Friday, July 14, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 15/07/2017. The deck I am using today is *Le Tarot des Alchimistes* de Jean Beauchard, but what you are seeing is a mélange of cards from *Tarot of the Holy Light,* **The Night Sun Tarot* and *The Labyrinth Tarot.* This is because, having stuck my scanner, my telephone and some USB cable in some rice, the Japanese have yet to fix it so I have “image problems” for the moment. LOL! Story of my life! Grin. They have been chosen for no other reason than sufficient pixel quantity. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere about the ordinary attaining Heaven, but I’m not wasting the time to search for it. Grin. Onward and Upward! My draw today is: Sulfur = 0 the Adept (Fool); Mercury = XXI the World, and Salt is the Queen of Earth (Pentacles.) It made me laugh aloud when I turned it up. Depending on whose view point you are looking from, or rather which end of the beast, 
I have either everything to look forward to today or I am simply in suspension over the abyss of the Return. I think, actually, that a bit of both is true for me today . . . or so I feel, I intuit, because I’m feeling balanced on a pinpoint this morning. Between Folly and Manifestation, between the Good 1 and the Good 2, because today, while I am balancing, yes, I also feel that no matter which side I may land on (if I do) is equally benefic; differences of degree are sometimes not differences at all. I feel remarkably “buoyant” this morning, and that is a direct result of a great deal of optimism which has, for its own reasons, manifested itself towards me and is taking me willy-nilly on a “soft” joy ride. It’s everywhere I turn, and most especially my chief cheerleader, my wife, who is “gleamingly confident” that the new pneumologist is going to be able to turn back time. I’m more realistic, and yet I, too, feel a bit more confidence than normal in his approach, which is immediately aggressive and reaching. So, I’m willing to submit and actually follow his direction, FOR A WHILE, to see what happens. This is my jump into the unknown, so to speak, for the moment, and I AM confident, although less delusional than my dear wife. Grin. As for her, today she does 
INDEED she has the “oyster by the tail,” (LOL!) but of course so does my Anima; who is feeling quite pleased with herself for her recent performance in catching up and co-driving the Chariot down the stardust-strewn Path. One of the reasons I do truly love both my Anima and my wife is their willingness to enter confidently into bold Hope, and a smiling indifference, total & complete, to anything that may stand in the way of manifesting it.; even the truth, which one must be VERY careful not to endorse. I love their enthusiasm, their willingness to dream the impossible dream for me & with me, but my wife drifts into the Vaps when I call the Chariot back to Earth and my Anima “s’éclipse.” Atum-Ra love & bless them both!! As for our Energy source today, we have the solid and “earthy” Queen of Pentacles. There is no bling here other than Nature herself, and she is quite resplendent. She is also no-nonsense; just, caring, providing, nurturing, understanding, comforting. She’s yo’ universal mamma, and she’s GOOD at it. If I think of her Energy as embodying anything outside of itself, it is Persistence, Patience, and Calm. Earth-Mothers don’t panic, they cope. They multitask, they deal with it; and there isn’t any time for whining about it, either. “Now get back to work, child, we don’t have all day!” You have to love her for that; she is the mother we could all have had, but then she was the mold and copies are always inferior. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL an appreciation of the fullness of 0 and the emptiness of ∞. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!    

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