Thursday, August 3, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 04Aug2017. Yes, the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by Iglesias Janeiro, AGAIN. But today is the last day for a bit, I promise; I wish to move on, and I have a BIG spread this afternoon for which I wish to “clear the deck,” so to speak. And besides, if you haven’t learned to appreciate this deck by now, you are hopeless barbarians, for whom there is no culture or breeding, merely living in the filth and degradation of a deck-less world. LOL. Also, today I’m not putting any effort into it. I’m giving you the card significations from a clued-in site (clued in to the original Spanish writings of the author of the deck.) I’m just not up for it today, not only being very tired but contemplating, as well, the complexity of this afternoon’s draw look forward to the experience, but it takes prep, you understand. With that being said, I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL enough craziness and time to make it through the day. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!          
#22 The Fool                                                   “Arcanum XXII. The Return -                       It is the action of reintegration. It represents the mystery of the law that is able to understand the set of laws, is represented in it, the letter Thaw and Venus in Pisces. It symbolizes the light that gives life, is the living heat. The infinite experiences favor the expansion of the soul. The power of knowledge brings to light the existing realities. They are in the spiritual realm the unfathomable divine laws, it is the mysterious reason that shapes things, the transcendental motive that accompanies all acts. It is in the mental field, the origin of naivety as a summary of the incapacity. It is the error caused by audacity, the imprudence that causes certain risks. Actions, in the physical terrain, leading to recklessness, eccentricity, arrogance, raving, uncontrolled passions seeking compensation. It induces us not to involve the soul in the mysteries and secrets of things. This arcane predicts that everything we enjoy today will be taken away, the constant search for everything we want to possess, will bring some disturbance, conceit as a road to ruin. There will be a risk of getting away from everything. Risks of insidious gifts arise. There will be disappointments and false promises, but you will also experience the end of some things and the beginning of others.” (
#18 The Moon –                                            “Arcanum XVIII. The Twilight.                   It is the magical manifestation of light. It is the mystery of the scabrous power, represents the Egyptian letter Tzade and Uranus in Scorpio. It symbolizes the beginning of magnetic power, it is the exclamation that leads to inquiry, it is the power to enchant, it is the exhalation that leads to glare. In the spiritual realm, it is the mystery that gives reason to things by determining the being of them, everything created moves in constant danger. In the mental aspect the negative takes strength to give rise to the positive. It tends in the mental field to develop the processes that are linked with the expression of the powers that are hidden, the impalpable forces begin to demand their deliberation although they do not find a palpable result. It offers the awareness that charity is closely related to patience, both must be inexhaustible. This arcane augurs a lack of stability in life, precarious situations, where confusions and great changes are present. The plots will be marking a constant. Unexpected impediments will appear in all activities and actions, it will be necessary to carry out long deliberations tending to solve constant problems. The results will be given slowly or fairly late. It is necessary to be very careful since it will be exposed to supposed triumphs and failures.” (Ibid) 
#24 The Weaver -                                           “It symbolizes the action that leads to cultivating all the virtues of home. It represents every woman who works hard in order to guard her own home and her honesty. This arcane is associated with the number 6, with the letter U and with the action of the planet Venus. It symbolizes the work based on the fundamental intelligence that allows to obtain the results of everything that has been learned. In his reflection he proposes to work hard to maintain our own honor, which in turn will allow us to honor others. As a prediction letter promises us that everyone who does a daily work with enthusiasm will achieve an organization of the economy of your home. It confers a motherhood based on honesty. It tells us that all those obligations consciously acquired can be carried out with great performance. This arcanum offers the necessary protection to every woman who, while maintaining her honor, dedicates herself to work for the benefit of her home and her family.” (Ibid)

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