Sunday, July 9, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 10/07/2017. Today’s deck is *The Mary – El Tarot; Landscapes of the Abyss* by Marie White. I like this deck quite a bit, but I don’t rave over it as some do. It IS beautiful, and it works well. However, it is high gloss and laminated, and that makes the deck feel “stage-y,” if you know what I mean. Also, they are VERY large, which is fine with me, but if you have “”Trump hands,” it could be difficult. Another sticker under my saddle is why are they called “Landscapes from the Abyss?” They are NOT Sartre & Nietzsche personified, not even Kafka, just very nice art. Ah well, the artistic temperament. (Don’t bother with Tielhard de Chardin; his mère made him wedge a crucifix INSIDE his diapers and underwear all the way through childhood. Grin.)  Onward and Upward! Today’s draw is quite a powerhouse and surprisingly mystico-upbeat: Sulfur = I the Magician; Mercury = XIX the Sun, and Salt = the Knight of Cups.  In Marie’s words, “If 0 the Fool is Nothing, then I the Magician is Everything.” (Eponymous color book accompanying the deck.) That is, and isn’t, true, by my lights, but I understand what she means and why s/he is described this way. I DO feel very much settled in the Elements today, and I DO feel as the Forces & Energies with which I am acquainted are at my disposal; above all my home regime for most of this life, Air. I am also “taken” by Air as one of its magicians, as I was born in the Osage Nation to the Clan of the Wind, even though my entire maternal family was born to the Healing Clan. 
I find working the wind is a talent that comes as naturally to me as a fish in water. (Un?)fortunately, I am progressing out of Air this lifetime and moving on through Fire to what I hope is an apotheosis at the end of this round. “On verra, eh?” (“Not to pressure you, oh Vast & Mighty Being!”) At any rate, I the Magician tells me that I’m feeling assured today in my “magical” stance, and ready – for what doesn’t matter. Moving along, we find that XIX the Sun, glorious being that it is, is the residence today of my Anima. She’s feeling powerful, strong, and reborn today, after some very serious journeying lately. She’s been playing catch-up and I’ve been lending her as much help as she’ll accept; I kept her locked out of processes for a long time, and now it is my duty to make sure she is on equal footing, and pronto.  I have a whole personal mythology concerning Sol, which I shan’t share here, but I love the Sun, (and even more, the Egyptian mythological characters featuring Sol,) even though I’m not overly fond of hir full effects in the middle of summer. However, I am delighted to see MS. Anima step up to the reins offered by Apollo (Ra-Horakhty) not showing any signs of fear or shadowed by the legendary fate of Icarus. That’s my girl!! I have a LOT of faith in my Anima; she’s just as tough and tenacious as I am, and while certainly more genteel and polite, 
she doesn’t miss a trick. I STILL find myself the 2nd best woman I know, after my wife. LOL. So as not to beat the proverbial dead equine, let’s move on and see who’s powering the show today; aha! Finally! I want this cycle of the Path to concern the Cups, my most neglected suit, and so far they have been accommodating to me, showing up as my daily engine more often than not. I am going to try to go for broke in Cups – it is one of my last tasks, and I WANT to do it, now. Slowly but surely I find my love expanding, to take in each day a few more “categories” to which I paid either no attention or gave a cynical glance. I am learning to Love, again, and it is quite wonderful, magical and liberating; but I still get a bit confused at times, as there are knots which I hope to untie or unkink while I am here this time. Separating Desire from Love isn’t that hard (on the ego, yes; on the real you, no;) yet I find myself confusing them just enough to put my own reflections in a bit of a tailspin from time to time. I LOVE all of the people I call my friends; I do not desire them all. If I’m completely honest, this part of the Journey is personally difficult for me, as my self-worth was previously upheld by physical attraction and action in intimate personal relationships, not in work as do most men. You see? I told you; I have work here to do. Grin. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL today progress in the growth we effect today. Be Well; Be Zen; Be Blessed!!    


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