Saturday, July 8, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 09/07/2017. The deck today is the Oswald Wirth (which I like) but you are being shown regular Tarot de Marseille illustrations, due to technical difficulties. The OW is very similar, with slightly updated images, but still recognizably TdeM. My draw this morning is: Sulfur = XIIII Temperance; Mercury = XII the Hanged Man, and Salt = the King of Swords. In the short run, we are still moderating from yesterday, with the addition that now my Anima feels that self-sacrifice is necessary for a better omni-view of reality, and she isn’t thinking 3-D “reality,” either, but actual truths. I don’t blame her; I, more than anyone, 
her Animus, can understand how when you are in a certain frame of mind, looking at, or being confined to, this reality makes you physically ill. I have a strong feeling that not only are my issues with my fading health due to age and excess, but due as well to the fact that, in general I am OVER it. Fun can still be had, the mind & intellect can still find interesting things to seize upon and consider, but down deep, ME, I’m over it. “Get me outta here!” The fact that I’m still waiting means that I’m not ready to take out of the oven yet. SO be it. My Animus, root me, has “avatared” as XIIII 
Temperance, and as she is one of my very first friends in the deck for many, many, decades, I don’t feel like explaining her for the umpteenth time. As for our motor today, he is nice & PACKED with Energy, the King of Swords; I have been the King of Swords for a greater part of this lifetime, thus I am intimately familiar with how he works. That firebolt energy is no longer available to me physically, so now I must internalize it to use it both mentally and spiritually. That’s good, I can do that. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL an Energy source today with which we are familiar. Be Well; Be Zen; Be Blessed!!     

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