Monday, August 7, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 08/08/2017. (Surely a magical lemniscate date, especially as numerology accounts for the third eight.) Today’s deck is perhaps my favorite Tarot de Marseille deck, the *Tarot de Jacques Viéville; Maître Cartier à Paris de 1643 à 1664.* No other TdeM deck is quite like it, and I find it to be a constant & joyful surprise, as the illustrations carry worlds of “hidden commentary.”  (It is a bit like reading a scandal magazine” from the Middle Ages, although scandal is perhaps too strong a word. At any rate, it makes me smile.) The point being that you “believe” the illustrations to be true representatives of their roles, which is a magical thing for a serial work of small art like this to be able to do after 470 years! Moving on, the draw today is: Sulfur = XIII Death; Mercury = XXI the World, and Salt = the Queen of Swords (please note: the posted QofSw is a Nicholas Conver card, not J. Vieville, as no images were available of that card; Yes, my scanner is still on the fritz. 
The MAIN difference I wish you to know between the illustrations is that in the Vieville deck, the Queen faces Right, NOT Left. Therefore, if you unconsciously place time parameters on her she is looking towards the future, not the past.) It’s a dramatic visual read, but “Oh! What does it mean, Madame Sosostris??” Grin. Something of great change is in the works, obviously. I know that anyway; I am trying to work through some last, as-tenacious-as-Sumatran-leeches issues I still have through the Cups suit, the final suit I wish to completely explore before I make another Grand Tour to summarize and verify. I feel not to very far from there now, and it feels like a vague, just-beginning excitement somewhere on a back burner.  So-o-o, today we start off with Big-time Change that is NOT unexpected nor necessarily of ill will. I have never had an “issue” (“Tissue, Mr. Fink?” LOL) with XIII, having never really truly feared it, the concept of Death. We all know what the card actually means, nevertheless there is a visceral reaction to the card upon sight, and it has nothing to do with a reasonable, “Why, oh, yes, that’s the Big Change I ordered from Amazon several weeks ago. Yes, yes, bring it on in, please.” No, it is an archetypal image of DEATH, and before reason takes over we see it as “Oh, fuck, yeah, there’s that.” µAnd even if it DID mean that and only that, I’d be reasonably okay; the only thing about dying I dislike is the pain; having had several serious incidents in the last 5 years, it isn’t dying that sucks, it’s getting to it! Grin. 
The Big Change could be more progress in my current work OR it could be something completely new on the horizon, which to tell the truth, I rather more expect than the former. As for my homunculus on my Mercury/Anima draw, XXI the World, I believe that this is my Anima having sly fun with me, after her extended stay in the temple with II the High Priestess. She may be reading the cosmic frequencies much more adeptly than I at the moment. She’s feeling very upbeat about our voyage in Cups, and she is acting a LOT like the cat that ate the canary. So, I am piggybacking on her good vibe at the moment; it isn’t that I don’t feel it, too, it is just that I tend to more stoic & intellectual about it; “WHICH, may I remind myself! is EXACTLY why I’m taking this Journey this time. So, Lighten Up!”  Grin. And then, in a final bit of sleight of hand, I find that Her Maj, the Queen of Swords is supplying power to the show today. I know this Queen intimately, and we have a really complicated relationship; I know how to “handle her like a pro,” but truth be told, I’d rather not see her all. She brings up lots of shit for me, and it isn’t “my” shit, so it isn’t “workable;” it’s generational & familial. I have learned to minimize it to its smallest possible components, freeze them in carbonite, and send them to be kept in the cellars of Jabba Desilijic Tiure’s (AKA Jabba the Hutt,) old palace/stronghold on Tatooine. Grin. Actually, I am a lot more balanced and okay with these items that I am making out; but it IS boring to hear “Yea, it’s good.” all the time, LOL. And OF COURSE I have moments where I’m NOT so “balanced” as I may like to believe; however, I AM aware of them, consciously, and do address them immediately so that they don’t leave a secret depth charge of resentment or anger behind them. HOWEVER . . . She DOES carry a LOAD OF Energy, mostly intellectual but quite a bit of just sheer, driven Will as well. She is ALWAYS handy to have around in a battle, not only for her resources but for her mind; she is usually a master strategist; so that will be the bent of the Energy available to me today. It seems like it IS going to be an eventful day, but in subtle and not-so-evident ways, perhaps. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a spirit of Curiosity today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!    

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