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Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 18/08/2017. The deck is the newly-arrived *Tarot de Marseille: Edition Millennium* (*The Regeneration of the traditional Tarot de Marseille*) by Wilfried Houdouin and presented by Yves Renaud. Hyper-clear, pure TdeM – I don’t know what else to tell you, it is a pure *regeneration* as stated. Well-worth having, and for now, while available, VERY reasonably priced. “Get it while it’s hot!” (Check through FB & *Yves Renaud* there; or hunt it down on the ‘Net.) Onward and Upward! My draw for today is: Sulfur = XXI the World; Mercury = X The Wheel of Fortune, and Salt = the Valet of Cups. (My apolgoies; an alternate image for the Page of Cups had to be used instead of the deck's image due to technical issues.) Pretty enough, if rather bizarre, I must say. It is an ODD match, XXI & X, but highly desirous; as a matter of fact, suspiciously so. “You shall reach Apotheosis, and you shall have ALL of the Luck in the Universe!” would be an extreme reading on one end of the scale; “You shall reach Apotheosis and you shall be bedeviled by unfortunate luck all the way!”, or even, “You shall try for Apotheosis but your luck will be very chancy!” could be two examples from the other end of the extremes scale. Do you remember, when you got your first Tarot deck, and read the LWB, there may have been a little key in there about card combinations, such as “Oooh, XIII and VIII together in a reading means your lawyer is going to be decapitated tomorrow!!” , Grin, that kind of thing. Seeing XXI
 and X today as Sulfur and Mercury, as my Animus and Anima, is DELIGHTFUL, but my naturally suspicious and cynical nature struggles against his new bonds of hope for the future in order to break free and lambast such a rosy combo. Ha! I won’t, however, simply because I don’t wish to do so; it is really quite that simple. This is MY manifestation, n’est-ce pas? Good! Then no fecal product need be allowed through the gate to poison the ambiance of a lovely day. And besides, I’ve been feeling especially blessed by Isis for the past few “cycles”; she has been showing herself in esoteric harmonic patterns at my viewing window for a week now, with Venus and another, “mystery” star at the apex of an isosceles triangle perfectly placed for my view every morning before dawn. I am always delighted & openly grateful: being blessed by the Ladies first thing in the morning is a wonderful way to start the day, and under her special favor I’m inclined to lean toward the very positive side of any open question, such as a card couple. The engine for today is the Valet de Coupe, or Page of Cups, and he is facing the “couple” and brings the Grail before them. There is not much more harmonious energy than that to prefigure a positive interpretation of this spread, as well as the fact that being of the Cups court, he is a messenger from the subject of our in-depth Journey this time. I’m all for seeing “Dark” when there is Dark present, I NEVER sweep it under the rug for fear of destroying some “Good Ship Lollipop” illusion; screw the illusions we live under in a society that doesn’t wish to acknowledge its own Shadow! However, I don’t advocate seeing Dark when there isn’t any, or “just as a precaution,” . . . we have ALL known people who live under that “drop of vinegar in everything” regime, and it is generally an unhappy place to live. I know, I was one for a long time, refusing to believe that happiness really existed, much less could be enjoyed in an unalloyed state! Grin. Having since learned better, I am now extra-vigilant not to piss in my own glass of champagne. That should wrap it up nicely for the day, as far as my personal input is concerned. I’m going to give you a triple shot of Thierens today, just for info brush-up on your part. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a moment of unalloyed Joy today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!                                                                        
XXI The World – Neptune – “As in the case of Uranus we want to point out that originally the planet cannot have been appointed, astronomically, but the principle of cosmic magnetism, of which it is the organ, and the universal magnetized, field, the field of the world in which we live, must have been well known to the initiates, who worshipped Poseidon and Varuna, gods of the world-ocean. The symbols of the four fixed signs are presented at the corners of the cards, and where these fixed signs are seen as the foundation stones of our physical world by such visionaries as Ezekiel and St. John of Patmos, we cannot be far wrong in assuming that originally the meaning was that of the physical world coming forth out of the magnetized etheric ocean of the universe, which itself has been represented by the oval form, be it a laurel wreath or something else. The World must have had a larger meaning, originally, than that of the world of beings moving on the surface of our Earth, and the oval figure may well have stood for the form of the solar system at large, with its planets moving in oval orbs. Appropriated to the world of men, it must mean 1 that which falls outside our will-power, cosmic conditions to which we are subject, but which at the same time provide us with all that is wanted for our physical conditions. The latter of course became the reason for attaching to this card a generally benefic influence, especially in the domain of the senses. "It is eloquent as an image of the swirl of the sensitive life, of joy attained in the body, of the soul's intoxication--(can any word remind us more strongly of Neptune's workings than precisely this one: 'intoxication'?--Th.)--in the earthly paradise, but still guarded by the Divine Watchers . . ." (W.) Let us put it this way: it means that if we row with the cosmic tide, we shall enjoy happiness and everything we want, but on the other hand we must not neglect the implicit possibility, that when rowing against the tidal current of the world, we shall experience trouble and no end of it, or if we 'cross the stream' we shall have to stand firm on our legs. So besides the joy of the senses, this card means also the cosmic origin of life, to which the candidate for initiation returns, and which now and then appears in dreams. In fact this card has much to do with dream-life. The relations of Neptune with the Moon and the lunar body are not unknown to astrologers nowadays. The Hebrew letter Tau is related to this card and "has the same hieroglyphic meaning as the Daleth (fourth card)--that is the womb ;--( which confirms the relationship to the Moon--Th.)--but it is chiefly the sign of reciprocity, the image of all that is mutual, reciprocal." It is further added that abundance and perfection lie in the card. (P.) Reciprocal certainly: from that we come and to that we shall return, be it the world's dust or the ether of the cosmic ocean. Very striking is P.'s saying that "This symbol represents macrocosm and microcosm . . ." and even more so that "the empire of the world belongs to the empire of Light, and the empire of Light is the throne of God . . ." Scientifically expressed: the ethereal world, being the bearer of light, is the universal womb of the material or physical world. The nude female figure may certainly contain indications with regard to the life of the senses, but is also a symbol of the angelic state to which man will one day come after being delivered from the bonds of the lower world. It may have to do with nature spirits. It is Aphrodite rising from the sea, daughter of Neptune. Beauty and love and happiness arising from the communion of souls.” (*The General Book of the Tarot* by A. E; Thierens, 1930.                                        X The Wheel of Fortune – Capricorn – “"It symbolizes Fortune, good or bad."
