Monday, July 31, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 01Aug2017. After a 10-day hiatus, we take up the cards again and set forth of the Sea of Becoming. Grin. At one point, I expected to say something like, “Well, that was a wonderful break, and feeling refreshed & revitalized, I’m ready to draw the cards again.” But what a silly expectation THAT turned out to be! From first to last, the time off was dramatic and/or memorable, and right off the starting line the first day I began with a BPCO attack in front of the train station, losing consciousness and then having a weird sort of “mini-heart attack” in the ambulance upon “coming to [consciousness]”. I recovered & was sent home after 36 hours, heart thingy unexplained, with instructions to see a cardiologist, and more drugs for the BPCO. (Fuckin’ drugs. Sigh.) Just in case you’re wondering, it is Bronchio-Pneumo Chronic Obstruction, the “other lung disease” . . .LOLOL, that always makes me laugh snarkily, as if cancer is the star of the sister act. This bitch is bad enough. And then, there was the 10-day visit of our friend Jane from the United States, a French professor in a large university “là-bas.” Luckily, Jane is ENTIERELY self-sufficient, and the IDEAL guest; you hardly notice she’s there when it is downtime, and completely flexible when it is showtime. 
Plus, we love her! So, wonderful visit! but, “a guest is a guest is a guest.” So, regenerate, entertain guest, smooth path of everyone around, extricate yourself from as much activity as possible in order to rest & recuperate. It was ALL do-able, but it was a full day. Luckily, I started every day with the Tarot, as usual. It kept me in the “realm” where I wished to “park it” for a while. An unlooked-for delight, surprise, évènement” was that after 21 years of  friendship, without any warning Jane dove into the Tarot this time during her visit, taking it up with a new-found passion, curiosity and willingness to work with the paradigms. To say I am surprised and delighted is a vast understatement! When she left, I gifted her with an esoteric deck & book set and gave her, so to speak, the “Invitation to the Voyage.” (“Don’t sulk, Baudelaire, it makes your eyes look piggy.”) I am assured by her curiosity; I hope that she is assured by her thirst for knowledge, of which she has a great deal, and an unlimited Will to seek and find. She’s a great person; she’ll make a formidable Voyager. All this being said, I kept a record of these days regardless, and will share that in another post. For now, let’s take a QUICK look at today, which in its own way I find a bit baffling, but if read visually, amusing in a non-amusing way (“Erk??”) I have been using the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by Iglesias Janeiro, a South American mystic and winner of the United Fruit Good Citizenship Award in 1919. (Grin – that is NOT true. The award part, that is . . . LOL.) Using it a week straight has only lead me to appreciating EVEN MORE its extraordinary qualities of insight & intuition, and how delicately it can read even the finest of threads on my unconscious loom. (If you EVER have a chance [slim to none] GRAB this deck.) Today’s draw is: Sulfur = X The Wheel of Fortune; Mercury = VIII Justice, and Salt/Catalyst = #64 Vehemence. (!!) “Umm hmmm, let’s see what we have here . . . um hmm; the X, yea, facing left, um hmm, the VIII, left also, umm hmm, and . . (shrieeeeking brakes!) Vehemence? #4 Vehemence? What the fuck is Vehemence?” (quick check of the LWB, image of Pharaoh clubbing a Libyan captain on card, (oh frabjous joy.) The LWB says, “Conquest. Defeat. Degradation. Adversaries may arise. Revocation. Infamy.” And that’s UPRIGHT!! LOL! Well, we SHAN’T be taking that as 
comportmental advice today, shall we? Grin. No, I think rather it warns of a danger of I let a misplaced sense of Justice try to roll “Chance” back into the Past for some reason. It can also signify that, being in a “liminal state” at this moment, it is counseled to bring Justice to bear on an “issue” which may still be tailing along like toilet paper stuck to my heel. Whatever it is, there is something surging from the Past to capture my attention today and that is okay; it’s a slightly grey day here, and with the “hope” of more greyness and perhaps even a bit of mood-dampening rain & thunder (“Oh, I DO hope so!”,) it “could” be an excellent day for dispatching goblins of yesteryear; I must admit, I’m a bit surprised there is still one dogging my steps, I’ve felt so “Light” lately; Hah! Just goes to show me, don’t get too big for my neon britches! Grin. Over the 10-day visit, I managed to share a good dollop of my passion for the Sacred Tarot with Jane, and I do believe I was able to inspire her to the point of being open and willing to listen to herself via the cards. “On verra.” (How distressing . . .  I sound rather like a Jehovah’s Witness having hopefully made a convert. Ugh. . . Grin.) “Well, enough cauliflower & broccoli for today, class! When you get home, be sure and tell your parents to put the rubber sheets on your beds tonight!” GRIN. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL something a bit “odd” to chew on today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!    


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