Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 10/08/2017.  The deck used today is *The Ibis Tarot* by Josef Machynka; this is right up there with the Kier Tarot (this is a very close 2nd) as one of my very favorite Egyptian decks, and an extremely intuitive read. I find this deck to be “almost” always right on the ‘mark,’ with its only drawback being at times a touch of vagueness about suggested paths. However, if you are a smart Oreo, you can figure that out from the given cards; we can’t always have it spelled it out. Grin. Onward and Upward! Today’s draw is: Sulfur = XX Resurrection From Death; Mercury = IX the Veiled Lamp, and Salt = XXXVIII the Mistress of Cups (Queen.) (The deck is numbered 1 – 78 [The Fool is XXII], as an Egyptian deck, but it has Court cards like an Egyptian-styled deck. Do you remember the difference from a previous blog entry?) The point being that this deck actually works better for this spread than a strict Egyptian deck. Looking first at Sulfur, and my Animus, I see he has a point to make with XX Resurrection today. The goddess he card is actually Nut, resurrecting the souls of those who did not complete their spiritual journey “in the allotted time.” She sends them back to the world of Spirit, and thus their Journeys are completed, but only at the end of Time. This is a very strict interpretation of an Egyptian initiatory idea, that the spiritual duties we have here on Earth MUST be completed before we die; there is no return to finish them up, no reincarnation. Whether I believe that or not is irrelevant: the card is speaking to my Active, Intellectual, male side, my Animus, and I think the card today is a reminder: “Get it done, Mark.” This is an idea I have had for a v-e-r-y long time, almost my entire life: that “whatever” I have to do, I have to get it done in this lifetime, because for some unknown reason, I’m not coming back, of that I am sure. (Whether that is not coming back “again” is moot.) 

Which is fine with me, believe me, and more so as I get older; the more I see of this world, the less tasty a temptation it could ever be. (There is a wry but obvious point in there about Satan’s offer to Jesus of the whole world, if only he will bow to the Devil. Seems like JC had it right; there is no gravity, the world sucks.) At any event, it is a timely reminder not to malinger in the corridors of my life, and to get on with it. Scurrying on, I find that my Anima today has “withdrawn from society today for a period of contemplation and reflection.” Umm hmm. She’s been so busy hobnobbing with the celebrities lately that I’m surprised she wasn’t carried to the cave implied by the card. Grin. “Yes, Drama Queens ARE real, Virginia.” I’m just as happy to have her withdraw a bit; she HAS been very busy of late, and some “down time” will be most welcome and appreciated. We all need time to process, n’est-ce pas ? She has been SUCH a busy woman these last five years, learning a lifetime’s worth of responses and playing catchup in a relatively short time. I know she is responsible for some marked changes in my life the past five years; for one, she changed my color values. She’s also brought a lot of “feminine understanding” to the mix, so I’m a LOT easier not only with others but just as importantly with myself. (Even though I am a fucking WONDERFUL chef, there is a lot to be said for having a lady around the house. Grin. And yes, I’ve become a bit lazy as she likes to cook as well; fresh, traditional French regional cuisine. Marketing EVERY day is less about the shopping, which she loves doing, and a LOT more about the “networking.” “Les marchands” know everything first, and she gets it hot off grill, so to speak. And I get great meals every day. Yeah, life is rough. “Kids! You, too, can live like this if you live long enough to profit from your mistakes! Now look under your seats! That’s right! Oprah is giving you all Tarot decks!!” Grin.) Finally, who and/or what is going to power the vastly chic but wildly gas-guzzling ’74 cherry-red Cadillac Deville on its drive through town today? (The last car I owned when I lived in Texas, during one of the more insane periods of my life. LOL.) Today; the 3rd card is someone absolutely 
LOVELY, who, as a matter of actual fact, was the honoree of that vehicle (say it like a Texan, “vee-HIK-el) by way of a pair of red lace inset platform come-fuck-me pumps with red Plexiglas soles and heels, permanently glued to the rear speaker ledge/deck. “Her name?” you ask? Peggy Sue. Well, whether we are speaking of the Mistress of Cups, the Queen, or Peggy Sue and her bouncy little “grab me by the ponytail and do those things to me,” we are dealing with an extraordinary woman. I LIKE the Queen of Cups – she is someone I had seen in certain relatives occasionally during my time in “Family,” and although I thought that I was not interested in her or her “avatars” in an way, shape or form for a long time in my life, I managed to keep my Anima suppressed as well. The Great Change came, of course, when I moved to France in 2003 and met my wife. Nothing could have prepared me for how MUCH my life would change, for the better, and also allowing me the time, place & opportunity to finally explore the terrain I WISHED to explore, myself, and through the Tarot. See the Goddess here in her avatar is a wonderful sign to me that things are “on track,” so to speak. I am tailoring this Journey, this time, as a heavily specific Path through Cups, emotions and Intuition (and all the rest.) To see the risen dead, and the Hermit, facing right, and the source of today’s Power facing them, lifting THE Cup as if in welcome or toast to them, is a MOST heartening site. I intuit her goodwill and offering of resources as her great boon to “us” today, and most especially the great outpouring of Energy that one can access though her. It’s quite a heady reading, all in all, and I feel blessed today, which I wasn’t expecting. Blush. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a hidden pearl of great goodness today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!     

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