to begin, but there is an inherent warning when the Fool is the 1st card; “PAY ATTENTION this morning! You are in danger of being thoughtless and unseeing and may miss that first step of the day that will lead you forward.” I love the Fool as a concept; in real life, I despise clowns, like many people, and find hem strangely lugubrious and sinister. I believe that comes from a rather shared childhood experience of having the clowns antic’s destroyed by the perception of cruelty in the world . . . maybe. Grin. There are also a LOT of cultural tropes on the “sad clown” theme. Gimme a break . . . I feel about that the same way I feel about pictures of children with exceedingly enlarged and glistening sad eyes. “C’mere, little boy/girl, I’ll give you something to cry about!!” LOL. Moving on, we come to my Mercury for the day, XX Judgement. Judgement is one of those cards that I could put in a “10 card deck” personalized for me and whenever it appeared it could be justly applied; we are OLD friends of long date; first in its illogical and arbitrary forms as they appear to a youth, then as a set of rigorous principles that I violated most of my young adult life, and now as an old friend who I understand, at last, and find a relief and companionship in my old traveling companion. Criticality, like other genetic maladies that mask themselves as “weak character,” is passed on, and it is up to each and every person to make your way to seeing the Truth about XX Judgement in order to both imbibe and embody it. “If Saturn denotes ‘death’ and the grave, what more natural than that his counterpart Jupiter should stand for the resurrection from the grave? While Saturn, Lord of the mineral kingdom, is held to ‘kill’ by his crystallizing effect, Jupiter, Lord of the vegetable kingdom and of all that grows and expands and evolves, leading up to sublimation and elevation, abstraction, etc., afterwards, is first the emblem and function of organic life, later on also those of psychic and spiritual life above the material existence, barren and naked, from which it consequently brings deliverance. The latter meaning is chiefly viewed when symbolizing this principle in the card of the Last Judgment. “An angel sounds his trumpet per sepulchra regionum and the dead arise.” (W.) Some people say “that it signifies renewal, which is obvious enough…” and “that it is the generative force of the earth and eternal life.” (W.) The latter fairly covers our definition of Jupiter’s function. Again W. further mentions, that it “is the card which registers the accomplishment of the great work of transformation.” Which is also in the line of Jupiter, Io Pater, ‘Our Father that is in the Heavens.’ And every great work needs his co-operation; there is no important or great work done in this world without Jupiter, the planet of ideals playing a prominent rule in it. Ideals, those “are the angel part of us,” as Zanoni tells his disciple. Ideals, religious, social or any other and for the elevating effect they have on man; for ideas and leading motives, aspirations, etc., consequently for generalization, illumination, dispersion, elevation, for all that is honorable on one hand but also for illusions or vain aspirations on the other hand. It is the sign of deliverance from narrow thought and hampering conditions in the soul as well as in the body and in life.” (Ibid) Rounding the bend we come down the stretch to our motor works for the machine today, the Queen of Wands. I’m a big fan of the 
Queen of Wands, in theory; they are as rare as hen’s teeth in real life. My mother imagined herself to be one, but actually she was a Queen of Swords with delusions of perfection. I loved her, but she WAS a trip! Grin. “The characteristics of the Queen are adaptability, persistent energy, calm authority which she knows how to use to enhance her attractiveness. She is kindly and generous, but impatient of opposition. She has immense capacity for friendship and for love, but always on her own initiative. There is as much pride in this card as in the Knight, but it lacks the spontaneous nobility which excuses that error. It is not true pride, but self-complacent vanity and even snobbery.” LOL! (*Book of Thoth* A. Crowley.) When I see the Queen of Wands coming into my day, I automatically think of the cool, clean air of the Olympian heights, and the goddess Athena, standing with her Aegis and spear (wand, so to speak,) the daughter born of Zeus alone, a spirit of justice and refined compassion with the best interest of all at heart, but seen through with order, logic & creativity (including a lot of respect for her family; a kind of “Or else!” clause in the fine print. Grin.) She is equally the Lady Ma’at, the Egyptian concept of the necessary balance of the world and cosmos, in order to maintain divine order so that one may lead a productive life. This applied to All and Everything; even the gods are required to follow Ma’at’s dictums.  I follow her willingly, and am glad of the enormous amount of energy at my disposal if I need it today to “reset the balance.” I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL today a sense of the relationship between ourselves and the Queen of Wands. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!     

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