Sunday, July 2, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 03/07/2017. Today’s deck is the *Ibis Tarot* by Josef Machynka (LWB trans. by Mascha Rabben.) This is my very favorite of the Egyptian-themed decks (The Kier Tarot isn’t Egyptian-themed, it is Egyptian, as it has no suits or Court cards.) Mr. Machynka has given a clear light to the Path of the Sacred Tarot in this deck, and I truly love the way HIS love of the Tarot and his Journey shine through. It is clear from the deck that he is a practicing magician; if you find a copy of this deck, buy it, it is well worth the few Euros to have such an insightful tool in your armory. Onward and Upward! Today’s draw is: Sulfur = XXI the Crown of the Magicians; Mercury = II the High Priestess, and Salt = the Master (King) of Pentacles. With the exception of the ever-enigmatic High Priestess, our gaze is directed to the left, i.e. the immediate future (I qualify it as immediate; this is, after all, a DAILY reading, not meant IN ANY WAY to go beyond the small bubble of, say, 2 days before and 2 days after today. It is a “rolling” bubble, for every day it advances, its frontiers travel with it.)  I like the general vibe off of the cards today: Master of my world (and I say that without ego, I hope) with my Anima on her all-star home court, II the High Priestess. Thrumming mightily in the background, the Master (King) of Pentacles powers my day with his IMMENSE reserve of Taurean energy, commitment, and managerial acumen. I’m feeling immensely good-humored today. Since I turned the Journey’s corner and began again, with an emphasis on the Cups this time around, I have been feeling my access to the ‘general’ kingdom of Cups & feelings of positive sentiments of love growing larger each day. 
I am able to make this sentiment grow simply in contemplation of the engineering marvel of the Cosmos which surrounds us. In the particular, I am finding it easier to define & clarify the refined distance that can exist between “I like” and “I hate.” I find that I don’t actually “hate” anything, if I can make the proper comparisons between the wise and the untaught. The evil and darkness I see in the world certainly isn’t loveable, but there is no need to employ the obverse, hatred; with the application of both Intuition and True Vision one may pierce the veil and discover the verities about a person, thing, or idea; is s/he simply “untaught” in Love and Wisdom? Does s/he even know if s/he has a soul or not, in the case of a person? I am not saying that there are no despicable and hate-worthy things in the world – i.e., Nazism, for example, or the bloated and obscenely corrupt military-industrial complex that led us into our current clusterfuck; blind devotion to the pursuit of power and wealth breeds Evil, as well, and it should be morally rejected. Hatred, however, is a feral and fatal tool; it MUST have nourishment, and it kills the user much more actively than the subject hated because the user is corrupting hir own soul at a pace to leave the angels breathless. Between my Animus in XXI the Crown and my Anima in II the High Priestess, I am assured a day of deep spiritual contentment, but curiosity as well, and research and study in her temple will prove MOST profitable for my further travels on the Path. I have a real schoolboy crush on the High Priestess – I say ‘schoolboy,’ because as a figure of power & mystery she is right up my alley, but as embodiment of lunar wisdom, meditation, reflection and life-changing revelation, she is a bit “scary.” One always approaches the High Priestess with a bit of trepidation, as like the Truth, she may tell you something(s) that are highly unpalatable, but necessary for one to know in order to overcome. Moving on, I see we have a real Mr. Universe (retired) 
is our energy supply today. When I ask the cards to supply a catalyst, I sometimes have an ‘idea’ in mind of which card I think “should” come up; today I was surprised, but it makes perfect sense to see the King of Pentacles. Today is a state I would like to preserve as long as possible before reality changes the construct on me. You would be hard-pressed to find such a conservative-yet-generous and all-encompassing kind of sovereign or even man, anywhere, but today he has stepped forward and offered to power my “ship of state” for at least the duration of today. I am deeply pleased; this card reminds me a lot of my father, a hard-working and no-nonsense man all of his life (of course! we had tough times between us; it’s the same principle that mothers/daughters go through.) While he was my “least favorite person” for a very long time in my life, I have come to comprehend and recognize my deep love for him. Despite any personal problems (our ground of friction,) he is, and has always been, an honest, stand up and be counted, responsible man, and he has never wavered. I admire him tremendously, and always have; one thing has nothing to do with the other. If there is anything noble in my character, I thank my father. (He is also responsible for a lot of the macho junk ‘stored in my attic,’ but that’s another day.) The point of this dad-ramble is that the King of Pentacles is RELIABLE, DEPENDABLE, and awfully damn STRONG. He is also as stubborn and mule-headed as the proverbial mule, but being enlightened, readily admits any errors or hasty reactions. As far as Energy goes, no, he isn’t bright & shiny like the Wand King, nor steely and arrogant as the King of Swords, and he certainly isn’t that emotional sponge, the Cups King; what he is as SOLID, quiet, as strong and enduring as the roots of the mountains, as patient and unsounded as the endless depths of the sea. This is the kind of Energy you need to SURVIVE, to found a dynasty, to caretake a kingdom. It is above all a talent to “see” the statistics in a situation, and to make policy decisions from there. With him providing Energy today, I have NO fear of “blackout.” Grin. All in all, it seems to be a calm and introspective day today, a good time to delve into some new reading or research, and stay in with our cats, some tea, and the Sacred Tarot. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL some time for reflection today. Be Well; Be Zen; Be Blessed!!   


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