 (M.) So this means happenings, facts. It is indeed in the Tenth house, that the relation between the Self and the Not-self crystallizes into fact, happening, deed. Says P., identifying this card with the significance of the Hebrew letter Yod, that it indicates "the finger of man; the forefinger extended as a sign of command." This clearly has to do with the significance of the Tenth house as that of authority and authorities, who are qualified to give commandments. The commandment itself comes under the same resort. "This letter has therefore become the image of potential (?) Manifestation, of spiritual duration and, lastly, of the eternity of time." In fact, the Tenth house of the zodiacal cycle, ruled by Saturn, has much to do with Time and manifestation in time, but not only potential; real as well. The image for this idea is very characteristic, perhaps the most striking of all. "The wheel of fortune suspended upon its axis. (Leaving no doubt about the idea of circular movement in time, which we find back in the horoscope.) To the right Anubis, the genius of good ascending; to the left Typhon, the genius of evil descending . . ." (P.) See the right hand as the East and the left hand as the West, and you have the illustration of the horoscope more accurately still. As we know the East is standing for the source of spiritual force and inspiration, the West for the end of it and dying out. What the sphinx has to do with it seems doubtful, unless it means that all mysteries will be revealed in time. The symbols of the four fixed signs are holding the four quarters of the card. The four fixed principles are indeed generally accepted as the basis of the material or concrete world. Compare the visions of Ezekiel and St. John of Patmos. The mid-heaven in the horoscope sees the eastern half of it rising and the western half on the other hand declining. The divinatory meanings of this card are evident: it denotes the authorities, to which the Querent is subject, but also his own actions, deeds, manifestations and the position in the world which he occupies, his name and titles. It is the card of karma in the strict sense and that which is indicated by it in divination will come true or be realized actually. Therefrom it has been said to symbolize 'fortune.' As will be seen it must not be accepted as the 'part of fortune' in the horoscope, because this has a more specific meaning and only with regard to the moon. It is the point where you get at the world or the world gets at you. It is 'ripe karma' above all, facts which are not to be overborne by words. The fruits of former thoughts.” (Ibid)                                                                              
The Valet of Cups – “TRADITION: Fair young man, studious. Work, application, reflexion, occupation, observation. Profession, employment. News, message; has to do with business. Reversed: Tendency, inclination, attraction, attachment, friendship, desire, engagement, invitation, and seduction. Flattery, praise, cherishing, etc. THEORY: The Page or servant, messenger, of the cups suit comes on the Eleventh and on the Seventh house, and has to do with friendship and relations, e.g. marriage. He must be the friend who brings inviting messages, seductive proposals, if not of formal marriage, perhaps of some love-affair or jolly gathering, sportive meeting, or intellectual entertainment, lecture, etc. It is not quite impossible, that the idea of 'seduction' is connected with it or at least a strong sense of persuasion. If it relates to news, there is emotion in it, news that will affect the feelings in some way or other. Relations will be of a passing nature, but may be very pleasant. The combination of the Water with the Air generally adds much to the instruction, development or education of people so there must be much of all this in the Page of Cups. The effects do not always bear the characteristic of reliability, nor of permanence. CONCLUSION-- (On the eleventh house): Friendly message, good news, invitation, proposal and the bringer of the same. A young man of a democratic turn of mind, brotherly feelings, international relationship. (On the seventh house): Proposal of marriage or love-affair, intellectual entertainment, lecture, demonstration. Proposal or invitation to a position or employment. Solicitation. The outcome of this card is still uncertain and must be derived from the neighboring cards. Change of relations and connections, sympathies. Tendency to please and to make things and certain persons appear better than they are in reality, either to flatter them or to seduce the Querent. It may also be that the Querent will be flattered. Praise and persuasion. A man very much open to sex-influences.” (Ibid)      

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