Thursday, August 10, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 11/08/2017. The deck today is *Crow’s Magick* by Londa Marks. I don’t know a great deal about Ms. Marks, in fact nothing, but I do like her deck, and recommend it to those who like a bit more of the arcane than usual in their cards; I’m very taken with some of her imagic interpretations. Don’t kidnap your neighbor’s child in order to buy one ($399.00 on Amazon! OoP, of course,) but if you see one at an affordable price, grab it quick. Today’s draw is: Sulfur = VIII Justice; Mercury = XVIFI the Star, and Salt = the King of Swords. I’m not going to go anywhere with this draw today; I have talked until my venom glands are dry about these cards and even this configuration too many times to count; Male Balance meets Celestial Hope and the two fuel up on the intellectual Energy available from the King of Swords in order to harmonize their vibes, which are not necessarily easy bedmates. Justice often dashes Hope, just as often as it sometimes, much less often, fulfills it. Our concept of Justice is flawed by the inherent fact that we are observing & “practicing” it while we have only VERY LIMITED vision, indeed. On top of which, as Hope often flies in the face of “redress,” or “karma,” these two do not often see eye to eye. However, something today demands both of their presences and it looks as if that, too, will be provided by His Majesty, who without doubt will come down on the side of the “right thing to do,” as
 defined by him, which will be closer to VIII than to XVII. Such is the fate of delicate, ethereal things in the paws of human beings. Grin. So, what I have decided to do instead is post short  interpretations of each card from different sources. A. E. Thierens is one of my favorite sources for the ‘spare style’ of truth in Tarot, uncluttered with romantic and/or too-far-reaching imagery and concepts. I imagine Mr. Thierens was a rather punctilious and humorless man, perhaps balding with spectacles and a betraying fondness for tweed; LOLOL. But in terms of the Tarot, he was a genius of the non-emotional (note: Not UNemotional.) I ask the Cosmos to grant us all an uncluttered view today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!     VIII – Justice -                                                         ‘Adjustment’ (A. Crowley’s term) demonstrates balance and harmony. Legal matters and serious relationships (marriage or business partnership) are also signified. People often look to fairness in their life. They try to be considerate to others, but fairness in a strange word. If I win a court case, my immediate reaction is that it is a fair judgement, while the other side will of course see the outcome as unfair! In the Book of Thoth, Crowley sees this card in a more dynamic scenario. Balance is a continuous process as we continually course correct, and maintain direction. In this more ecological world, it can be seen as a judgement on our ability to balance the inner with the outer, or our needs with the needs of Earth.” (A. Crowley, “The Book of Thoth”)                 XVII the Star -        “‘Pour water on thyself thus shalt thou be a Fountain to the Universe.                                                                               Find thou thyself in every Star.     Achieve thou every possibility.’         Hope, unexpected help, clearness of vision, realization of possibilities, spiritual insight, with bad aspects, error of judgement, dreaminess, disappointment. The Star is one of the great cards of faith, dreams realized.” (Ibid.)              
King of Swords –       “The King of the suit of Earth, coming on the house of Aries, First house or ascendant. Whatsoever we may say of the ‘reversed’ side or weaker cases of this card, a king is a king and always denotes a higher accord, someone or something of principal value and rank. The king of the Martian and Saturnian element naturally is the king of matter and of war, i.e. also he who wins war and conducts the battle of earthy interests. It denotes the dominion and rulership of this element, consequently the military chief. This by the way we are astonished not to find mentioned by tradition, which mentions the man of the law, lawyer, advocate or judge, who rules or guides worldly strife and contention. As the ruler of the ascendant, the card may certainly mean any person heading a cycle of material activity and before all a pioneer on this plane, an independent man living on his own means. While material integrity is implicit, duplicity, doubt, double-dealing or uncertainty are definitely excluded. It indicates material certainty and severity, whether benefic or malefic from a personal point of view, healthy or rude, even cruel. But we fail to see what it has to do with perversity, unless the meaning be the overruling of everything else, the higher by the material power, and the misuse of the latter. The card means an emphatic Yes.” (A. E. Thierens, “The General Book of the Tarot”.)      

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