Friday, July 14, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 14/07/2017.  First things first, BON 14 JUILLET !!! Today is the anniversary of the day when the French peasantry rose up and ate the nobility. Bon appétit ! Today’s deck brings back that sad and haunted yesteryear with *The Bohemian Gothic Tarot* by Alex Ukolov & Karen Mahoney. They are an inspired team, bringing Baba Studio to the Tarot world, and this deck as well as *The Tarot of Prague*, un chef d’œuvre. Onward and Upward! Today’s draw is: Sulfur = VI the Lovers; Mercury = XX Judgement, and Salt = the King of Pentacles. I was just about to exclaim, “Good grief! Again???” thinking that this has been an exactly repeating hand for a bit now, but on checking the blog, no, it isn’t, but it is VERY similar to a lot of what has been going on. I feel like I’m being given the jigsaw puzzle just a couple of pieces at a time! Grin. When isn’t that true for everyone, I suppose?  This continuing dwell-in on VI the Lovers by my Animus concerns me; I do hope he isn’t inflating himself in delusions and illusions of intimacy and attachment. 
Not that I think he is, actually, but I know what he can be prone to and how he can fall into it. I’ve been yapping for so long now about my mythic and ideal ‘ménage à trois’ that it is no longer really an issue at all; it has passed into the Great Black Want of things I have given up hoping for or trying to manifest. Do I still long for it? I honestly don’t know, but my intuition says that I’m leaning towards the “yeah, well, we can write that off.” This has everything to do with me and my honest self-regard; I’m not going to get into defining that, but you can work it out on your own. The point being that I have decided to quit blocking my progress while I wait for phantom desire to catch up. I shall have to readjust my parameters about what it takes to keep me “happy,” (an elusive & shitty word, actually, for an evanescent and temporary state of being.) So, VI the Lovers, in terms of higher interpretations and “Choices & Wrong/Right Decisions & Spiritual vs. Material, Moral vs. Hedonistic, myriad esoteric takes on the card, for me today has only face value, with the strong-arm back up of the “right” choice.  Moving on, we come to an illustration of XX Judgement that makes me grin really big, LOL. So this is where my Anima is today, and the first thing that popped into my mind 
was, “Oh fuck me, she is SUCH a drama queen!”  I have no idea why she is “avataring” in this, but she has her reasons, which do NOT include whether I take a male lover or not. She doesn’t care two bits about that, she counts on me to take care of myself and my needs; she’s busy with her own wants & desires, which have mostly snuck silently in while my Animus wasn’t looking. Grin. She IS, of course, solicitous of my well-being, and I DO love myself, so it isn’t that kind of an issue for us. (Nor for my wife, as a matter of fact.) However, I DO need to be aware that summing up my Tab is still in the works, and I don’t want it to be so extravagant as to blind me. The King of Pentacles as my/our motor today seems to be well aware of that fact. IF anyone knows how to squeeze a penny and still be generous when it counts it is this guy, and per the illustration (quite cool!) we may not live on, but the land does, because this construct has been formed to train & house generations of us. We seem to be in the process of killing our habitat, so perhaps we are either done with it or we are simply a monumental disgrace, a black mark on Evolution’s experiment list. I pray Atum-Ra that this is NOT so; I do not wish to be remembered, if I am remembered at all, as a member of the failed experiment. I guess we’ll just have to see about that. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a clearer view of the manifestation around us. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!   

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