Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 03Aug2017. Today’s deck (again & for the foreseeable future) is the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by Iglesias Janeiro, AKA “The Wonder deck,” my own appellation, as I do love it, I find its readings to be ALWAYS provocative and deep-reaching. IT IS structured as an Egyptian deck; that is to say, it is numbered 1 through 78, with the Major Arcana, of course, “at the front,” and then the rest of the cards in numerical order with no acknowledgement of suit or rank. So, you have 56 “minor arcana.” (You can, if desired, pull the “Court Cards” by placement, but it makes no sense. Go ahead, try it, you’ll see; and when you come whining to me about how it doesn’t work, don’t expect anything but a whipping for your troubles! Grin.) Today’s draw is rather . . . hmmm. I’m not sure why we are being so HEAVY on the Temperance/Justice axis; they are always around anyway in my life. The Salt today, though, is interesting. Instead of droning on, I’m going to give you the three definitions of the cards and let you wonder, alongside me, what possible aid #47 Conjecture brings to the mix. I ask the Cosmos to give us all an unanswered question today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!       
“Arcanum XIV. Temperance                                     It is the confusion of the virtues, it is the action and the idea. This letter represents the letter Num and finds a Jupiter in Cancer. It symbolizes the first emanation that is propelled and propagated by means of heat and light. Opposites are affinity and elements can be transformed. Through the intermediary of compassion, one manages to give the right proportion to all things. It is the eternal spiritual activity of life itself. The inner world and the outer world are under the sacred priesthood. It is the association of all ideas in the mental field, where the emotions are united. It shows the exchange of affections, where virtues and vices are intermingled. In the physical realm, the emotions are softened and the passions are in balance, because the vital force reaches its harmony. Relations between the sexes tend to regulate, lead to prudence, to purity. It is necessary to obtain the balance so as not to bend anything, nor try to bend the others. He announces new friendships, reciprocity in affections, relationships where interests and chemistry are confused. Promises obligations, different types of love will also appear, where betrayal, devotion and penalties will be present. Some things that are left at some point will go away, others that can be, at another moment they will return.                                                                    
Arcanum VIII. Justice.                                                                                   
It shows knowledge and judgment, based on wisdom. In this Arcane we find Saturn in Capricorn and the Egyptian letter Heth. It symbolizes consciousness as the basic principle of knowledge, is the equitable distribution, and is the beginning of existence itself. In the spiritual realm, it is pure knowledge, it is the absolute, shows the acts carried out by the rigor, but also in moderation. All existence centered on justice, interpreted as an implacable Law. In the mental field, shows that through right and moderate thinking can achieve happiness, is the force that gives the right. With respect to the physical terrain, it represents the simultaneity between the pleasant and the unpleasant, the attraction and the repulsion, the development and the retreat. It proposes to build a sanctuary in our heart but not to make our heart a cult. This Arcane foresees a time of retribution and restoration. Rewards will be received for certain actions but will also suffer punishment. There will be certain ingratitudes mixed with gratifying situations. Certain services rendered by mistake will receive great rewards, while other services made conscientiously, knowing the benefits they would bring, will be neither recognized nor rewarded.         Arcanum 47. Conjecture.                                                                              
As a foundation for knowledge, it represents man's ability to acquire knowledge through self-inspiration. It is associated with the letter Q, with the number 2 and with the Moon. It symbolizes the principle of deduction as the primary basis for enlightenment. He shows us in his reflection that the mission of man, both in the present and in the future, is to show correspondence with all acts. As a prediction letter promises us new enlightenment to carry out projects and new teachings to realize them. It shows the disconsolate spirit in front of unforeseen situations, but it determines the maturity that will bring new hopes. There will be moments where sorrows and joys will be very close and will be given in equal measure. There will be the presence of relatives who will offer their unconditional support. In the affective field, the loves will be enduring and also honest.” (     


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